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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   Information about a bicycle posted by: Clarence on 7/17/2001 at 2:54:47 PM
I recently picked up a 20" bike with a tank and It was made
by standard.It has standard on the tank and on the headbadge.
There is no other markings on the bike.Does anyone know or have
any information or where I could find out about it,Please email
me .I don't yet have a picture of it but will shortly.Thanks,Clarence

   RE:WANTED:   Information about a bicycle posted by ken on 7/19/2001 at 1:07:07 PM
There's a Standard inquiry going on the Balloon/Middleweight area. Maybe you can compare notes...

FOR SALE:   F/S Grey Cable Housing. posted by: Blue Moon Bikes on 7/17/2001 at 1:59:39 PM
F/S Grey Cable Housing. 50 ft. F/S Grey Cable Housing. A Nice color. Going fast. Forty-five dollars shipped.

FOR SALE:   BIKES ! posted by: JOEL on 7/17/2001 at 1:13:23 PM
FOR SALE: Schwinn Corvette 3 speed, faded red, easy fix for a rider or parts. $90, His/Her Rollfast Middleweights, double bar frames, mag sprockets, glitter seats, red/green, very nice orig. cond. $175 pair, Cadillac Motorbike (Shelby?) 30s, 28" wood rims , missing bars/ F fender/tires, Housepainted, $175, Schwinn Deluxe Twinn, 66 blue 5 speed Sprint, midleweight, drum brake, working speedo & Miller lights $350. Shipping extra. Pix avalable.

   RE:FOR SALE:   BIKES ! posted by Ken A on 7/23/2001 at 10:30:20 AM
I want the corvette,please Email me Ken A oldbikefreak@yahoo.com

   RE:FOR SALE:   BIKES ! posted by Robert on 7/27/2001 at 10:46:23 PM
I'm interested in the Cadillac. Can you send any good clear pictures???? Thanks.


FOR SALE:   Sears Three speed internal hub bike posted by: Rodney on 7/17/2001 at 12:49:07 PM
I have a Sears bike that I'm not sure what year,style, or what it's worth. It has a two tone leather spring seat,folding rear rack,and the entire bike is chrome.The threespeed operates by a right hand twist grip that has the markings 333 H-N-L THREE SPEED HUB.It has cable front and rear brakes.The rims are E.A.3 26x1-3/8 M.O. MFG.CO. I have been told that these are british size rims.the rims have western flyer nylon tires.They appear to be original.The entire bike is in good orginal working order. Could anyone help me identify or value this? Any help would be great. I also have other schwinn bikes to deal with. Thank-You

   RE:FOR SALE:   Sears Three speed internal hub bike posted by ken on 7/19/2001 at 1:16:54 PM
The "333" is a Shimano hub, which lacks the cachet that the Sturmey-Archer has, and probably isn't collectable, but you can get the guys on the English Roadster page to tell you all about it. The older Sears 3s were Austrian with S-A hubs.

WANTED:   Any info on a vintage child's "Warrior" bike posted by: Julie on 7/17/2001 at 10:19:22 AM
Does anyone out there have any information on a "warrior" bike? The chain guard has the word "Warrior" on it and there's a logo of an Indian beneath the handle bars. The bike I have is a child's bike with that can convert to either a boys or girls bike. The tires are 20".

I'd be interested in any information anyone could provide about this bike. I'm looking to sell it and would like to know it's approximate value as well.

Thanks so much!

   RE:WANTED:   Any info on a vintage child's posted by Jim on 7/18/2001 at 6:54:46 PM
Your bike is built by Stebler

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Any info on a vintage child's posted by Julie on 7/19/2001 at 2:52:22 PM
Thanks for the information! Do you know anything about this company or where I might be able to find the value of this bike?

Thank you.

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Any info on a vintage child's posted by Jim on 7/19/2001 at 7:28:33 PM
The company is out of New York. They made alot of bikes. I have a large Warrior tricyle by Stebler I think I paid about $125 for it. They also made bikes for JC Higgins as well as bikes under the Stebler name. As for a price on your bike it is hard to say. You could always try ebay.

