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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   Brooks Saddle posted by: Marty Mullins on 12/12/2002 at 1:37:28 AM
Brooks B15 Champion Standard. Leather Saddle Black Excelant condition.
$45.00+ shipping
Thanks Marty Email 6159mart@msn.com

FOR SALE:   Pair of '40s bikes posted by: Ryan on 12/11/2002 at 5:01:23 AM
i have a pair of '40s bikes available in Australia. 1 guys Windsor 3spd Vew flip-flop hub and 1 ladies Murray Mar with BSA rear hub. both bikes have full english and french componentry, original paintwork including lovely names and pinstriping and are complete with the exception of the derraliur on the guys model. i am open to offers as these bikes are too rare and too good to chuck out.

FOR SALE:   1950’s JC Higgins Womans Bike posted by: Tomas on 12/11/2002 at 12:48:38 AM
Has Springer fork, down tube tank, rear rack, fenders, chain guard, skirt guard. Complete bike accept I have No wheels. Needs painting

WANTED:   Late '60's SPRINT front deraileur posted by: M. on 12/10/2002 at 3:35:43 AM
Season's Greeting's all - Looking for a nice old Sprint front derailleur for my 1967 Schwinn Continental - any help or contacts appreciated. Thanks, Mo

   RE:WANTED:   Late '60's SPRINT front deraileur posted by stuart on 12/14/2002 at 3:03:31 AM
i have a 1969 schwinn front derailler for sale. i am sure that it is very similar to the one you are looking for. This goes on a bike with 2 front sprockets. It will be on Vintagebicycleparts.cjb.net very shortly

FOR SALE:   Jack Taylor Tandem -1963 posted by: Dave on 12/9/2002 at 11:20:44 PM
Jack Taylor Tandem - Serial Number 4605. Built in April of 1963 – Seat Tube - Center to Center 21” (Front), 20.5” (Rear). TopTube – 23” (Front), 24” (Rear). Wheelbase 62”. Campagnolo Front and Rear 6 Speed. ( Super Record - indexed) , Delta Brakes, ( Mavic NOS levers) , TA Cranks and pedals. Look Ergo Stem. Super Record Hubs (40 Spoke) laced to Mavic MA40’s. Campagnolo Aero bottles( 4 with braze ons). Red powdercoated with no Transfers applied. A full set of factory Transfers (must use goldsize) will be included. Please email for pictures.

WANTED:   5 Speed Shifter "Huffy Rail Slingshot" posted by: Aaron on 12/9/2002 at 5:40:22 AM
5 Speed huffy rail sling shot console type shifter, please e-mail with pics Thanks.

   RE:WANTED:   5 Speed Shifter posted by Aaron on 12/9/2002 at 5:45:10 AM
E-mail is ajkut@telusplanet.net

WANTED:   Wanted Rollfast Top Drag 20x16 Muscle Bi posted by: John on 12/8/2002 at 8:59:44 PM
Wanted Rollfast Top Drag 20x16 Muscle Bike . Have been looking for years. I have only seen one in a book. I am also looking for a Iverson 20x16 Dragstripper.


WANTED:   PHILLIPS LOW GRAVITY posted by: GERARDO GONZALEZ on 12/8/2002 at 3:04:05 AM

I'm Looking Help to identify my phillips bike, where (if exist)I can check the serial number,where I can get some parts for it. The bike is in good condition but I want to restore it better. I will apreciate any help. God bless everybody. Thanks .... Gerry << Puerto Rico >>

   RE:WANTED:   PHILLIPS LOW GRAVITY posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 12/12/2002 at 2:11:05 AM
There are no serial numbers for Phillips that we have. No chart. Believe it or not this is not the way that you will go about identifing it.
You will have to watch e- bay and e- mail folks and follow the English Roadsters section and ask them.
P.C. Kohler has a "Roll Britannia" web group and if you keep scrolling backwards you should see the address. He has Phillips photos and information for you to see.
Records are lost, missing , in the hands of folks who don't take time to catalog this as a public service to old bicycle fans. But Oh Yes! This stuff is still out there, bit and pieces scattered about. Collectors have this very bike and they ride them. You will have to stay on this for awhile. Someplace, you need to have pictures posted o the web for us to see this bicycle that you have so we can help you determine what it is that you have and what it is generally worth.

Please describe it in fine detail for us. What size wheels, frame, things like that. Go to the English Roadsters section. Good Luck

WANTED:   pedicar posted by: lonnie hensley on 12/7/2002 at 11:29:09 PM
the pedicar was a one seat adult pedal car made of a (ubs?) body had 4 wheels a five speed with reverse , was made by enviromental corporation in the 1970's , weighed about 125 pounds , was fully enclosed.

FOR SALE:   FS: NOS Dura-Ace AX crankset posted by: Guy Bouchard on 12/7/2002 at 7:01:49 PM
I don`t know if it is alright to post my auction here but i have one of those parts for sale.

Please look at


WANTED:   Huffy rail chainguard posted by: Mark on 12/7/2002 at 5:15:51 PM
Wanted Huffy Rail chainguard with the logo,in decent shape for a purple Huffy rail.If you have one please send pic and asking price.

WANTED:   lowrider bike frame posted by: isaac ray on 12/7/2002 at 12:56:20 AM
im looking for a lowrider bike frame.any condition is cool, as long as it is safe to ride. looking for parts also lights,twisted kickstand, mufflers, mirrors etc. if anyone has some of these parts e-mail me ikeaguirre14@netscape.net

WANTED:   Wanted bike license plates posted by: Marty Mullins on 12/7/2002 at 12:12:27 AM
Bike plates W/ year and city any condition.
Thanks Marty email 6159mart@msn.com

FOR SALE:   1964 Raleigh Dunelt Parts F/S posted by: Marty Mullins on 12/6/2002 at 11:53:38 PM
Nice chrome wheels 26"x1 3/8" rear has 64 Strumey Archer 3 speed.$25.00+ shipping
Fenders/Mud Guards Front fair cond. black W/ chrome tip.
Rear good cond. black & white w/ reflector $15.00+shipping
Chain guard hockey stick type black w/ dunelt graphic good cond.$10.00 +shipping
Crank arms chain ring pedals nice chrome $20.00+ shipping
Good handle bars goose neck W/ white grips $15.00 + shipping
Working brake levers calipers and cables $15.00 + shipping
Buy All $55.00 + shipping
Thanks Marty Email 6159mart@msn.com

WANTED:   1992 or 1993 48cm Bridgestone XO-1 posted by: Paige Morgenthal on 12/6/2002 at 8:42:02 PM
I am looking for a 48 cm Bridgestone XO-1. Color is not importatnt, but the size is. Let me know if you have one available for sale. Thanks.