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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   Schwinn King Size Middleweight. posted by: Paul on 8/20/2001 at 8:43:14 AM
Looking for a Schwinn Middleweight in King Size frame, or parts, chain guard, fork, whole bike, or frame. thanks much ...Paul

WANTED:   RAY Bikes information posted by: Mark Raven on 8/20/2001 at 4:14:45 AM
Hello, I am trying to trace any information on RAY bikes (from the 1920's ish )It was my great grandfathers company so I would be very interested in information about them or the location of surviving bikes, If possible I would like to try to buy one !

Thanks Mark

   RE:WANTED:   RAY Bikes information posted by Geoff Rogers on 8/22/2001 at 6:13:27 PM
I have a 1958 RAY lady's three speed. It came from a barn earlier this year, one of several bikes I bought from an older fellow who had a huge collection of bicycles, mostly trashy ones! The RAY was in the very back of the barn, upside down with no saddle or handlebars, but I knew it was an old Brit, and that's what I collect, so I bought it from him.
It's silver-blue with black fenders, in "barn" condition: dust, light rust on the chrome, scratches, etc. It has its original Dunlop tires and metal stem tubes, holding air. Decals, etc. are intact.
I have never seen another one, so I had planned to keep the bike, but might be persuaded to sell it to a descendant of the company founder! I do have a lot of three peed bikes at present. Sure you don't want a couple of Raleighs or a Dunelt?
This bike was clearly built be Raleigh; it's all Raleigh components and a Raleigh-built frame with Raleigh lugs etc. I found a pair of 50's Raleigh handlebars for it, and probably have a good Brooks leather saddle.
As you may know, Raleigh bought most other English bike companies until 1960 when it merged with the other bike empire, Phillips. Then they all became Raleighs.
Email me offline if you want to negotiate on the RAY.

FOR SALE:   CCM "Cheetah" posted by: Ernie @ Bikes on Boundary - keeper of the bones on 8/19/2001 at 9:51:55 PM
for sale:
1. CCM "Cheetah" , I'd guess it's the female version of the CCM "Mustang",all origional, 3 sp Sturmey, 20" x 2.125 rear wheel/tire, 20"x 1.75 front tire, good condition.
2. Ladies "Shogan" 3 sp bike, 26x1 3/8 wheels, shimano 3sp coaster brake-hub, in almost [ very few scratches]mint condition.
3. Gents "Murray" 3 sp [shimano] bike in [almost] mint condition,26x1 3/8 wheels, original [?] "Carlisle" tires, very few scratches.

   RE:FOR SALE:   CCM posted by Ernie @ Bikes on Boundary - keeper of the bones on 8/30/2001 at 8:46:25 PM
The Cheetah has been sold.

WANTED:   '1980 Raleigh Super Course Mk II posted by: Tim on 8/18/2001 at 6:47:54 PM
AS the message says Raleigh Super Course Mk II 25&1/2" Red and White frame. I sold this bike nearly 20 years ago, and would like to duplicate it. If you have one that you'd like to part with? Tim.

   RE:WANTED:   '1980 Raleigh Super Course Mk II posted by MC on 8/19/2001 at 5:22:03 AM
I have this exact SC Mark II bike, same size, only in green and white. Good luck in your search.

   RE:WANTED:   '1980 Raleigh Super Course Mk II posted by larryc on 8/23/2001 at 9:19:48 AM
there has been one in the detroit area trader mag for the past year-asking $400+/search www.traderonline.com

FOR SALE:   AMF ROADMASTER SKYRIDER posted by: Sonda on 8/18/2001 at 5:44:25 PM
AMF Roadmaster Skyrider 26" boys Bicycle. Good to excellant condition. Manufactured in Little Rock, Arkansas. Cross bar cover has graphic that appears to spunic or a satelite. Uncertain of manufactured date, believed to to be late 1940's or early 1950"s. Serial number J00454. Make offer!!!

   RE:FOR SALE:   AMF ROADMASTER SKYRIDER posted by LZW on 8/19/2001 at 11:24:24 AM
Been looking along time for that bike, hope no one else is interested in it.

