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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   Hutch 1/2 chromo spindles for 9/16 chromo spindles posted by: Mike Nelson on 4/23/2002 at 6:32:35 AM
Hutch 1/2 chromo spindles for 9/16 chromo spindles.

I have 1/2" in EX condition that I would like to trade for 9/16 chromo spindles....Thanks.....MIke Nelson

FOR SALE:   NOS BLUEMEL MUDGUARD FLAPS posted by: Kevin K on 4/22/2002 at 7:03:15 PM
Hi. I've got 3 NOS Bluemel mudguard extensions / flaps. Really cool. These would attach onto the bottom of the mudguard as they are a flexible piece. There is an adhesive strip on the backside and an aluminum folding tap on the front that would wrap and secure these onto the mudguard. The flaps are white with a bright red circle on them. In the center of that circle is a bicycle in a lighter shad of red, almost orange. If you've got a set of Bluemels on your bike man would these look hot! Email if interested. Thanks, Kevin (

FOR SALE:   delux sting ray posted by: David Brunone on 4/22/2002 at 12:52:50 PM
63 delux sting ray for sale tuck in roll bannana seat completely original.

   RE:FOR SALE:   delux sting ray posted by Erik on 5/2/2002 at 5:37:25 AM
how much is the bike

   RE:FOR SALE:   delux sting ray posted by benjamin rullo on 7/17/2002 at 10:54:29 PM
i want to buy your bike. email me picks please. also how much is it and where are you located

FOR SALE:   1973 boys Schwinn Stingray Deluxe posted by: Dantheman on 4/22/2002 at 12:49:47 AM
1973 boys Schwinn Stingray Deluxe, red original paint, chrome fenders, new "Schwinn" seat, tires, and grips. all else original and very clean. some minor scratches. Asking $400.00 Have pictures.

FOR SALE:   Old Light posted by: Jimmy on 4/21/2002 at 1:27:38 AM
Hello, I have an old bicycle bullet light with taillight and generator. Nice condition, no rust, it should work, I dont want to scratch it by trying to run it. No cracks in plastic, or no rust in or out of bullet light case. Very neat hinged opening face. Taillight is grey plastic with red lens. Generator is chrome. It has all of the original wiring with it, and original box. It is made by Wheel Master company produced by Dorcy Industries Inc. Madde in Hong Kong. I bought it for $50.00 at antique shop, would sell for $40.00.Box is in poor shape, but readable and no color dulling.This was originally marked $15.00 by a place called Coast to Coast stores.This is a really neat vintage item, very suitable for a mueseum quality bike.If interested please email me.I can get pictures.

FOR SALE:   SWING BIKE posted by: Leslie Dearing on 4/20/2002 at 7:06:28 AM
Would like to Sell Swing bike(in good condition) before my
6'6 husband crashes! Contact if interested.

   RE:FOR SALE:   SWING BIKE posted by JOEL on 4/22/2002 at 3:30:18 PM
Interested, please send info.

   RE:SWING BIKE posted by Leslie Dearing on 4/25/2002 at 8:52:42 AM
The Swing Bike is no longer available.

FOR SALE:   KLINE MANTRA posted by: rickey on 4/17/2002 at 8:45:28 PM
nice sweet i need to sell soon you know what it is would you give 1,000.00 or something of same value call 334-756-7561 valley alabama

MISC:   Copake Auction posted by: Ray on 4/17/2002 at 3:27:23 PM
Surprized not to see any postings about the Copake Auction that took place this weekend in Copake NY. I was there along with a lot of regulars and saw some pretty amazing deals or at least some interesting stuff. When is the last time you saw a complete Elgin Bluebird go for $3000. I know the tires were beat and the paint was poor but it was all there. Also I keep seeing people wanting to find hi wheel bikes on this forum. You could of had your pick this year at what I considered record low prices. Not to mention the swap meet the day before where two different people showed up with truckloads of antique bikes and basically sold them for next to nothing. I also got in on another truck load of newer bike stuff that was priced so low it was a joke. I got a giant bag full of new MTB seat posts, stems, cleaning equipment, cables, head sets and much more. I saw tires, cranks and a whole host of stuff and basically it was $10 to fill a giant bag. There was a lot of great stuff to see that you would never see at any local swap and a lot of great conversation. I am just puzzeled that no one had mentioned this meet on this site at all. Well I guess it is the best kept secret and I should not complain as I walked away with my share and probably would not have if more knew about it.

   RE:MISC:   Copake Auction posted by Scott on 4/18/2002 at 8:14:06 PM
I agree. The swap meet was awesome. A gentleman from Alabama was set up with tons of old N.O.S. lights and sweet bikes. The field was full of all kinds of bikes and parts.I had a great time.It's a must to go to.

FOR SALE:   Evans Interceptor posted by: Ricky on 4/16/2002 at 5:43:26 PM
This bike is in exellent condition all of its parts are orignal (from what I can tell)besides a brand new inner tube The bike is 26in or 28in ??? I have pictures email me for more info and pictures

MISC:   What is it? posted by: Dennis on 4/16/2002 at 5:29:56 AM
O.K. I was in a barn today, there was a really old three wheel bike, ballon tires, great shape. I only had enough time to glance at the head badge: DeSoto, looked like the back of the seat said something like "Trailmaster." I'd like to give the owner more info on this? Any expert advice? TIA.

