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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   Looking for BMX Frames/Forks posted by: Mike on 1/6/2002 at 7:21:36 AM
I'm currently looking for early 1980's diamond back/kuwahara/skyway frames and forks in fair to good condition(no frame weld cracks etc). Please contact me with prices etc. Thanks.

FOR SALE:   BUTLER PA posted by: But on 1/6/2002 at 12:30:37 AM

Great place to beat the winter Blahs!

The best part of the show is being there the day before! Sat. 1/19

If you ask for Rapp's bike show rate you can get a single room for $38 and there is a coupon for $5 off if you surf!


Great show!

   RE:FOR SALE:   BUTLER PA posted by HUB Roberts on 1/13/2002 at 11:01:10 PM

FOR SALE:   Entire Classic Bicycle collection posted by: Richard Wright on 1/5/2002 at 11:59:31 PM
Entire collection of vintage classic bicycles for sale. Over 35 men's bicycles, many with balloon tires, tanks, rear carrier, and springers. About 15 Schwinn bicycles in this bunch. Also 30 women's bicycles, many with balloon tires, tanks, and springers. About 10 are Schwinn ladies bicycles. Highlights include a men Schwinn DX (1941), a men Hawthorne, a men Schwinn Black Phantom (pieces, needs restoration), Sears spacelander, Western Flyer Tank, Schwinn Panther, and others. Womens include Schwinn Black Phantom, Huffy with tank, Hawthorne, Shelby Donald Duck, and others. Serious inquiries only - sold only as an entire collection. Priced to sell at $22K negotiable. Also includes a large number of spare parts (fenders, tires, rims, handlebars, pedals, etc.) and two pedal cars for restoration. Contact billswon@aol.com for more information and pictures.

FOR SALE:   Two Scwhinn Heavy-Dutis (red & black) posted by: Robin on 1/5/2002 at 6:42:19 PM
Two 1969 Schwinn Heavy-Dutis, one black, one red. Some normal wear and tear (it's 32 years old!). I have photos. Black has some paint chips, red has been repainted. I didn't see any structural damage (no dents or bent parts). Original owner! Interested?

   BLACK IS SOLD! posted by Robin on 1/6/2002 at 4:52:32 PM
The black one is sold! Thanks - RED STILL AVAILABLE (but have had interested parties). Hurry!

FOR SALE:   AUBURN W/SPIN FR150FIBERGLASS RIMS posted by: josh on 1/4/2002 at 7:14:48 PM
i recently purchased a well used auburn 2-piece frame
i am wondering if anyone has any info on these bikes?
i am now restoring it and i am having troubles finding
a replacement headset! my problem is that the forks are
auburn 1/8" forks and the diameter of the bairing cups
is 1"!!! Where can i find a replacement??and also does
anyone have an opinion on spin fr150 fiberglass rims?
i recently purchased a pair on sale for $100, are they
sturdy rims?or did i just waste my $?and does anyone
have knowledge of the bikes value? it was stock dark
mettalic gray and is now repainted(extremely well!!!!)
dark mettalic blue!i am running with the new snafu 4130
chromo 3-piece,odyssey southgate pedals, those spin tri
spoke fr150 fiberglass rims(mags??),odyssey pitbull brakes,
and odyssey lite sprocket. does anyone know of a good and
stylish 2 piece bar,a good and solid stem,and any idea where
to get decals??? please help a fellow bmx rider!!!!i have no
e-mail so post answers here!!!i can eventually e-mail
for personal contact!!!

FOR SALE:   Beltrex Bike posted by: Stephen on 1/3/2002 at 4:06:14 PM
Bridgestone Beltrex Japanese Bicycle for sale. This is the most unusual bike, belt driven, 20" wheels all original in great shape, looks like a folding bike but isn't, can't find any info on this model. Pictures availabe upon request.
$200 obo

   RE:FOR SALE:   Beltrex Bike posted by The real Stephen on 1/6/2002 at 6:38:26 AM
My wife posted this without checking the details...shame! This bike actually has 26" wheels, a rear drum brake and 2 speed internal hub gears. It is a full size bike with a tall seat post and narrow high rise handlebars. It has a fork lock with key and a generator/light combo. I assume it is a commuter bike as I peddle like mad and can't go too fast ! It is bright red and in excellent shape. If you know anything about it (age etc,) let me know, I'll take some photos. Steve

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   Beltrex Bike posted by Vindicator on 1/10/2002 at 1:13:51 PM
Yeah, that's right... Blame it on "The Wife"!

WANTED:   26" SE Landing Gear forks w/ canti mounts posted by: Jim on 1/3/2002 at 4:23:32 AM
Looking for these forks.
Thanks!!!!!! Jim

MISC:   THE BIG TIME posted by: Ray on 1/3/2002 at 2:59:58 AM
Well not quite. I am lucky enough to have the cable show Metro One here in the NY metro area show a piece I did on bike collecting. It will air on Jan 13th at 8:30 PM on the Metro One cable channel. My daughter did the camera work and I did the show and tell. Those of you who know me also know that I have no discipline as a collector. I have hi wheelers to muscle bikes so it should interest most of you. No laughing at the goof ups as I know there were a few. Not sure what will air as they had final edit rights. I do know that I gave them over 20 minutes of tape with about 40 or more bikes. I am now waiting for 60 minutes to call ;)

WANTED:   1970's Apollo 5 Speed posted by: Michelle on 1/2/2002 at 11:18:53 PM
I am looking for an original 1970's Apollo 5 Speed bicycle.

   RE:WANTED:   1970's Apollo 5 Speed posted by Steve on 1/14/2002 at 5:41:20 AM
Hi. I had an Apollo 5 speed, but it was a very small racer, about 3/4 the size of a full size 10 speed. I,m sure I could retrieve this bike if you are interested. Let me know. Steve

WANTED:   1970's Apollo 5 Speed posted by: Michelle on 1/2/2002 at 11:18:53 PM
I am looking for an original 1970's Apollo 5 Speed bicycle.

WANTED:   1970's Apollo 5 Speed posted by: Michelle on 1/2/2002 at 11:18:53 PM
I am looking for an original 1970's Apollo 5 Speed bicycle.

WANTED:   1970's Apollo 5 Speed posted by: Michelle on 1/2/2002 at 11:18:53 PM
I am looking for an original 1970's Apollo 5 Speed bicycle.

   RE:WANTED:   1970's Apollo 5 Speed posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 1/3/2002 at 12:37:43 AM
Does this mean you are looking for four of this kind of bike? (grin)
Watch e- bay type in "Ross bicycle" So the 3 speed isn't good enough for ya huh? I see how you are!
Good Luck, it'll turn up. stay tuned here!

WANTED:   Tank light for Sears spaceliner (Girls) posted by: billh on 1/2/2002 at 4:24:36 PM
I'd like to find a long tank light (and tail light) for a girls spaceliner bicycle. email me if you have either. the bike i have is chrome and greenish in color.

FOR SALE:   IVER JOHNSON SKIP TOOTH ROAD BIKE posted by: CHRIS on 1/2/2002 at 3:32:31 AM

FOR SALE:   NOS ARAYA 26x1.75 BLUE ANODIZED RIMS posted by: Kevin K on 1/1/2002 at 10:16:28 PM
Hi. I've a pr. of rims for sale. They are NOS and in very good condition. Some scratches from shop. Eyelets are raised/reinforced. $10 plus shipping(USA only)These are not complete whells, but just the rim. Thanks, Kevin K