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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   Packard Bicycle Information posted by: Joseph Hoepner on 7/6/2001 at 7:08:22 PM
I have a Packard girls bicycle and was wondering if anybody knows of the origin of this bicycle and its history. I would like to say that it is in original condition, complete with fenders, basket. No repaint, but has been cleaned, oiled an had new tires put on it. Any help would be appreciated.

   RE:WANTED:   Packard Bicycle Information posted by tom g on 7/8/2001 at 6:02:06 AM
I have one also, 1936 model, red and cream, fenders have
tiny holes for string skirt, front has large hole for bomb
light and cable to batter unite stored on frame, skip tooth
chain, morrow brake, deep groove drop center rims, over
sized saddle, all original, made by Arnold Schwinn & Co.
I have a price on it of $249. Have a pic if you would like
to see one; just send me an e-mail.

   RE:WANTED:   Packard Bicycle Information posted by ken on 7/9/2001 at 10:55:36 AM
I have a womens packard too wuold like too see booth of these I'll take pics of mine if you want 'would love to see both of these. send pics or comments to oldbikefreak@yahoo.com

WANTED:   Looking for a Dyno Roadster posted by: Greg on 7/6/2001 at 6:58:57 PM
I'm looking for any year Dyno Roadster. If you can help me out email, or call. 707.291.7606. I'm in California, but shipping is not a problem for me........

   RE:WANTED:   Looking for a Dyno Roadster posted by Derek on 7/7/2001 at 10:57:09 AM
Dude, there is a guy with on Ebay as we speak.
And I have a local bike shop full of them in my area.


   RE:WANTED:   Looking for a Dyno Roadster posted by Ben on 7/9/2001 at 7:06:01 AM
Derek, can you get me in youch with the "local bike shop" you speak of?

Thanks in advance,


MISC:   need help with identification posted by: kevin lambert on 7/6/2001 at 5:26:14 PM
I just bought an old beach cruiser and was wondering if anyone could help i.d. the manufacturer. The rear hub says "new departure" model D, made in U.S.A. The serial number on the drop out for rear wheel is W177816 and has the numbers 5 and 6 with a horizontal pyramid shape in the middle of the numbers. On the neck post are two rivits the look like they held on a circular emblem. they are verticle about 2-2.5 inches apart. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

FOR SALE:   SCHWINN SPEEDOMETER HEAD posted by: STEVE on 7/6/2001 at 8:50:26 AM

MISC:   whats a real nice Stik Shift worth? posted by: Gary M on 7/6/2001 at 7:22:38 AM
got it off a 67 Schwinn, its complete, looks good, has cable, with the overload tube. 8 ball on top. whats it worth?

   What are you talking about? posted by Gary M on 7/7/2001 at 4:35:07 PM
I am sure some of the collectors here get bikes in and out a lot. I turn 10-20 used bikes a week here in my shop. The collectibles i just keep. I want to make a small museum someday, with my old bikes. My collection is a drop in the bucket compared to a pal of mines, But i usually have 2-300
bikes on hand here. Write anything you want, i think its fun. Nothing more fun then poking an old alley cat. and yes i will keep collecting these things as long as they cost next to nothing. If you cant come up with an intelligent insult or comeback, dont bother, the next guy will!! Loving the fun.. Gary

   RE:What are you talking about? posted by john on 7/8/2001 at 6:16:04 PM
gary, i dont have a problem with you or anyone else on the forums. but i just wanted to say that i gotta give you respect for using your real name even when these guys are bashing you. kudos. jc

FOR SALE:   i bought out a bicycle shop,need parts? posted by: todjob on 7/5/2001 at 7:13:00 PM
lots of hubs mostly prewar big hudge ape hangers,wald i believe,schwinn stuff a few lights a few 1" pitch rings and usable chains ect ect let me know what you are looking for.

   RE:FOR SALE:   i bought out a bicycle shop,need parts? posted by Peter on 7/5/2001 at 9:03:02 PM
Do you have a complete overload tube? If so, please reply to e mail with price info.
Thanks ...

   RE:FOR SALE:   i bought out a bicycle shop,need parts? posted by Ken on 7/9/2001 at 11:24:26 AM
I'm intrested in a couple pair of the ape hanggers. if you could send me a picture i'd be grateful,Thanks Ken

FOR SALE:   Schwinn 24" ATB For Sale posted by: tom g on 7/5/2001 at 2:34:32 PM
mint, black and chrome, small frame and wheels for short
person, never or rarely ridden, early Schwinn entry level
mountain bike around 1985-90...$99

   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwinn 24/SOLD posted by tom g on 7/8/2001 at 6:06:03 AM
thanks for your patronage

WANTED:   Manta-Ray Parts posted by: Dick on 7/5/2001 at 9:59:55 AM
What do u have? I live in NH, MA. area.

FOR SALE:   Raleigh Sport posted by: Tom on 7/4/2001 at 7:20:23 PM
Raleigh Sports S/A three speed, men's, nice shape only $65.00+ s/h. Email for pics.

FOR SALE:   1947 schwinn ace posted by: laura on 7/4/2001 at 4:59:19 PM
Interested in appraisal or interest in buying

MISC:   The Bicycle Billboard posted by: christian on 7/4/2001 at 2:14:23 PM
Howdy all! If you dont find what your looking for here, I invite you all to visit www.angelfire.com/dbz/forum
Thanx Old Roads! John

MISC:   sears bike #502 462010 198576/whats the year? posted by: bac7379@hotmail.com on 7/4/2001 at 1:37:53 PM
sears "26" midweight with three sets of serial numbers on the back of the frame.502 462010 198576. Any clue of the year and make.

WANTED:   cantilever half tank for 63 schwinn m/weight "26" posted by: bill c. on 7/4/2001 at 1:34:35 PM
wtb/half tank for 63 schwinn midweight .there are two tabs on the top bar about 91/2 inches apart.

WANTED:   Falcon San Remo or frameset, 23-in or so ... posted by: Russ on 7/4/2001 at 11:19:06 AM
Somebody out there is bound to have one of these in rough condition in their stash ... seeking an English Falcon San Remo frameset in functional condition - the nastier looking, the better, really. I would even consider one without a headbadge, though that's really stretching it. Cheap is very good, though I do have a few interesting lightweight bits I could trade ...

   RE:WANTED:   Falcon San Remo or frameset, 23-in or so ... posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 7/6/2001 at 8:37:39 AM
I have more info on the Falcon San Remo than perhaps anybody. E- mail me your snail address and I will sends you some info.

FOR SALE:   Kona 97 Explosif frame posted by: JOEL on 7/4/2001 at 6:38:13 AM
FS: 19" Kona Explosif frame only, orange,Columbus Max tubing, great shape. My wife rode it for several months and went to a smaller frame. Has a chainsuck scar, otherwise nice. $100