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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   Krate Disc Brake Actuator Pin and Spring posted by: Michael Nelson on 7/22/2001 at 4:17:21 PM
I'm looking for a actuator pin and spring as used on the Disc Brake Krates in '72 and '73. This part is also called a spring retaining pin.

WANTED:   Schwinn 5 speed stick, Stingray or Krate posted by: Peter on 7/22/2001 at 8:48:31 AM
I am looking for a 5 speed boys Stingray or Krate,
reasonably priced, condition not important.
I found a bike for myself this way, as well as 1 for my son.
Anyone out there ???? We intend to ride, and not just collect!
Please respond to e mail address provided, with any pictures & prices.
Thank you ......

MISC:   Larz Anderson National Bike Show and Swap posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 7/22/2001 at 7:57:10 AM

Larz Anderson National Bike Show and Swap
This year's 5th Annual show will be held on:

Sunday August 19, 2001
on the grounds of the Museum of Transportation
at Larz Anderson Park at 15 Newton St., Brookline, Mass 02446.

Acres of vendors, show and swap space.
Bicycle Concours categories include:
Antique, Pre-war Track, Vintage Lightweight, Balloon Tire, MuscleBike, Custom, High Tech and more.

Admission includes a pass to the Museum.

Click on the notice near the top of this page for more information.

MISC:   univega posted by: rosemary on 7/21/2001 at 10:37:59 PM
I have an older bike and I just want a bit of information on it. Can anyone help me?
It was purchased in california
It's blue and it has "univega" printed on it.
It has a head lamp w/generator. Origninal, I think because the bike has a sticker on it that says "light".
Five-speed internal hub.
Really skinny tires.
I'm just curious about it. All I know right now is that it's fun to ride!! Thanks for your help in advance.

   RE:MISC:   univega posted by JOEL on 7/24/2001 at 9:01:47 AM
Try posting on the Lightweight forum.

MISC:   Schwinn Traveler posted by: Janice on 7/20/2001 at 3:31:06 PM
I need help I just got a Schwinn Traveler bike. The serial number is D240426 is this 1962?. Its a 3 speed starkey with chrome front and back fenders. I think its in good shape. If I want to sell it what should I ask?

   RE:MISC:   Schwinn Traveler posted by Oscar on 7/22/2001 at 6:13:03 PM
It's a paradox. Schwinn lightweights are the most useful of all vintage Schwinn bikes, but they are not really collectable. Unlike Sting-Rays, you can ride it without slamming your chin with your knee. Unlike ballooners, you can ride it without getting a hernia.

As it's old and different (opposed the the ubiquitous Breezes, Racers and Speedsters) it should be a little better than a garage sale bike. If the paint and chrome are clean, you can ask $100 with a straight face. If you can actually get a benji for it, you're good salesperson.

A friend is looking for chrome fenders for that model, by the way, if anyone has some. (Don't part yours out, though, Janice.)

   RE:MISC:   Schwinn Traveler posted by Oscar on 7/22/2001 at 6:14:59 PM
Yes, by the way, 1962 is correct. The cool thing about that bike is that the front fender is pinched into a fin. Ya don't see that every day.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Schwinn Traveler posted by Chris on 7/24/2001 at 7:55:32 AM
Aren't those fenders stainless steel, instead of chrome-plated? At least they were on a 64 lasdies Traveler that I bought last year.

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Schwinn Traveler posted by JOEL on 7/24/2001 at 9:04:32 AM
I have a 54 with the pointy stainless front fender (no fin). Cool looking bike.

FOR SALE:   Western Wheel Works-Cresent #1 posted by: Richard on 7/20/2001 at 3:17:40 PM
For Sale; Circa 1920's Western Wheel Works-Cresent #1, Wood rims, needs restoration, $65.00 B/O Pick up in Salisbury MA. Call Richard, days 978-465-5388

   RE:FOR SALE:   Western Wheel Works-Cresent #1 posted by Jim on 7/23/2001 at 3:55:08 AM
Do you have any photos? I'm not that far from you. Thanks in advance

MISC:   1970 Forrestee' Vintage Bicycle posted by: D.Hayes on 7/20/2001 at 10:48:40 AM
I have a Felice Forrestee'hand painted blue bicycle, with alloy cranks(not original), alloy wheels, original derailer, good hand brakes, hi profile rims, racing seat & hi-flanged Campanola hubs. Everything in good condition.Can anyone give me some information on this bicycle & is it worth much? I have been advised that there is a large market for this type of bike? Can anyone shed some light on this. Thanks very much. DHayes

WANTED:   Catalina People Mover posted by: Murray on 7/19/2001 at 7:31:48 AM
Tandem side by side adult pedal car with fiberglas body and top. Any suggestions will be helpful

FOR SALE:   F/S Grey Cable Housing posted by: Blue Moon Bikes on 7/19/2001 at 7:18:01 AM
F/S Grey Cable Housing. great for restorations. Comes in 50 ft rolls, usually does 5-6 bikes+/-. A Nice color. Going fast. Forty-five dollars shipped.

FOR SALE:   Roadmaster SkyRider posted by: Tammy on 7/18/2001 at 3:01:04 PM
Males frame, front and rear tires 26x1.75, serial number K097518. Seat is red and white, no cracking or tears, bike frame red, tires whitewall. Specks of rust on handle bars. Only extra is a speedometer. Rear fender has a dent with rusted areas. Asking 200.00 plus shipping costs. Located in Millersburg, Ohio.

WANTED:   info posted by: rickey on 7/18/2001 at 2:13:10 PM
24"monark boys -front rack rear fender missing -rear tire cordovan #on frame unreadable for sale will ship anywhere email me weride@hotmail.com or call 334-756-7561 can send photo

FOR SALE:   old school BMX parts posted by: Alex Loney on 7/18/2001 at 6:50:11 AM
I'm selling some old school bmx parts that I salvaged from a PK Ripper. All of the following parts are in good condition except fo minor wear marks.

-Hutch 'Mike Dominuez' Bars
-Hutch Pedals
-Suzie Hubs on ACS Z-Rims
-Hutch Speed Disc

Make me a ressonable offer on any of these parts and I will consider.

FOR SALE:   Krate Spoke Protector posted by: tom g on 7/17/2001 at 6:56:33 PM

FOR SALE:   20" Schwinn balloon front fender, fork, truss rods posted by: Kevin C. on 7/17/2001 at 6:02:24 PM
Black and white, original paint, hole for headlight. Truss rods have pretty good chrome and Schwinn stamped yoke. Fork is straight. $30 plus shipping.

WANTED:   parts for 64 Scwinn Fleet posted by: craig on 7/17/2001 at 3:44:07 PM
I own a 64 Scwinn Fleet and I am currently restoring it, but it is missing the tank, chainguard and chrome rack for the back. If anyone has or knows someone who has any of these for sale please let me know.

   RE:WANTED:   parts for 64 Scwinn Fleet posted by Gordon on 7/18/2001 at 10:35:51 AM
I believe I have the tank and chainguard. I'll check in the warehouse tonight and let you know.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   parts for 64 Scwinn Fleet posted by Gordon on 7/18/2001 at 6:10:20 PM
Okay, I've been to the warehouse and found the tank and guard. The guard has a shallow groove in it from being rubbed by a bent crank, and the silk screening is almost gone but you can still make out Schwinn and Fleet. The tank seems solid. It has a couple rust spots but appears very restorable.

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   parts for 64 Scwinn Fleet posted by craig on 7/19/2001 at 10:56:39 AM
I am so excited to hear that you have the tank and chainguard for my bike. I would very much like to purchase them from you. Please email me with prices and such.
Thanks Craig