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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

MISC:   kangaroo scooter posted by: jacqueline on 3/25/2002 at 9:55:48 PM
i have in my garage a kangaroo scooter i've had for 15 yrs
i need some information on it. so any one with any info on this scooter please e-mail me. the setup is like an ingo bike the back wheel is off set and the front wheel is smaller so you have to jump on it to make it go i would like to know anything at all about it thank you

FOR SALE:   Lowrider Bicycle posted by: Bob on 3/25/2002 at 9:16:40 PM
Totally custom lowrider bike. 16 inch 50 spoke rims, white wall tires, black wrinkle paint,crushed velvet seat,chain guard and backrest. Red fringe on seat and pedal covers. Studded mud flaps and backrest. Lights, mirrors, horn. Totally custom sissy bar and forks. Too many extras to list.
$600.00/obo. Please e-mail me if interested.

WANTED:   hutch stickers,pedals,crank etc posted by: adam on 3/25/2002 at 8:30:56 PM
i bought a 86 hutch "trickstar" and am trying to locate parts.
Contact Me

FOR SALE:   1953 ladies phantom schwinn posted by: Tony on 3/25/2002 at 6:47:27 PM
1953 ladies schwinn black phantom. All original, unrestored. new repo tires only. Paint only scratched where your foot touches in top. Has rear brake light accessory. Uses wire to the rear cog. headlight, and horn work. No key for lock. Rides great. 900.00 plus shipping

FOR SALE:   bendix index springs and other parts lot posted by: jigiloaunt61636 on 3/25/2002 at 7:39:39 AM
check ebay for item number 1087282273. auction is for:
NOS NIB bendix index springs and other parts, 8 boxes total, 70 parts total. part numbers on the boxes are: f-6473 bb-32, has "dust caps" & "37063" written on the box (4) pieces 479034 bb-2, ???, 1 piece, looks like a gear pice 482638 ab-16, 2 boxes, one says "2 speed bearings" written on it (14) pieces 463515_ab-12_questionable number, (4) pieces f-5760_bb-15, some kind of washer, (23) pieces 482535_ab-26, the index springs, (13) pieces 482578_bb-55, some kind of ???, (11) pieces
i would really rather trade these off, i am looking for kool lemon yellow streamers. turn signal, mint krate light, highback sissy bar, sting tail light, manta fenders. please email for pics, etc. thanks. john.

WANTED:   HIGHWHEELER! posted by: WENDY on 3/25/2002 at 3:22:30 AM
My husband and I would like to hang a Highwheeler on one of our walls. We are not concerned with the condition. Does anyone know where I can purchase one?
Thank You,

   RE:WANTED:   HIGHWHEELER! posted by Vern on 3/27/2002 at 10:57:29 PM
If you want a reproduction try hi-wheel.com

FOR SALE:   F/S UNION SAVOY HOLLAND posted by: MIKE on 3/24/2002 at 2:38:57 PM

   RE:FOR SALE:   F/S UNION SAVOY HOLLAND posted by Mrs. Janard Hartley on 3/24/2002 at 4:35:58 PM

I am very surprised and happy to find these 2 bikes for sale. I was recently as last month in the hospital haveing open heart surgery and out 2 bikes were stolen while my husband was at my bedside. I am 41 years old and was going to build my body up by rideing our bikes together when possible.
I would like to see a picture of these 2 bikes before my husband I decide to purchase them. You can email me at shellg13@hotmail.com or my husband at alexander@c-gate.net.
Thank you and we hope to here from you first via email.

in need of bicycles,
Mrs. Shelley Hartley

WANTED:   INFORMATION: RENTING ANTIQUE BIKES posted by: Brian on 3/24/2002 at 3:12:28 AM
Has anyone rented antique bicycles to film companies or businesses for promotion? I have on occasion but never know what to charge. I usually take what ever the "propmaster" offers. Is there a price guideline?

   RE:WANTED:   INFORMATION: RENTING ANTIQUE BIKES posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 3/24/2002 at 5:45:38 PM
I hear from lots of folks that it isn't worth the bother and risk. The stuff comes back dented, or damaged or sometimes not at all.

