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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   1969 Schwinn parts. posted by: Joshua on 8/7/2001 at 12:36:11 PM
All parts are from a 1969 schwinn stingray and are for sale or trade:Handlebars w/ red slimline grips and gooseneck $20.00,and Mag style sprocket with crank $10.00.All parts need more cleaning,some surface rust.If you need any other parts I can try to find them around where I live.Theres a guy I know that has a big bicycle junkyard with a humuguse boxes filled with pedals,fenders,grips,rims,and a whole garage stacked full of slicks,rims and parts,but beleive it or not he dosent have one 20" inch boys sting ray frame,16" and 26" and girls bikes.If interested replie!!!

   RE:FOR SALE:   1969 Schwinn parts. posted by sam on 8/8/2001 at 10:00:56 AM
I would like to find a set of 50s style schwinn middle weight fenders in green.Would like used but in good shape,say an 8 or so on 1-10 scale

MISC:   Catagory posted by: sambo883 on 8/7/2001 at 9:40:54 AM
Can someone give me a crash course/ or where to look: I see alot of the codes; C4, C7 etc. I this a chart telling you the condition of a bike? Also, the same question on the rims. I see alot of codes; S6, S7 etc... Your help would be appriciated. Thnx.

   RE:MISC:   Catagory posted by JOEL on 8/7/2001 at 12:15:35 PM
C8 = condition 8/10. 1=toast, 10=new.

S2, S5, S7 are Schwinn rim sizes. See the tire and rim charts at this site for info.

MISC:   Need Info on Shelby Flyers posted by: Kerry on 8/7/2001 at 8:54:41 AM
I've been reading all of your postings with interest. My husband and I recently purchased a Boys Shelby Flyer late 40's early 50's (could use some help here -- any good books with pictures? it is intact with minor rust and flat tires) at a church auction. We saw this bike and fell in LOVE! It We knew we had to have it and are looking forward to restoring it to its original condition. We are avid antique funiture collectors and know that the wrong restoration can be devistating. My questions are 1) Will we do more harm than good repainting and re-chroming (if this is what is does need -- not sure if chrome or stainless haven't fully taken inventory). 2)Can the bike be powder coated? (husband owns a welding/fab company) if no what type of paint and where can I find a guide to authentic colors? 3) What about the flat tires...they are whitewall. Any sugestions replace? repair? Also once I pin down the manufacture date where can I get good support stuff meaning corresponding advertisements from that year and if really lucky a catalogue? You guys really seem to know your stuff and we appreciate your help and advice.

   RE:MISC:   Need Info on Shelby Flyers posted by JOEL on 8/7/2001 at 12:43:53 PM
Wow ! It's great to see new folks fired up about bikes. You will find lots of pictures of Shelbys in Evolution of the Bicycle vol 1&2, on EBAY, and at Nostalgic.net (huge database) to name a few. You will likely find Shelby ads on Ebay too. They came in some crazy color combos. To get an idea of how the pros are painting bikes, check out Cyclart, Pfeiffer Phrames, Watorford bikes, and Nostalgic.net websites. The plating might be chrome, nickle, or stainless.

   RE:MISC:   Need Info on Shelby Flyers posted by Gordon on 8/7/2001 at 9:07:16 PM
There is a Shelby expert from Shelby, OH, I think his eBay id is mrshelby. You might try and get in touch with him through eBay email.

WANTED:   Huffy Info posted by: Mack on 8/7/2001 at 4:40:09 AM
Hello everyone i have a 70's Huffy 3 Speed and want to be able to restore it -- i need parts and info on these bikes -- mechanically the bike works great but i need a manual on the hub bc the hub is internal with the gears -- anyone have any old parts for the huffy's or books etc
please let me know

Also this bike has allot of rust on it and i want to try and take it off if possible -- i have use lime juice, vinegar and water , still no luck any suggestions instead of repainting it.

   RE:WANTED:   Huffy Info posted by Roy Cogley on 8/8/2001 at 6:26:48 AM
I have had luck using 0000 steel wool to remove rust from chrome. If the rust has not pitted the steel, it will shine up nicely.

   RE:WANTED:   Huffy Info posted by goob on 8/8/2001 at 5:09:55 PM
use bronze or brass wool. Steel will leave small particles that will rust.

   RE:WANTED:   Huffy Info posted by sam on 8/8/2001 at 7:40:27 PM
The 3-speed should be a shimano.Look for 333 stamped on it.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Huffy Info posted by todjob on 8/14/2001 at 8:18:47 PM
I use a soft bristle brush around the spokes on the wheels it saves alot of time,usually 3 passes on each side of each spoke and its clean

FOR SALE:   MISC PARTS FOR SALE OR TRADE posted by: STEVEN on 8/5/2001 at 12:48:14 AM

   RE:FOR SALE:   MISC PARTS FOR SALE OR TRADE posted by steven on 8/10/2001 at 1:15:06 PM

FOR SALE:   schwinn fastback 20" front rim decent shape posted by: todjob on 8/4/2001 at 6:39:59 PM
$20.00 shipped

MISC:   schwinn typhoon rear carrier posted by: todjob on 8/4/2001 at 6:26:51 PM
i have the end peices for a wire typhoon rear rack at the seat end if you have the rack that is missing these peices send me your address and i will just send them to you i will send a pic. first to see if they will work for you.