   RE:MISC:   What is it? posted by Cal on 4/17/2002 at 12:41:03 PM
DeSoto? Cool.
Any bike with an auto or motorcycle brand is worth more than a comparable model.

Examples: Cadillac, Excelsior, Indian, Triumph, Lincoln, ....

   RE:RE:MISC:   What is it? posted by rickey on 4/17/2002 at 8:53:26 PM
trailmate desoto we sell these new want one call 334-756-7561 mo-sat 9am- 8pm

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   What is it? posted by Dennis on 4/18/2002 at 2:23:24 AM
Hey Rickey, thanks! This bike is really old, maybe 40-50 years, ( I collect antiques, but just getting started on bikes) This old barn is way way out in Boonies and must have a s---load of bikes in it (one was orange girls stingray) but the Desoto had saddle seat, big old white wall ballons and a picture of Desoto (himself) on head badge, I think bike was green in color, (but it's been a couple days) Does this sound like what you sell new? (oh yeah, it looked liked it might wiegh in at 80-100 lbs + ) cause it has what appeared to be luggage rack in back (no trailer hitch ?) It was a real Klunker, but except for dust, perfect condition. More feedback? Thanks!

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:   What is it? posted by Chris on 4/20/2002 at 4:12:20 PM
Schwinn Jaguar, Schwinn Stingray, Phillips in England made a Jaguar bike too.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:   What is it? posted by rickey on 4/25/2002 at 7:31:05 PM
trailmate.com the answer to is no it's not these we sell you have an old prehaps rare find anyway check them out

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Twinn posted by: Vicky on 4/15/2002 at 10:39:03 PM
We just bought a Twinn at a junk shop. The serial number begins with MF which doesn't fit in the chart but the seats say Mesinger. The bike appears to have original dark green paint and was manufactured in Chicago. I think it is from 1970 but I can't tell with this serial number. Any info on age and value would be appreciated.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwinn Twinn posted by Vicky on 4/16/2002 at 12:13:38 PM
Okay -It appears to have been manufactured 12/70.

MISC:   firenze brand italian value? posted by: george on 4/15/2002 at 9:38:23 PM
want to know if firenze (italian) 15 speed with mountain gears is worth riding before I repair. (I need the exercise).

   RE:MISC:   firenze brand italian value? posted by Gary M on 4/17/2002 at 3:17:02 AM
that bike was made in Taiwan. its a low end bike equal to a huffy. pretty and 1010 lugged frame, but still a product of ROC Taiwan. I have one in my stand being scrapped as we speak, but it looks like a fair entry level road machine. dont overspend on it.

MISC:   1962 Sears Ted Williams Issued posted by: Eric on 4/15/2002 at 5:59:22 PM
I've searched and I've searched, but I cannot find any information on a 1962 Sears Ted Williams Issued bicycle. It's a 10-speed with 27.25" tires & Campagnolo derailers and shifters. It's in fair condition. Any information as to it's worth or where I might find more information would be greatly appreciated.

   RE:MISC:   1962 Sears Ted Williams Issued posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 4/23/2002 at 11:47:47 PM
I have seen 27 X 1 1/4 ten speed bicycle tires with Ted Williams signature on( in the rubber) them. Sorry, that's all I can offer. Keep asking us. Somebody will know sooner or later. This is a smart group here, were lucky.

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Bikes And Parts For Sale posted by: MNSmith on 4/15/2002 at 7:17:44 AM
http://www.bunchobikes.com/sale2.htm . Enjoy! Check back often, I have more to add.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwinn Bikes And Parts For Sale posted by Jeanmarie on 4/19/2002 at 11:22:51 PM
I have three Schwinn's, all in excellent condition. 1 is a Varsity ten speed, Another is a ballon tire model, I think from the sixties, the third is a Breeze ten speed, which I really do not want to sell because my Dad gave it to me, it is from 1967 or 68. If you could help me with info as to identifying fpr correct sale price , i would appreciate it. Thank s so much.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwinn Bikes And Parts For Sale posted by Jeanmarie on 4/19/2002 at 11:23:06 PM
I have three Schwinn's, all in excellent condition. 1 is a Varsity ten speed, Another is a ballon tire model, I think from the sixties, the third is a Breeze ten speed, which I really do not want to sell because my Dad gave it to me, it is from 1967 or 68. If you could help me with info as to identifying fpr correct sale price , i would appreciate it. Thank s so much.

FOR SALE:   RARE 1962 schwinn typhoon posted by: Johnny on 4/15/2002 at 12:16:52 AM
1962 typhoon RARE dual straight bar, Black 100% restored all original parts have been rechromed, frame, rims, chain guard, rack, part of springer have been powder coated, stainless spokes, leather seat, chrome fenders. super clean bike nice ride. whats it worth??? Make an offer...