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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   RADIOBIKE FOR SALE!!! posted by: EARL LEE GARVIN - THE CONCRETE KING on 5/9/2002 at 5:34:47 PM
Hello buddies,

I've for immediate selling an all new ol'american bicycle called "Radiobike", it's brand is probably from Huffy Bicycles. It's nice and yet have it's paintwork great! I asking by 100 bucks just! Anybody wants to trade with me?

Earl Lee Garvin, aka "King of Concrete"
Concrete, Washington - USA

   RE:FOR SALE:   RADIOBIKE FOR SALE!!! posted by Cal on 5/10/2002 at 12:48:58 PM
$100 for a 1950s Huffy Radiobike??
It's got to be worth 6 times that! Do your research, man!

FOR SALE:   looking for blackwall and whitewall fastback tires posted by: tom on 5/9/2002 at 3:26:29 PM
my girlfriend and i own a '67 fastback/stardust pair we love to ride around town. mine has orriginal tires id like to keep unridden and hers needs whitewalls. can anyone help us in our search?

thanx - tom

FOR SALE:   1970 Schwinn Apple Krate posted by: tom on 5/9/2002 at 3:11:48 PM
i have a dec of '70 apple krate for sale. its in excellent condition with all original bits excluding the front axle and some housing. very little restoration done or needed on this top rate classic. may be the nicest unrestored example youve seen so far. contact me for a full description and pics. serious inquieries only please.

thanx - tom

   RE:FOR SALE:   1970 Schwinn Apple Krate posted by benjamin rullo on 7/17/2002 at 10:45:58 PM
i want to buy your bike. please send me picks. and where are you located.

FOR SALE:   Victor Jr. Bicycle by Overman Wheel Co. posted by: Karen Mohney on 5/9/2002 at 2:07:30 AM
I have a Hi Wheeler Victor Jr. bicycle made by Overman Wheel Co. from the late 1800's that I want to sell. The large wheel is 44 inches in diameter and the small wheel - 16.5 inches. The frame and tires are in fair condition - wheels need respoked. Seat is missing. If interested please contact me by e-mail.

MISC:   HOW MANY VALUES AN HUFFY RADIOBIKE? posted by: Jimmy Steargreaves on 5/8/2002 at 11:59:47 PM
I want to know how many bucks values an old Huffy Radiobike on very good shape? Of course, with it's radio working on!
I have one I received as a gift from my grandfather, it's is in NOS state, with only some miles use.

Thanks a lot,

City of Concrete, Washington - USA
Always remember 11th September!!!

FOR SALE:   Raleigh 20" folders posted by: Ernie @ Bikes on Boundary - keeper of the bones on 5/8/2002 at 6:45:46 PM
We got 2 more Raleigh 20" folders for sale,one in brown the other in green, both in good running condition.

WANTED:   Boys Lil Tiger posted by: Kimm on 5/8/2002 at 5:56:29 AM
I am looking for a boys lil tiger for my son and I'm not having very much luck. If you have one that is in either fair or good shape please contact me. I have restored a few schwinns and don't have a problem with having to do some work.

WANTED:   Kuwahara Mountains !!! posted by: Craig C. on 5/6/2002 at 9:01:40 PM
I'm looking for older Kuwahara Mountain Bikes(not BMX stuff). I own a '87 Kuwahara Cougar but am now looing for a "Jaguar"---I believe this was Kuwee's top-of-the-line MTB back in the day.
Please help!!


FOR SALE:   1966 Schwinn Deluxe Twinn posted by: John on 5/6/2002 at 5:31:54 AM
Bike is good condition, and fun to ride. Gets lots of attention. Completely original except for tires. Has 5-speed with rear drum brake, front caliper.

FOR SALE:   Swinn StingRay Fair lady posted by: Chris Stark on 5/6/2002 at 1:48:59 AM
Out cruising back alley last night,found StingRay FairLady
and Allpro girls bike in trash. Stingray is in poor shape
lots of surface rust, but all parts are still there.serial #ec07887 Allpro is in alot better shape not nearly as much
surface rust but a little. Not sure who made this bike,the
tags a little wore off .All i can make out is made in USA
Troy Mich.and Allpro. Color is white with liteblue neck and
chain gaurd.Willing to entertain any offers for both.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Swinn StingRay Fair lady posted by Fred on 5/6/2002 at 11:09:49 PM
How much do u want for Fairlady or how much did u get for it

   RE:FOR SALE:   Swinn StingRay Fair lady posted by tom on 5/9/2002 at 3:25:48 PM
a friend of mine had one of these as a kid. she delivered our paper on it and after seeing some of my collection shes interested in gettin one herself. please send details and pics if posible. it would make a killer gift for her if the price was right.

thanx - tom

FOR SALE:   schwinn collegiate posted by: joe on 5/5/2002 at 2:45:44 PM
For sale: 3-speed original yellow schwinn collegiate. New rear wheel. Owned over 20 years and used frequently. Needs new paint. Otherwise great. Deliverable anywhere in California or Southern Oregon.

WANTED:   Scott AT-4's anyone posted by: Dave on 5/5/2002 at 12:03:24 AM
Can anyone help me find a set of the discontinued Scott AT-4 MTB handlebars? They're the ones that loop around to the front in a one-piece design. Will pay reasonable price and postage.

   RE:WANTED:   Scott AT-4's anyone posted by dave on 5/6/2002 at 8:07:47 PM
i think i have an old set i will check at home tonight.
what do you think there worth?

FOR SALE:   "Donaldson " Jockey cycle posted by: sandy sanders on 5/4/2002 at 10:38:04 PM
I have an antique, rare, jockey cycle. I was told it was late 1800's...early 1900's, but I am no expert by far! It looks like it is a big tricycle with 2 large rubber wheels on the back and 1 on the front. In the schroeders toy book (1997 edition) it books for 8,500.00. I want to sell it for considerably less than that. please contact me if you have any info on this jockey cycle or want to buy it. I will sendpics to all interested. It is a beauty! all original paint and all orig EVERYTHING! a collectors dream! Thank you,
Sandy or Craig Sanders
sandster@yahoo.com or 912-842-5184/2560

FOR SALE:   SCHWINN CORVETTE posted by: Kevin K on 5/4/2002 at 11:52:01 AM
Hi. I picked up a Schwinn Corvette in a trade. As I do not collect Schwinn Corvettes the bike is for sale. Overall not a bad bike. Would wax up ok and be a good rider, mostly for a child as the wheel size is 24". S/N L 62... Again not a show bike but pretty cool. Decals faded and chipped up a bit but still readable. $50. I prefere this bike picked up in person as time does not permit me to hunt down a box for shipping right now. Thanks, and email all questions to kbcurvin@aol.com. Kevin K

FOR SALE:   late 1960's Raleigh Supreme posted by: Paul on 5/4/2002 at 1:57:33 AM
We have an Raleigh Supreme (was top of the line 26" 3-speed). Green,Girl's frame, has hub generator and lights, saddle bag, brooks seat, and even a locking front fork. It was purchased new for a relative and has been in storage for years. Still has original tires. Contact me if you are interested. We are thinking of selling it. The kids all want "mountain bikes".

   RE:FOR SALE:   late 1960's Raleigh Supreme posted by kevin on 5/11/2002 at 4:27:16 AM
Hi,what is the ser# Below the seat, and how much are you asking?Kevin