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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   ****** Mattel Bronco ******* posted by: Joe Carrillo on 5/14/2002 at 12:09:46 AM
Wanted, Mattel Bronco V-rroom Bicycle. Or help to find one... (650) 322-2211 (Nor. Cal.)

MISC:   Tour de France Bicycle posted by: Paul on 5/13/2002 at 10:26:52 PM
I was at an estate sale today and I purchased a vintage ten speed bicycle which has the markings "Tour de France" and "Olympic Sport" and I believe "Special Edition". I have not picked the bike up yet and that is all that I wrote down. Does anybody know about this, I have had a hard time finding any information out. Thanks a lot...

WANTED:   Chopper bike Specs posted by: Chris on 5/12/2002 at 10:15:39 PM
Hey everybody,
I'm looking for the specifications for a Raleigh Chopper bike circa 1970. I have a customer wanting to build one, and I can't find the old specs sheets. I have a lot of old parts, but am no longer sure which bits go with which bikes now.
Hoping someone can help out.

Chris T.

   RE:WANTED:   Chopper bike Specs posted by Cal on 5/14/2002 at 12:53:41 PM
What parts do you have? Do you already have a frame?
Most common raleigh choppers had a sturmey-archer rear 3-speed hub with a console stick shifter.

They also came in 5 speeds (internal and external) and also 10 speeds.

FOR SALE:   Last Day for these gems posted by: Ray on 5/12/2002 at 3:29:16 PM
I have a few bikes on ebay plus some exotic parts. Check them out. Some go off today while others later in the week.









There is more so look at all my auctions.


FOR SALE:   hers-luxury liner,schwinn hollywood posted by: Mike on 5/11/2002 at 4:35:22 PM

   RE:FOR SALE:   hers-luxury liner,schwinn hollywood posted by MIKE on 5/12/2002 at 6:13:58 PM

FOR SALE:   26" Boys Sears Spaceliners (2) For Sale posted by: Tom on 5/11/2002 at 2:55:13 PM
Will sell (2) 26" boys 60era Sears Spaceliners. Very good cond. All original except tires. One is all chrome w/ red tank and red highlights.Has springer. Other is all red. In storage for past several decades. E-mail for photos and details.

   RE:FOR SALE:   26 posted by David Buttram on 5/16/2002 at 6:02:13 PM
I have a few questions about your Spaceliners. Does the
front light and horn work? Is there a rear rack and a
light mounted on the underside? Does the light work? Are
lenses intact for either of the lights? What is your city
and state? Thanks, David

MISC:   WHAT IS THE BEST BIKE EVER MADE? posted by: Robert Lee Robinson on 5/10/2002 at 10:49:24 PM
Tell me, what is the best american bike ever made?

I personally votes for Sears Spaceliner!!!

   RE:MISC:   WHAT IS THE BEST BIKE EVER MADE? posted by Kevin C. on 5/11/2002 at 7:22:15 PM
The Schwinn Aerocycle.

   RE:MISC:   WHAT IS THE BEST BIKE EVER MADE? posted by geo on 5/11/2002 at 11:58:01 PM
Raleigh Sports, can't help it I love 'em. To me they are an icon, like the VW Bug or Levi's Jeans or Coca-Cola. They were perfectly quirky right out of the gate.

   RE:RE:MISC:   WHAT IS THE BEST BIKE EVER MADE? posted by geo on 5/11/2002 at 11:59:39 PM
Sorry, just noticed "American" bike. Still love Raleighs though.

   RE:MISC:   WHAT IS THE BEST BIKE EVER MADE? posted by goob on 5/12/2002 at 2:35:08 AM
A columbia is by far the best made bike. stands up better than any i have ever had or seen

   RE:RE:MISC:   WHAT IS THE BEST BIKE EVER MADE? posted by gmarten@hotmail.com on 5/12/2002 at 11:03:44 AM
whantever bike I am currently riding... or building

   RE:MISC:   WHAT IS THE BEST BIKE EVER MADE? posted by steve on 5/13/2002 at 1:03:04 PM
My vote is for Schwinn!

