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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:    Hi wheeler /Wheelman(Reproduction) posted by: James on 10/21/2002 at 5:36:19 PM
I'm lQQking for a reproduction of a wheelman . I had found a web site a while back that sold them for about $400 but now I don't know what that web site was . Do you have any info on where on can be bought ???? Thanks a million. James

   RE:WANTED:    Hi wheeler /Wheelman(Reproduction) posted by Tom on 10/21/2002 at 8:08:03 PM
Try www.highwheel.com

WANTED:   Mattel Stallion posted by: Steve Barker on 10/21/2002 at 1:37:01 PM
I would like any information on the location and purchase of the MATTEL Stallion. An all chrome bicycle manufactured around 1963-67. Thank you in advance.

WANTED:   info. posted by: SAM on 10/21/2002 at 12:07:46 AM

WANTED:   bsa delivery bike posted by: karl on 10/21/2002 at 12:02:12 AM
i bought a bsa delivery bike a while back, rod brakes 20"-26" wheels. Your typical delivery machine. I am looking for info on dating the bike and also original color scheme. Any info appreciated.

FOR SALE:   1940's-50's Firestone Deluxe Super Cruiser posted by: Tom on 10/20/2002 at 2:54:03 AM
Complete ladies bike with "train" style headlight w/lens, double spring springer fork, "louvered" rear rack, SUPER straight fenders! very interesting rear reflector that's in great shape as well.
Best offer takes it!

   RE:FOR SALE:   1940's-50's Firestone Deluxe Super Cruiser posted by Vic on 10/20/2002 at 6:49:04 PM
Would like to see a picture of the 1940 to 1950 Firestone and also would like to know what you are asking it :) I have been looking for one for my Dad :) He hadf one a long time ago and still talks about that bike all the time :)

Hope to here from you :) Take care :) Vic :)

WANTED:   Older pedals for Raleigh Sports posted by: Brian on 10/19/2002 at 11:02:58 PM
Looking to buy $ Raleigh pedals for two of my 3-speeds. Please! I'm only looking for the pre-1966 models which are the rebuildable one's. Can you help me complete the bikes, and get the Nottingham Steel back on the road?

MISC:   1969 springer collegiate ??? posted by: barry on 10/19/2002 at 8:29:27 PM
This past summer I purchased A schwinn collegiate at an outdoor flea market.It has a chrome springer front end that looks original. Is this a possibility or just a mingling of old parts? Any information would be appreciated.

WANTED:   60 SPOKE RIMS posted by: Jason on 10/19/2002 at 6:22:10 PM
Hi, Im looking for a pair of 60-spoke 20inch bicycle rims with front, and rear hubs, and spokes, ready to be put on, will pay top dollar. Please e-mail me at JHupp_99@yahoo.com with any and all information about where I can purchase them. THANKS,

MISC:   Need some information posted by: Tyler Farling on 10/19/2002 at 4:30:19 AM
I have an old western flyer bike that has a half red and white seat with electric lights on the handlebars that are two plastic round covers over the light bulbs. Anyone know what year this could be. I can get a digital picture if anyone can email me some information. Thank You

FOR SALE:   Male JC Higgins, 1957 posted by: Ted Croswell, Sr. on 10/18/2002 at 7:46:30 PM
I have a male JC Higgins bicycle, 1957 in very good condition. Does not have a front fender head light. I bought in 1958 from original owner. Over the years I have mopped on paint to protect and keep from rusting. Does not have any dents or bad rust spots. The seat has one area on the edge, approximately 1/2 inch by 1 inch that the material is off down to the metal. Get all the old paint off and one will have a great bike. It is a collectors item. Will take $450.00, firm. One like it refinished 5 yrs ago sold for $1,200 dollars.

I am in the process of moving 1200 miles to another state and and I do not have a ditital camera to take pics, to send. It would be the 1st of the year before I would take any action on it. If interested in waiting, send e-mail address and will contact you in order which received.


FOR SALE:   IVERSON ROAD BIKE posted by: MC on 10/17/2002 at 11:58:57 PM
Vintage 10 speed, needs tires. Otherwise it is in good condition. Pics on request. $50.

   RE:FOR SALE:   IVERSON ROAD BIKE posted by Ben on 10/25/2002 at 5:17:13 PM
Hello there MC. Sorry, Im not interested in purchasing the bike, but I was wondering if you know anything about Iverson bikes. I have an Iverson Grand Touring 3 speed that I am keeping alive (sn 1120008)and I have absolutely no information about the type. If you know anything you think is worth sharing, please let me know. Good luck with the bike.
Best Wishes-

WANTED:   Schwinn Fork posted by: Tommy on 10/17/2002 at 4:17:00 PM
Looking for a Fork for a 1937 Schwinn Racer can anyone help? tntltd got your message but can't seen to get to you try again.

FOR SALE:   1953 Schwinn Black Phantom posted by: Dave on 10/17/2002 at 2:23:25 PM
Dont miss this one! 1953 Schwinn Black Phantom bfg.This bicycle is in fabulous condition.E-mail me for pics & price

WANTED:   Black Phantom parts needed posted by: Hector Santiago on 10/17/2002 at 12:02:42 PM
Hi, I am looking for the following Black Phantom parts

040045 - pedals
058518 - saddle
any information would be appreciated.
Regards, Hector

WANTED:   Trek 720 posted by: Al Fack on 10/16/2002 at 12:09:50 PM
Wanted- Trek 720 touring bike, complete bike or frameset. 60 or 61CM. The early version, "dark pewter" (silver),or taupe color.