   RE:MISC:   schwinn typhoon rear carrier posted by todjob on 8/4/2001 at 6:31:01 PM
P.S. I just listed the bike they came off of on ebay its a Dec.68 red

WANTED:   Kawasaki motocross bicycle posted by: Karl on 8/3/2001 at 6:48:36 PM
I have a kawasaki bicycle That was produced in 1977-1979. I need parts for this bike. It has an all aluminum frame and rear shocks.

FOR SALE:   1967 Schwinn Fleet 20" posted by: Andrew on 8/3/2001 at 4:22:10 AM

'67 Fleet, 20" wheels, gold with crome fenders, very nice, pick up in Mass. $65 firm. Details- 978-465-2908 or email - shayden@shore.net

FOR SALE:   rim posted by: shannon stringfellow on 8/2/2001 at 9:14:21 PM
i am looking for a 28 hole rim (24 inch by 1 3/8 ) front or back i need one to lace on a old swhinn tricycle. thank you

FOR SALE:   Dawes with TA tripple ring cranks posted by: Ray on 8/2/2001 at 12:08:28 PM
Is it just me or has the hobby really gone flat. I have a bike on sale right now on ebay that is getting no traction. It is one fantastic Brit bike, a Dawes 15 speed from the late 70s or early 80s. Note the tripple ring TA cranks that are almost flawless. Has the economy hit ebay or just this hobby?

   RE:FOR SALE:   Dawes with TA tripple ring cranks posted by JOEL on 8/2/2001 at 1:43:14 PM
Beautiful bike. Must be the economy. But everything will be better when those $300 tax rebate checks start rolling in...LOL

WANTED:   WTB SCHWINN KING SIZE posted by: PAUL on 8/1/2001 at 4:50:15 PM

MISC:   Current Events… posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 8/1/2001 at 7:19:37 AM
We are preparing to expand and grow over the next couple months. Here’s an overview of our plans:

1) The shop will be closed the week of August 4 – 10, 2001. No orders will ship during this week.

2) Sunday August 19th is the 5th Annual Larz Anderson National Bike Show and Swap at the Museum of Transportation in Brookline, MA. If there are any particular bicycles or parts you want us to bring to the show, please let us know. We’re limited in space but we may be able to accommodate you. We’ll have a number of bicycles and parts which we still have not had time to post on our web site including a 1969 Orange Krate, a 1967 coppertone Sting-Ray, a 1958 Raleigh with an enclosed chainguard, wicker baskets, frame pumps, NOS parts and more.

3) Some time this fall we will be making some infrastructure changes:
a) We will be moving to a faster web service in order to handle the 200,000+ hits we’re getting each week at OldRoads.com.
b) We will be opening up a retail shop with a real street address, repair shop, restoration service and a real, published phone number.

We would like to thank you all for your support, participation and suggestions in helping us build VVVintage Vintage Bicycles on the web over the past 6 years. We look forward to serving you and providing more on-line vintage bicycle resources in the future.

Vin – VVVintage Vintage Bicycles

   RE:MISC:   Current Events… posted by Russell on 8/1/2001 at 10:57:07 AM
Congrats on the retail location. Thanks for being a source for people and their bikes online.

   RE:MISC:   Current Events… posted by Kid A on 8/2/2001 at 3:30:19 PM
Thanks 4 helping me manage my insanity!

   RE:RE:MISC:   Current Events… posted by Franko on 8/3/2001 at 12:39:16 PM
Ditto on that. There's nothing like taking an unloved bicycle and fixing it up and riding it.
Fun to fix up and fun to use..

FOR SALE:   Sturmey front drum-brake axle assembly posted by: Ernie@ Bikes on Boundary - keeper of the bones on 7/31/2001 at 10:11:25 PM
For sale: Sturmey front drum-brake& axle assembly 32 spokes inc cable-assembly, cable-housing is very poor, but cable itself is ok, for what its worth.

MISC:   JOHN DEERE posted by: keytap on 7/31/2001 at 7:54:09 PM
I have an old bicycle painted John Deere tractor green and decal John Deere on the cross bar. When was it sold? Any value?

   RE:MISC:   JOHN DEERE posted by Cal on 8/1/2001 at 5:34:43 AM
Look on the 'links' page under the 'general resources' section. You will find a dude who specializes in John Deere bicycles.

   RE:MISC:   JOHN DEERE posted by goob on 8/1/2001 at 1:33:40 PM
mostly likely an early 780's model but could be older. John Deere sole bicycles 3 times and could never make a go of it. Most of the bikes were foreign made and were not of high quality. some were not. John deere did not make the bikes but tryed to sell them. Most did not sell and were given a way with the purchasee of big machinery. Some sell in the $100.00 to #300.00 doller range. I have what I think is a full set of them. The 20" yellow one has been the highest seller for a while and I don't know the reason. The white and yellow stripped one is the most common and the blue ones the rarest but don't sell as high because of the color. They are best as a conversation piece but they are going up a little mostly because a whole lot of people don't know jd sold bikes. Yopu may hear stories that they were made for promtion purpose and only a few were made but that is not true. You find most of them in the north farm country.