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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   whizzer parts posted by: mike on 10/10/2002 at 3:18:53 PM
Looking for a flywheel and clutch assembly for 1947/48 Whizzer.........Mike @ vistav@hotmail.com

WANTED:   whizzer parts posted by: mike on 10/10/2002 at 3:18:53 PM
Looking for a flywheel and clutch assembly for 1947/48 Whizzer.........Mike @ vistav@hotmail.com

FOR SALE:   Viscount Lightweight posted by: Lane on 10/10/2002 at 12:44:20 AM
On Ebay at the moment. Mine. Viscount Lightweight English Bicycle Campagnolo Item # 1867037031
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1867037031&rd=1 I just need the space, too many projects.

WANTED:   INFO about PUCH bicycle posted by: Naomi Foshe on 10/9/2002 at 9:00:56 PM
I have an old PUCH bicycle. It says made by Daimler-Benz on it. Is there anyone out there who can tell me more about this bike? Thank you in advance for your time.

   RE:WANTED:   INFO about PUCH bicycle posted by JimW. on 10/12/2002 at 12:05:55 AM
Puch is an old German marque. I believe the full company name is Steyr, Daimler, Puch. In the '50s and '60s their bikes and mopeds were sold by Sears, in this country, under Sears' house brand names. Yours probably was not a Sears import, so it is of more interest to collectors of that sort of bike. We could probably tell you more about it if you supplied a description. Tire size, frame style, and gear shift scheme being of most use in identifying it.

FOR SALE:   19?? bfg schwinn black phantom posted by: Dave on 10/9/2002 at 3:46:48 PM
Im trying to sell this bike! The serial # is H13189 .It is a B.F.G schwinn built Black phantom.I have been told it is a 1951,1953.1954,55,58. Some say bfg used diff. numbers than schwinn .others say it is a schwinn # .Can anyone please help me identify this bike?

MISC:   Belt Driven Schwinn Cruiser 'New' posted by: Peter on 10/9/2002 at 2:10:42 PM
Hello All,
I need some help.
It seems I've come across a rather new Schwinn Cruiser which is belt driven rather than chain.
This is by association however, I do have pics readily available. I would like to know if this bike is truly rare as I am being informed. And if anyone would know the possible value and history on this bike that would be great. Actually anything on this bike would be great......
I am getting mixed info, and I really don't know what to tell the my friend who happens to own this bike.
Anything would help guys...........
Thanks for reading.
Peter C.

WANTED:   want to buy slick chick posted by: chris on 10/9/2002 at 2:54:19 AM
im looking to buy a nice orig. slick chick if you do have one contact me 2 NOTCHTHIS82@AOL.COM THANX,CHRIS

FOR SALE:   montgomery wards??? Basket case. posted by: Dennis on 10/9/2002 at 1:13:49 AM
Hi folks, been awhile since I've posted, having some modem probs. Could prob. do a search on this, but maybe next week before I re-install. (lightening hit my system, and lucky to even get online right now.) Anyway, last year in spring clean-up days, found the "white" John Deere 3 speed 'Mixte' (thanks to person in this group that clued me in on that!) But it was missing head cap? (Is that what you call it?) (That label thing on front.) Anyway here in Geneseo (Illinois) is now having "Fall clean-up days" Today I lifted up an old mattress (well, not that old...) and underneath it was a bicycle! I really couldn't believe my eyes.Says "MX" on back of seat, there is decal of tiger of the front label, but I can make out words: "Montgomery Wards" Looks kind of like a stingray, (must be from the sixties?) has coil spring around frame. Wierd seat and wierd looking all the way around. (maybe composition fenders?) Has decal "if you value your life, don't mess with my bike." Bike is complete, but old, and in need of restoration. What is it? And yes I would like to sale it.
Appreciate any information and will be checking this message board if puter don't give up altogether. At 14000 bps.

FOR SALE:   REPRO SCHWINN SPRINGER FORK posted by: edgarecks on 10/8/2002 at 5:24:30 PM
Selling a reproduction ('90s) Schwinn springer fork, new in box (the box is pretty cool in itself), has real "AS" bolts, etc. $100 plus shipping (which will cost a few $, that sucker is heavy!)

FOR SALE:   1960 phillips roadster posted by: LaDon Atkinson on 10/8/2002 at 1:04:13 AM
I have a 1960 phillips bike for sale! Itis baby blue with a gen. hub and lights that work. I believe the bike is all orignal except the tires. I have lots of pics if you send me a email i will send pics!! This bike is a great part of history and in pretty good shape!!

WANTED:   Schwinn tandem decals posted by: Jaymes on 10/7/2002 at 9:14:44 PM
WANTED: Chainguard decal for Schwinn Bicycle Built For Two tandem. Please help!!!!1 THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOR SALE:   JC higgins tandem posted by: gena on 10/7/2002 at 2:50:29 AM
If anyone has any information on the year and price of this tandem we have please let me know, the bike is in great shape the man we bought it from had it painted red, he said it was his from his childhood. All looks original with the j.c. higgins plate. The upholstry on the saddles is slightly torn and needs replaced. If you have seen one or have pictures, I would love to hear from you.

FOR SALE:   bike posted by: Lee on 10/6/2002 at 5:40:22 AM
Hi i have a bicycle it has Leonards on the front fork it is a womans bike i think it bdoesnt have the straight rod or whtever that is from the seat to the handle bars.it has the light,speedometer,and horn.it also has what looks like montain bike tires they say goodyear,tires are old but remarkably not dry rotted.what is this bike worth.Thanks for any info.am willing to sell it

MISC:   road puppy folding bike posted by: karl on 10/6/2002 at 12:45:03 AM
found today a "road puppy " folding bike. it is quite old...i was guessing 1930-1940's. 16"wheels, horizontal rear dropouts, crazy lever action to undo the bike to be folded. neat old leather seat tagged on back as "special" and the sides stamped "puppy" the hubs are marked as puppy too. anyone have any idea what this thing might be. i bought it mainly for the mechanical oddity of the folding mechanism. thanx--karl

   RE:MISC:   road puppy folding bike posted by karl on 10/6/2002 at 2:54:26 PM
wheels are actually 14".

FOR SALE:   Crescent/Sweden posted by: Glenn on 10/5/2002 at 10:09:38 PM
Picked up a very nice early 10-speed today. It's a Crescent, made in Sweden. Looks expensive, has Nisi wheels. It is roadworthy, and in EXCELLENT mechanical and cosmetic condition. I will be selling it at Hershey with the other stuff listed below. Email me with questions.