WANTED:   Mens Schwinn 5 or 10 speed, good shape or better posted by: Tim P. on 7/16/2001 at 9:22:43 PM
I am looking to find a nice 5 or 10 speed Schwinn Mens bike. Must be ready to roll, prefer nice one, no fix-ups. Thanks, TimP.

   RE:WANTED:   Mens Schwinn 5 or 10 speed, good shape or better posted by MC on 7/17/2001 at 5:06:25 PM
I have several in great condition---how tall are you?

   RE:WANTED:   Mens Schwinn 5 or 10 speed, good shape or better posted by Gralyn on 7/17/2001 at 6:57:16 PM
I have a Schwinn Continental 10 speed. 27" with 25" frame. Ready to roll. Really good price, too.

   RE:WANTED:   Mens Schwinn 5 or 10 speed, good shape or better posted by Tim P. on 7/17/2001 at 9:53:00 PM
In response to the other responses, I weigh 210 and am 6"-1". How much for the various bikes? I believe that anything over a 22-23" will be pushing it. Thanks, and you may email me direct or still post. Tim P. P.S.--How close are we to each other. I would consider picking them up if close enough.

   RE:WANTED:   Mens Schwinn 5 or 10 speed, good shape or better posted by Tim P. on 7/17/2001 at 9:55:12 PM
Hey, got any pictures of any of them??? Thanks.

   This guy doesn't get to rummage sales much. posted by Jerry on 7/20/2001 at 3:19:08 PM

FOR SALE:   Firestone "500" Girls 24" Deluxe posted by: tom g on 7/16/2001 at 8:36:27 PM
beautiful, candy red, chrome fenders, dual lights, tank,
rear carrier, drop center chrome rims, whitewalls, was sold,
deposit has been abandoned...so, back for sale it goes,

WANTED:   info on schwinn bike rack posted by: john on 7/16/2001 at 1:23:47 PM
hello folks,
I recently ran into a schwinn varsity at the thift store. They used to sell bikes CHEAP!!! Now they want 25 dollars for a varsity. It has a non-schwinn generator and light, but... it has a HUGE-BIG-A$$ rack that is the same green color as the bike. It says "schwinn approved on the side. Does anybody know what this rack is or what its for??? i don't want anyone else to pick it up before i get the chance to get it. Please email me asap. Thanks. John

   RE:WANTED:   info on schwinn bike rack posted by Bob on 7/27/2001 at 10:55:58 PM
Hello. You will need to describe the rack better, as there are too many to fathum. A little story I can share with you is.... I picked up a prewar diamond frame lightweight bike for $ 20.00, it had a rack I needed for my 1941 Schwinn DX bike. The rack usually sell for $75-$100. Need I say more ?
If you like the bike and your going to use it, the price sounds reasonable to me. Good-luck.


FOR SALE:   1956 Schwinn Girl's Hornet posted by: Linda Rosencrance on 7/16/2001 at 8:10:01 AM
I have a 1956 Schwinn girl's Hornet aqua Serial No.L02919 even have original receipt. All original in excellent condition, minor rust on the outside of the light cover. $1,000

   1970 Stu Thomsen signatured Red Line mx-11 Tange Tx 1200 champion posted by Rob Feltenberger on 7/16/2001 at 9:13:23 AM
almost in perfect condition sale $700

WANTED:   Monark Gene Autry posted by: Ian on 7/16/2001 at 3:24:24 AM
Want rhinestones, saddle cover on bar(or pattern to make one), pistols and holsters, for'52? Gene Autry girls. Have new Sturmey Archer bits etc to trade (see my Wards Hawthorn notice for list) Regards, Ian.

