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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   Schwinn back rack posted by: Bryant on 1/15/2002 at 9:21:16 PM
I have the back rack for a 1971 Schwinn Varsity, in good conditon. Willing to trade for a front fender of Raleigh Space Rider or $2 plus shipping

WANTED:   Raleigh Space Rider posted by: Bryant on 1/15/2002 at 9:19:02 PM
I'm looking for a front fender for a child's 1970's Raleigh Space Rider 3 speed. If there are any out there please contact me at bdebruyne@worldnet.att.net

   RE:WANTED:   Raleigh Space Rider posted by Gordon on 1/16/2002 at 5:05:44 AM
Is this bike like a 20" Raleigh or Hercules type? Ridge down the center? If so, I think I have a set of new chrome fenders with braces that would fit.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Raleigh Space Rider posted by Bryant on 1/16/2002 at 7:32:19 PM
I'm not sure, let me double check. I do know it's a Raleigh 20" wheels but do not know if the fender has a ridge or not. I'll get back to you.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Raleigh Space Rider posted by Bryant on 1/16/2002 at 9:46:16 PM
my mistake. The Raleigh has 24" wheels but the rear fender does have a ridge down the center.

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Raleigh Space Rider posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 1/18/2002 at 1:24:44 AM
What color is the bike?

   RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Raleigh Space Rider posted by Bryant on 1/18/2002 at 4:17:43 PM
The bike is Blue with white highlights

MISC:   RED AMF ROADSTER SKYRIDER posted by: Zan on 1/14/2002 at 9:32:55 PM
I have had the above bicycle for years and I am curious as to its' value. Can anyone help?

MISC:   RED AMF ROADSTER SKYRIDER posted by: S. Snook on 1/14/2002 at 9:32:55 PM
I have had the above bicycle for years and I am curious as to its' value. Can anyone help?

MISC:   Monson Mass Bike Show Feb 17th posted by: bikeyard on 1/14/2002 at 12:42:19 PM
Jim Huntingtons Monson Mass bike show is Feb 17th at Memorial Hall located on Main St in Monson. Dealer space is $20. Dealer set up is 7am. Show starts at 8am. From points north take exit 8 off mass pike onto rt 32 south.
From points south take 84 to exit 70 Stafford Springs to rt 32 north.
Rt 32 turns into main st in Monson. For further info or questions contact Jim Huntington at days 413.283.4113 eve 413.267.5230

WANTED:   J.C. Higgins Flightliner posted by: Steve on 1/14/2002 at 12:05:55 AM
I desperately need parts for a mens Flightliner. It looks like a 62-63? I need front fork and handlebars, also a good front wheel. It has the 3 speed rear which i know nothing about. Anyone?

   RE:WANTED:   J.C. Higgins Flightliner posted by Joel on 1/14/2002 at 3:29:46 PM
I may have the parts you need.

   RE:WANTED:   J.C. Higgins Flightliner posted by Ken on 1/18/2002 at 8:36:10 PM
There is a repro of the Sears catalog page for Flightliner in Evolution of the Bicycle -maybe vol.1 if memory serves, but it seldom does... - It indicates that the Deluxe model had the Bendix 2-speed. I would appreciate any information on any 3-speed Flightliner.

MISC:   Free to a good Bay Area home posted by: Fred on 1/13/2002 at 9:02:50 PM
I have an older Schwinn basket case. The serial number is HO28780, which I believe makes it a vintage 1951. There is a frame, a rear wheel (painted) w/skip-tooth sprocket and coaster brake, and a skip-tooth front sprocket. No chain. There's also a seat and handlebars, but I don't think they're original. Also have fenders, but I'm not sure they go with this bike. This bike was made over (ahem) in the late 60s, and has spent some time outside (read: rust), so it's really only good for parts or for some really serious restorer.

I'm in the SF Bay Area -- south Alameda County. I will give this bike to a good home. Acquirer must pick it up and take everything.

Please email me at fredsandsmark@yahoo.com. First come, first served.


   RE:MISC:   Free to a good Bay Area home posted by Fred on 1/13/2002 at 9:12:07 PM
P.S. I can email pics.

