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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   28" wheel, Raleigh, etc., roadster posted by: Dale Sutthoff on 11/30/2002 at 6:13:04 PM
Years ago I had a Raleigh with extra large wheels, 28 or 30" I think. Best ever as I am pretty tall and felt the larger size fit better. Are any bikes made today with the larger wheel size? Or should I be looking for only that model as a used bike. This is just for touring and general exercise. I just turned 65 and finally have a little time on my hands.

FOR SALE:   Wheels, wheels, wheels posted by: Mike Stone on 11/30/2002 at 6:13:15 AM
I have all kinds of wheels in good shape. Gotta clean out the garage.

Tell me what you need. If I have it, you can get it cheap.


   RE:FOR SALE:   Wheels, wheels, wheels posted by Darryl on 12/1/2002 at 4:21:29 PM
Italian or French 700 w/5-6-7 speed freewheel or freehub type hub.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Wheels, wheels, wheels posted by P.C. Kohler on 12/2/2002 at 9:41:29 PM
How 'bout:

26" x 1 3/8" Raleigh Westricks (the ones with the raised centres) marked "Raleigh" in good chrome or stainless, 32/40 hole

26 x 1 1/4" Raleigh Endrick lightweight rims, 32/40 hole

27" Dunlop lightweights, 32/40 hole

P.C. Kohler

   RE:FOR SALE:   Wheels, wheels, wheels posted by Ron on 12/11/2002 at 11:35:58 PM
I'm looking for 27in. Rigida chrome with textured braking surfaces. I would like a front wheel. A rear would do fine.

WANTED:   Murray Eliminator Parts posted by: Shannon Reynolds on 11/29/2002 at 9:43:50 PM
I need the following parts for a Murray Eliminator:

1)5 speed hub & cassette or complete wheel (w/derailuer)
2)Rat-Trap springer fork
3)Shifter lever (Prefer one with drag brake lever)
4)Front & Rear calipers w/ brake levers

Please email me with parts available and price wanted.

FOR SALE:   Robin Hood 1967 bicycle made in Nottingham, England posted by: Mike Stone on 11/29/2002 at 5:51:10 PM
For Sale:

Robin Hood bicycle Made in Nottingham, England (neat!)

This would be a neat gift.


Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub (naturally).

Lugged frame. Floats along beautifully - a dreamy ride.

Good condition. Most decals in good shape. Head badge in perfect shape.

Black with white tail on fender. Lots of nice chrome.

Includes an unusual tinkle bell with a woven design.

$65.00 plus shipping.

Contact: mikestonemike@netscape.net

MISC:   1964 Dunelt Parts posted by: Marty Mullins on 11/28/2002 at 10:56:03 PM
I have Ladies 64 3spd Dunelt anyone interested in any parts
THANKS MARTY EMAIL 6159mart@msn.com

FOR SALE:   For Sale: Brake Pads for Rod Brakes - new posted by: Mike Stone on 11/28/2002 at 6:22:29 PM
I have a couple of new sets of brake pads (two-front, two-back) that I am selling for $10.00 per set including shipping by USPS.

If you are interested, contact me at mikestonemike@netscape.net

FOR SALE:   For Sale Rollfast muscle bike posted by: Mike Stone on 11/28/2002 at 2:53:45 PM
For Sale

1960's or 1970's (I'm guessing) Rollfast muscle bike with:

Blue glitter banana seat with silver 'piping'. Seat is in great condition - no tears or scuffs.

Ape hanger handle bars

Almost new whitewall tires

Paint is in very good condition. I repainted it and did a nice job.

Has a basket on the handlebars. You can have that too.

No rust or dents.

Nice sparkly chrome fenders.

Girl's bike - or shall we say "step-through-frame-geometry"

$50.00 plus shipping.

I can e-mail pics.

Contact Mike Stone at mikestonemike@netscape.net

   RE:FOR SALE:   For Sale Rollfast muscle bike posted by Mike Stone on 12/10/2002 at 7:49:55 PM
The Rollfast is sold to a lucky buyer! Thanks, everybody, for all the interest. She is on her way to Christmas happiness.

WANTED:   WTB : Frames or ? posted by: Baldy Jeff on 11/28/2002 at 8:28:48 AM
Looking for a few frames or ? -
'63/'64 Sting Ray -
'66/'67 Fastback-
'69-'71 Krate-
Any degree of original paint a plus,but not necessity

WANTED:   VDC Monkey Bars in chrome posted by: Brad Schulz on 11/28/2002 at 5:02:08 AM
I am looking for set of chrome Monkey Bars. They have to be chrome and the larger size. Dims are 28.5" x 10". Please email me if you have a set of these. Thanks

WANTED:   For Sale or Trade: Schwinn Pin posted by: Jon on 11/27/2002 at 3:45:34 AM
I have a 1973 "Schwinn 1000 Club" sales award pin that I would like to trade for a 1974 "Schwinn 1000 Club" pin. Must be in good to excellent condition. If the price is right, I will buy it if you have one to sell.

FOR SALE:   Parting out old Royce Union posted by: martybike on 11/27/2002 at 1:51:28 AM
Pretty decent parts 26".nice chrome rims "333" 3speed rear W/handle grip shifter.Fenders good shape front black W/chrome tip rear black&white with reflector.nice chrome handle bars&goose neck working working brake calipers w/levers and cables.nice pedals crank arms and chain ring.
black&white seat w/post.26"x13/8" rims very good chrome.
ALL $40.00+shipping OBO
THANKS MARTY EMAIL 6159mart@msn.com

WANTED:   1970's Spiderman child's bicycle posted by: Amber on 11/26/2002 at 5:16:27 PM
Possibly 1978 Spiderman AMF roadmaster/marvel comics.
Banana seat. Fair-Good condition preferred, but will look at anything.

   RE:WANTED:   1970's Spiderman child's bicycle posted by kimberly on 1/14/2003 at 6:36:14 AM
Are you still looking for the spiderman bicycle? What are you wanting to give for one? Thanks !


WANTED:   sekai 3 speed bicycle posted by: ruben Garcia on 11/26/2002 at 12:45:33 AM
Where I can get parts for a sekai need both fenders /chain guard handle bar kick stand

WANTED:   handlebars posted by: Charles Ellis on 11/25/2002 at 9:28:41 PM
I need replacement handlebars for my 1952 3-speed Rudge. Need to be undented and good chrome, no rust. Grip area is almost parallel to top tube.

   RE:WANTED:   handlebars posted by stuart on 12/13/2002 at 2:32:33 AM
i think i hve what you are looking for at vintagebicycleparts.cjb.net

WANTED:   beater bikes posted by: lincoln on 11/25/2002 at 6:05:32 PM
Anyone near Waltham, MA or, even better, Wolfeboro, NH with one
or two old beater bikes with sturdy frames and fairly wide tires?
For riding on a sand/gravel path and general neglect. If two bikes,
one must be women's frame. For reasonably tall riders. Budget is quite
low right now. Thanks

P.S. Probably good to send an email as well as a list response as I don't
keep up.