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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   Oddball parts needed posted by: Jay on 8/13/2001 at 10:25:43 PM
Looking for a couple things. One is a part for an old Brooks B-33 saddle. Need the triple rail piece that bolts to the springs front & back and the seat clamp(guts) bolts in the middle. The other is a set of axle nuts for an old Sachs Duomatic. They're 13/32 x 26tpi. Any info on where I could find such things would be great. Thanks

FOR SALE:   velosolex 4600 alll original posted by: sam on 8/13/2001 at 9:32:18 PM
i want it gone email ill send pitchure.$500

WANTED:   Crown/Cyrus/America/Adlake/Reading posted by: Richard Peglow on 8/13/2001 at 2:34:58 PM
I'm looking for all bicycles, parts, literature associated with Crown, Cyrus, Adlake, America, and Reading bicycles manufactured by Great Western Mfg. Co. in LaPorte, Indiana from 1895-1926. I am doing comprehensive research and collecting examples of these bicycles leading to publication and exhibition in the future. If you have one of these rides, I would love to hear from you!

WANTED:   1976 Chopper Special Edition posted by: clive presta on 8/13/2001 at 3:21:19 PM
Anybody got any nos of the following?
Sissy bar, Rear rack, Pedals with arms and cog, Gear shifter
including cover, Mk 2 handlebars, grips and levers. This is for a restore for this classic chopper. Cash waiting and I will pay for shipping. Thanks

WANTED:   64 Schwinn fleet rear rack posted by: Craig on 8/12/2001 at 8:36:54 PM
I am looking for a rear rack for my 64 Scwinn Fleet. It is a 26 inch. The picture that I have shows it as chrome with thin bars and no reflectors. If anyone has one or knows of the whereabouts of one pleas let me know.

WANTED:   midweight boys frame posted by: todjob on 8/11/2001 at 9:25:03 PM
i'll be goimg to the Kaukauna Wisc. meet this Aug.26th I need a boys midweight clevland welding frame w/V for peaked fenders i.e. montgomery wards/hawthorne if you have one for sale or trade (I like to trade),i'll be the one with the '87 dodge minivan w/no side windows silver blue color.
I'm bringin 2 boxes of old pedals and parts/skip tooth sprokets (sweetheart/shelby/columbia)cranks/brace parts/road wheel sets/a couple bikes/chainguards/large ape hangers a few seats(mostly old roadbike seats)headlight parts (a couple delta)some crank&sproket sets from pre 1920's bikes)and most of it will be super cheap alot of it will be make offer just a handfew items will be Negotiable
setup is at 8 and public is in at 10

   RE:WANTED:   midweight boys frame posted by todjob on 8/12/2001 at 6:55:40 PM
to the person who has the frame,i was told you server name changed and i get the emails returned,im interestred in the frame.

FOR SALE:   SCHWINN SPEEDO HEAD posted by: STEVEN on 8/11/2001 at 5:20:44 AM

   RE:FOR SALE:   SCHWINN SPEEDO HEAD posted by OFFER,,, on 8/14/2001 at 10:15:36 AM

FOR SALE:   1976 DATED CRANK AND MAG SPROCKET posted by: STEVEN on 8/11/2001 at 5:18:21 AM

MISC:   Take a look posted by: Bill on 8/10/2001 at 10:25:13 PM
Take a look I just finished my bike

   RE:MISC:   Take a look posted by sam on 8/11/2001 at 1:57:01 PM
Thanks Bill,Good lay out on your web site , great job!

   RE:MISC:   Take a look posted by Doug on 8/13/2001 at 6:45:54 PM
Looks great!! sure wish my chrome plater could get things done in 5 days usually takes 5 weeks and mucho bucks!

WANTED:   ISO 50's 60's Schwinn frame, large and ugly posted by: Mark Rooney on 8/9/2001 at 6:08:35 PM
I'm looking for a traditional double auxillery tube Schwinn
men's frame in the largest size possible (what is the sizing
process for them?). Need straight frame, but dings, rust
and abuse fine with me. Cheap, large and ugly.


FOR SALE:   Vintage Raleigh sports 3 Speed posted by: tom on 8/9/2001 at 3:54:57 PM
Vintage Sports 3 speed nice shape....$65 + shipping!
Email for pics.

FOR SALE:   Raliegh Sports for sale posted by: John Mara on 8/8/2001 at 11:47:50 AM
I have a 1971 original Raliegh Sports 3 speed for sale. The bicycle is all original with the exception of tires and hand grips. This bike has a 23" frame with original Brook's leather saddle. I have the original owners manual. I have been the only owner and all of the gearing brakes and rims are in excellent condition. I am asking $200 plus shipping. I live in North Worcester County in Massachusetts and would deliver within a reasonable area.

FOR SALE:   Great vintage bike for sale on Ebay! posted by: Julie on 8/8/2001 at 5:25:28 AM
I've got a great vintage bike for sale on Ebay. This auction is for an antique red and white "Warrior" childs convertible bike. You can remove the center bar to convert the bike into a girls bike. I'm selling it cheap so check it out if your interested. It's still in great condition!

Here is the link to the auction:

Please email me if you have any additional questions.


   RE:FOR SALE:   Great vintage bike for sale on Ebay! posted by Julie on 8/8/2001 at 5:35:12 AM
Ebay item #: 1175433943

MISC:   Info. posted by: Dick on 8/8/2001 at 3:26:45 AM
Just got a 1949 Fiesta. Anyone have a brief history on it, value; is /was it a sought after bike etc..?

MISC:   Schwinn posted by: Aaron on 8/7/2001 at 2:55:37 PM
I have a green schwinn tiger #c129682 it's between a 1952 or 1957 but not to sure it's in mint condition would like to know the value thank you