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Town and Country Tri Wheeler posted by: Mike Kieffer on 1/12/2002 at 10:25:46 PM
I have an original, beautiful condition, Schwinn T&C 3 wheeler. I believe it to be early 70's. Excellent condition, all original - including tires. No pictures at this time. Can be seen in Southern Delaware. Make offer.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwinn Town and Country Tri Wheeler posted by mIKE kIEFFER on 1/12/2002 at 10:34:47 PM
T&C 3 wheeler Mike Kieffer Greenwood, Delaware. mpljam@webtv.net

FOR SALE:   monson ma 2/17 posted by: Mon on 1/10/2002 at 8:59:38 PM
JIM HUNTINGTONS SHOW WILL BE SUNDAY FEB 17 AT THE MEMORIAL HALL on Main st in Monson Mass. 01057 Dealer setup $20 7am public free @8am. From the mass pike take exit 8 rt 32 south 6miles from I84 take exit 70 rt 32 north about 15-20 miles. 413-283-4113 is Jim's #

WANTED:   ARMLESS INFO WANTED posted by: xhtc on 1/10/2002 at 8:59:38 PM
Does anyone have a pic or scan of an ad for MUSSELMAN *ARMLESS* coaster brake they can send me? I am looking for any info on the armless coaster thanks

   RE:WANTED:   ARMLESS INFO WANTED posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 1/12/2002 at 5:42:26 PM
I have never hear of this before, never seen it! This stuff is so broad, complicated, so many things!
All these years kicking around in this hobby business and still today! Somebody pops up with some thing I have never heard of.
Musselmann armless??

Keep looking friend, it's out there.

   RE:WANTED:   ARMLESS INFO WANTED posted by galen kuellmer on 1/18/2002 at 4:30:29 PM
hi, i have an 1896 massey-harris silver ribbon bicycle that i am slowly restoring and it has a Hercules armless coater brake on it, i believe to be original, i havent the time right now but when i get a chance i can scan the original pamphlet which i think has an exploded view of it, if not i'll take a photo, it is rather beautiful piece of elagantly simple engineering.

WANTED:   schwinn hollywood rear/fender/wheel posted by: nathan savino on 1/10/2002 at 12:53:54 PM
i am looking for a rear wheel and rear fender for a girls shwinn hollywood middleweight chrome fender and coaster brake rear wheel in the cheap price range anyone with info please email me at thongsearch@hotmail.com
thank you

WANTED:   Continental 700's posted by: Kevin K on 1/10/2002 at 12:45:28 PM
Hi. I'm looking for a used( but useable ) pair of Continental 700's. If you have a set that you wish to sell please email with info. Thanks, Kevin

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Sting-Ray parts one sale posted by: Steve on 1/8/2002 at 9:34:54 PM
Schwinn Gripper s-7 blk.wall nos. 1
Off-brand NOS streamers, red glitter 1 pair
Schwinn 66-69 strut, used, needs chrome and straightening 1
Schwinn BMX Team patches 2 red/white/blue nos
Schwinn 3 spd. clips, used 2
Schwinn small sprocket, NEW, Sting-Ray 1 All for $40.00 shipped. Thanks

WANTED:   old school bikes wanted posted by: michelle on 1/8/2002 at 7:10:54 PM
i am looking for haro freestyle sport decals for frame.Hutch trickstyler sticker kit.hutch bikes and parts.and a haro master frame and fork.

   RE:WANTED:   old school bikes wanted posted by czyblar on 1/15/2002 at 9:49:02 PM
belive have haro master frame/fork has fork stands with frame stands at rear drop outs 990`s on chain stays looking to get 75 or bo

WANTED:   I need bike for rental posted by: Tandy Ecenia on 1/6/2002 at 6:57:18 PM
HELP! I need help! I am a set designer. I have a corporate show for Verizon in Jacksonville, Fla. on JANUARY 19th. I need to provide one of those bicycles with the big front wheel (around Alex Graham Bell Period) for a skit. I need it for a week and I have a budget for rental. Can you help me find this bicycle (must be rideable) near TAMPA or Jacksonville??? Many thanks for any help you can give me.

   RE:WANTED:   I need bike for rental posted by JOEL on 1/8/2002 at 3:11:11 PM
Try contacting the Florida Wheelmen members through the Wheelmen website.