WANTED:   Wards Hawthorn Duralium posted by: Ian on 7/16/2001 at 3:13:29 AM
Wanted lights, reflector, carrier, grips, truss rods complete to suit '35? Durallium or Silver King and any help to identify exactly what I have,its' badged Wards Hawthorn and has cutouts in the frame lugs. Have 1" pitch Williams pattern front sprockets, new Sturmey hub parts, new dynohubs,new drumbrake parts etc to trade. I'm in New Zealand so some postage might be involved. Cheers, Ian

   RE:WANTED:   Wards Hawthorn Duralium posted by sam on 7/16/2001 at 8:02:55 PM
I'm looking at the book,it shows the 1935 Duralium bikes sold by wards.These were early Silverking bikes sold under the wards name.24" black wall tires.silver ray fender light with a battery tub on down tub ,chrome plated fenders and a cross braced handle bar.came with a rear drop stand.and just so you'll know the frame is bolted together from the inside using wedges like the one that holds the stem on--sam

WANTED:   Wanted: Peugeot PX-10 or PX-10 LE chainring posted by: Mike Stone on 7/15/2001 at 10:27:29 AM
Anybody have a large chainring for a Peugeot PX-10 or PX-10 LE. This is the Stronglight type. I need the large chain sprocket that attaches to the crank.

I can e-mail you a photo of what I need.

I finally wore mine out.



FOR SALE:   FS: NOS Sturmey-Archer 3-speed shift cables posted by: Kevin C. on 7/15/2001 at 6:56:50 AM
FOR SALE: New old stock Sturmey-Archer 3-speed shift cables, with gray housing. These are the real thing, not the cheesy "one-size fits all" type found in today's bicycle shops. Just the thing for getting that old Raleigh Sports back on the road. $6 each, postpaid.

MISC:   Schwinn Twinn Deluxe 5 speed value? posted by: Pete on 7/14/2001 at 10:41:24 PM
I have a Schwinn tandem that appears to be from the early to mid 70's, and I was wondering if these are hard to find parts for and are they worth restoring? It appears like all of the original parts are there except for the tires, and there is a fair amount of surface rust on the chrome parts.
I'm a bmx guy and know nothing about these, so any and all info is greatly appreciated. Thanks- Pete

   RE:MISC:   Schwinn Twinn Deluxe 5 speed value? posted by Joel on 7/16/2001 at 4:52:08 AM
Nice ones seem to sell for ' $300 regularly on Ebay.

FOR SALE:   PRIMAL FURY BIKE - BY MARIO´S SPECIAL BICYCLES posted by: Stanescon on 7/14/2001 at 3:50:00 PM
I have the real big one, the Primal Fury Bike. It was built on the workshop of Mario´s Special Bicycle, at Itajuba - Brazil. The Primal Fury Bike consists in one Caloi Cruiser Frame with monoblock pedals and monogeared with 46/20 equipped with a double arm fork with 1 meter height!!! The bike is reinforced on the center of the frame by the adding of one steel piece welded to it. It could be mounted with any kind of wheels and still maintaining the bakes because the brakes are locked by the mobile system of two steel pieces forcing one against one on the fork arms, now it was with two 26 1/2" tires and brake only on the rear because the front is too light for put a brake (wheel could be locked). The seat is an specially built krate-type with steel tubes strongly welded one by one and with an confortably cotton seat locked to the bike by rubber bands. The bike have mudguards specially adaptated, Philips trunk front mounted and an Caloi Berlineta handlebar (equal to Easy Rider movie). It is painted in black with white mudguards and trunk. Tires are adequated for mud and gravel tracks. It is delicious for to use on gravel roads and sandy beaches, it´s a real "buggy" bike, but you could use it for ride on the highways like Captain America on Easy Rider movie. I will put an Caloi 10 gear system with 10 gears for optimize the bike power and riding excellent position. I ask US$ 200.00 by it, but I could lower my price if we negotiate...

   RE:FOR SALE:   PRIMAL FURY BIKE - BY MARIO´S SPECIAL BICYCLES posted by A friend on 7/15/2001 at 7:01:13 AM
Try posting this bike on Jim Wilsons web site, bikerodnkustom. You can find the web site by scrolling down and go to Bicycle links here on this web site. Looking foward in seeing your Kustom.