FOR SALE:   AMF RoadMaster (skyrider) posted by: Sonda on 8/18/2001 at 1:16:21 PM
26" mint condition boys 1946 AMF Roadmaster(skyrider), all original ,picture of a comet or a star on cross bar. Make offer!!!

FOR SALE:   Paratrooper model folding bike posted by: JOHN on 8/18/2001 at 11:16:37 AM
I would like to find out the value, or value range of a 26inch mfg. by Westfield Mfg. Co.,Westfield, Mass. Decals identify it as "COMPAX THE FOLDING BIKE" "PARATROOPER MODEL". This bike can be taken apart into two pieces by loosening a wing nut on the frame. Thanks for any help!!!!

   RE:FOR SALE:   Paratrooper model folding bike posted by Cal on 8/20/2001 at 6:12:03 AM
As always, price depends on condition. I've seen them, go for $300 to $800!

   RE:FOR SALE:   Paratrooper model folding bike posted by Micha Korst on 8/28/2001 at 2:25:46 AM
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have done some investigation on an bike you sell. Can you send me some pictures of the bike. I have all the details to make a good value on the bike. I may even want to buy it.

Thank you in advance,

Micha Korst

WANTED:   Tanks posted by: Chris on 8/18/2001 at 9:41:29 AM
Looking for Mens bike tanks for,,,
Hawthorne 40s
Rollfast 40s
Roadmaster 40s

WANTED:   typhoon parts, etc. posted by: Bob on 8/17/2001 at 10:10:45 PM
Hello all,

I am looking for several bike parts, please email me if you have them for sale, or know of where I can get them. Need a rear fender for a '62 Schwinn Typhoon, a front wheel for a later model (non-painted) Typhoon, a rack, grips for the '62 Typhoon, and a crank for a '41-'42 Ward's Hawthorne.

FOR SALE:   Iver Johnson With Wood Wheels posted by: Bob Jean on 8/17/2001 at 6:54:36 PM
I have an Iver Johnson with wooden wheels. It is real old, and the person who sold it to me claimed it was 1919 or 1920. Does anyone know what it is worth?

WANTED:   Schwinn cruiser 5 chrome fork posted by: Derek on 8/17/2001 at 3:23:23 PM
I'm looking for a set of the crome forks that cmae off an Cruiser 5 bike. they are chrome and have the BMX style look to them. to fit a 26" is preferred.

If you have set lying around please give me a yell.



MISC:   Schwinn Debutante D999140 posted by: Carol on 8/17/2001 at 10:41:23 AM
Help! I have this old Schwinn Debutante D999140 in very good condition and I would like to find its value. Can someone tell me how to find that out? And then I might want to sell it. Thanks, everybody. Carol

   RE:MISC:   Schwinn Debutante D999140 posted by Doug on 8/18/2001 at 11:11:52 AM
I see these girls middleweights for sale all the time in good condition for about 100.00 some worth less depending on condition,Pristine condition might fetch 400.or more depending on how bad someone wanted it hard to put a value on nostalgia,Ive a garage full of it :)!

MISC:   Big show this weekend! posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 8/17/2001 at 6:35:08 AM
The 5th Annual Larz Anderson National Bike Show and Swap

Sunday August 19, 2001 on the grounds of the
Museum of Transportation
Larz Anderson Park
15 Newton St., Brookline, Mass 02446

Krates, Sting-Rays, Balloon Tire Bicycles, parts, English Roadsters, Vintage Lightweights, Customs, etc.

Click on the red notice above for information and directions.

Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Spitfire posted by: Tim on 8/17/2001 at 5:07:08 AM
I'm looking for a seat and handlebars in decent condition for a 1951 Schwinn Spitfire.

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Sting ray parts: posted by: Joshua on 8/16/2001 at 4:13:43 PM
All of the parts are from a 1969 schwinn sting ray and prices do not include shipping:Hi rise handle bars,good condition,good for a rider,has some scuffs and surface rust and comes with red slimline grips and gooseneck,asking $20.00 or trade for something,and for sale off the 1969 schwinn is the mag style sprockett,in pretty good condition,little surface rust on front,more on back,comes with original crank,also in good condition,asking $20.00 or trade for something.If you interested please email me at: nofear2001@webtv.net ,and I will get ahold of you asap.