   RE:WANTED:   INFORMATION: RENTING ANTIQUE BIKES posted by citizen cane on 3/25/2002 at 3:49:02 AM
have you ever seen the movie o'brother where art thou the old ford that george nelson and the soggy bottom boys are driving came from topeka kansas and the person that owns the vehicle rented it out to those guys and they tore it up they had put some kind of tape down the side of it because they wanted to cover up the pinstripe well when the tape was removed so was the paint it was used for a stunt which it wasn't supossed to and several other things was wrong with it the price it was rented for barely covered the repairs. and also the movie KANSAS with matt dillon my friends house was used it is located across the street from our local moose lodge the cast and crew had tore the house up including ciggarett burns in carpet and hole's in the wall so all in all it's not worth lending or renting stuff to those people

MISC:   Vintage clipless pedals posted by: Darryl Troy on 3/24/2002 at 2:14:26 AM
I have a pair of M-71-BREV. clipless pedals including the screw-on shoe clamps. The "71" might mean 1971 vintage. Are these Cinellis' & what whould they be worth? They are in excellant condition - few scratches.

FOR SALE:   Balloon Tire Bikes listed below posted by: Eric on 3/24/2002 at 2:00:23 AM
I am located between Hershey and Harrisburg, PA. I can deliver bikes to Carlisle in the Spring, or the Hershey Car Show if needed. Thanks, Eric

FOR SALE:   Balloon Tire Bikes posted by: Eric on 3/24/2002 at 1:48:52 AM
FOR SALE: Boys & girls 24" Donald Duck bikes. Girls is great origianl condition, boys needs restored, but is near complete...$2500.00for the pair. Schwinn Black Phantom, all original including seat, AE pedals, and script grips. The only repro. parts are the fenders & fender light, and rear carrier. Wheels and tires are also repro., but i have the original wheels...$750.00 Hand built Buck Rodgers bike, e-mail for details...$800.00 Roadmaster w/ headlight and spring fork in real nice origianl shape...$300.00 Matched set of mens and womens Schwinn pre-war DX's in excellent original condition...$900.00 for the pair. All bikes listed above have horn tanks, and they are all in real nice original condition. All prices are negotable, and I would make a package price for more than one bike. Please e-mail me with any questions at elburger@comcast.net.

WANTED:   Swing bike seat posted by: Bob on 3/23/2002 at 11:56:40 PM
Looking for a NOS or repop Orange swing bike seat for a friend, he just finished restoring his and the black seat just doesn't cut it.

FOR SALE:   Lots of NOS BMX parts for sale. posted by: Tony Peterson on 3/23/2002 at 7:41:20 PM
Hello all you Vintage BMX fanatics.
In the early 90s I bought out a BMX shop.
I have posted several photos of the parts on my website.
www.pintonyparts.com "LOOK on the Vintage BMX Page"
I have sold the Haro plate, bottema forks, blue and yello cruzier bars, chrome hutch pads.
Almost all the rest of what you see is still for sale.
Contact me with offers on speciffic Items you want.
I have decided to keep taking offers until Wednesday.
I have had huge response to my photos so be specific about what you need to fill thos gaps in your vintage BMX restoration.
Thanks to all those who have purchased parts already.

thanks from Pintony

MISC:   1970 mens collegiate schwinn posted by: Nan on 3/23/2002 at 7:48:07 PM
I have what I think is a 1970 (know it's a collegiate) Schwinn. It is a 5 speed. Great condition and looks like all original schwinn parts.. mirrors, front light, fenders, etc.Does anybody out there have a value or know where I can get one?

MISC:   Speedwell 28" posted by: Geoff on 3/23/2002 at 2:11:45 PM
I would simply like to know if the 71 year old Speedwell Bicycle has any sale value. It has 28" wheels, no accessories, back-pedal (Hub) brake, and the original hinged oil filler caps on axle etc. The original Irridescant Green paint with transfer striping has been replaced by a hot-dip baked finish in bronze. This bike has enormous sentimental value, having owned the bike for 41 years. (It was 30 years old when given to me at age 14)I am still riding it occasionally.
My children/grandchildren are not interested in riding it, and I would hate to see it rust away. If I cannot find a good sale price I will just hang the bike on a wall until I croak ! Regards Geoff. (Maybe "Speedwell" company representatives would be interested for nostalgia ?)

   RE:MISC:   Speedwell 28 posted by KevinC. on 3/24/2002 at 12:49:22 AM
Keep it! Ride it! It won't have enormous sentimental value to anyone else.

   RE:MISC:   Speedwell 28 posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 3/24/2002 at 5:43:43 PM
How can he get them interested in it? Ask them to ride it, get them hooked! Keep it until you croak sounds great to me. Enjoy it!
You can't take it with you. A 28 inch wheel bike is a smooth riding bike!