   RE:RE:MISC:   WHAT IS THE BEST BIKE EVER MADE? posted by big aardvark on 5/18/2002 at 3:57:01 AM
wow, thats thats a cool question! now let me see... is it my:

67 black fastback?
67 purple stardust?
70 apple krate?
95 turner burner SN a0001?
my 2 02 homegrowns?
87 merckx?
or my old school 95 stumpjumper that i just sold and know ill live to regret?

gotta go with the turner or maybe the fastback. talk about 2 ends of the specrum, huh?

FOR SALE:   EXOTIC TROPICAL BICYCLE FOR SALE!!! posted by: Robert Lee Robinson on 5/10/2002 at 10:49:24 PM
Hello Pals,

I have an Monark Barra Circular 1991 bicycle, factoried in Brazil by Monark, blue painted, with no fenders, with chaincover painted in blue too, coaster brake, yellow wall 26x13/4 tires front and rear, no additional weighting stuff! Clean, only with the essential things you need on a bike, but in very good shape. It's exotic! And it comes from the tropics! I ask just $ 100 by this jewel. It's your last chance for to buy these real bike, real because works well and do the real bike job: take you here from there!

Answers by www.oldroads.com discussion area

Robert Lee Robinson
Bar Harbour

FOR SALE:   Misc. Bike Stuff posted by: geo on 5/10/2002 at 7:53:08 PM
I've got a couple of items I'd like to unload.

Raleigh Record Frame & Fork
Good shape, couple of scratch and dings, 25", shaky crankset, silver w/ blue crown, Raleigh Cycle of America, Reynolds 502 tubing...best offer

Royce Union, very clean, 23", red, good crankset, 1020 hi-tensile tubing...best offer

Vintage Baby Carrier off a '66 Raleigh, black, a little beat up but restorable, no rips or tears, no idea if there is even a market for this...best offer

I live south of Boston, Ma. will ship but buyer pays shipping. I am willing to let things go to a good home for a good price. Thanks Geo

FOR SALE:   Mens Raleigh Bike posted by: Kevin Spangler on 5/10/2002 at 7:13:33 PM
I Have a Old Raleigh Mens bike Ser#NA000269 It is a collectors dream its in great shape .I bought off a college professor's wife he died .He was the original owner.Its metalflake brown and all original 3 speed English bike Highest bidder gets it and you pay frieght. Kevin.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Mens Raleigh Bike posted by David Poston on 5/16/2002 at 8:01:03 PM

What year is it? Model? Size? E-mail me at constantine_dmitrich@hotmail.com and send me any pictures you have.


WANTED:   Sears Spaceliner posted by: Gary Sleppy on 5/10/2002 at 4:53:44 PM
Looking for console tank for Sears Spaceliner. Also trying to figure out what fits in the hole on the rack.

MISC:   Huffy PINTO (not Pony) posted by: Jean on 5/10/2002 at 3:31:32 PM
CORRECTION to previously posted message. The small bicycle is a Huffy Pinto (it has a picture of a horse beside the Pinto, so....I made a mistake).

MISC:   Huffy Pony posted by: Jean on 5/10/2002 at 1:28:39 PM
I have an old small Huffy Pony. Could someone tell me approximately when it was made. Thank you!

FOR SALE:   '73 Deluxe Stingray posted by: Dantheman on 5/10/2002 at 2:23:22 AM
1973 boys Schwinn Stingray Deluxe, red original paint, chrome fenders, new "Schwinn" seat, tires, and grips. all else original and very clean. some minor scratches. Have pictures. Good clean bike. Good clean offers considered.

   RE:FOR SALE:   '73 Deluxe Stingray posted by benjamin rullo on 7/17/2002 at 10:41:43 PM
i want to buy your bike. send me picks please. also where are you located.

FOR SALE:   KLEIN posted by: rickey@knowlesbicycle334-756-7561 on 5/9/2002 at 11:38:11 PM
wanted to sell or trade for 2 good road bikes medium sized not to old or worn out this bike's nice XT's manitou & fox float or sell as is $800.00 334-756-7561 9am - 8 pm mo-sat

   RE:FOR SALE:   KLEIN MANTRA posted by RICKEY on 5/9/2002 at 11:45:22 PM