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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   three commuter bicycles posted by: paul on 6/5/2002 at 1:18:31 AM
ROOR "RUNNING OUT OF ROOM": Ross 10 speed steel frame great components very little use/ Fuji Sagres 10 speed better frame nice components and condition/ Motobecane mixte all original good condition French components.....if you are 5 feet 8 inch or shorter these bicycles are for you. $90 takes all three must be picked up in southeastern MA thanks! paul

   RE:FOR SALE:   three commuter bicycles posted by ben miller on 6/30/2002 at 5:08:13 AM
Just saw your post; are these bikes still available?
I'm only interested in the Moto but might take the others
if they have useful parts. Can you give me some idea of how
the Fuji and the Ross are set up?
Please reply to my email.
- Ben Miller

FOR SALE:   Turn of the Century Liberty Bicycle posted by: Ray on 6/4/2002 at 6:36:38 PM

WANTED:   Run-A-Bout posted by: Mickey on 6/4/2002 at 1:15:20 AM
Want to buy a schwinn run-a-bout or any other 60s/70s folding bike. E-mail or respond if you got one.

   RE:WANTED:   Run-A-Bout posted by Jim on 6/16/2002 at 9:59:50 AM
A Run-About isn't a folding bike. The frame is solid; the handlebars and seat post have quick releases.

WANTED:   schwinn t&c tri posted by: barthalamue on 6/3/2002 at 11:36:10 PM
Looking for diagram on rear hub containing three-speed and coaster brake for town and country tri-wheeler.

   RE:WANTED:   schwinn t&c tri posted by Guido on 6/8/2002 at 4:39:07 PM
I have scanned the Schwinn Dealer Service Manual 1969-72. It has a Town and Country section. Files are large, but can e-mail diagrams of almost ANY hub, or pages from the trike section. E-mail me and I`ll hook you up.

MISC:   Anyone know? posted by: Dale Pennock on 6/3/2002 at 5:17:26 PM
hey, I just came across an old "Dee Lite" bike. Looks like it's from the 70's. Wondering if anyone knows how I can look this bike up. I have the serial # and everything. It's a girls frame. Big chrome handlebars and banana seat backing. Please let me know how to look this bike up. ""Fred Deeley cycles"" outta Vancouver it says...

WANTED:   Schwinn Sports Tourer posted by: Ed Rafferty on 6/3/2002 at 1:04:37 PM
Want Schwinn Sports Tourer fair to NOS condition. Need a large frame 24-26 (60-65cm)1971-1975. Original Finish preferred Opaque Blue; Framesets considered,Fair Price dependent on condition and completeness. Appreciate any help locating the old bikes. Thanks very much.

   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn Sports Tourer posted by Eric Amlie on 6/3/2002 at 8:16:32 PM
Have a 26" '72 or '73 Super Sport in Opaque Blue. Not as good as a Sports Tourer but getting there.

   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn Sports Tourer posted by Bob Hufford on 6/7/2002 at 4:11:37 AM
Saw this on www.recycledcycles.net

24.5in SCHWINN SPORTS TOURER -- 10 speeds, blue -- $135
A real oldie. Late 1960s/early 1970s model has a fillet-brazed frame and most original parts. Five-pin Nervar crank with chain guard, Campagnolo Gran Turismo rear derailleur, Normandy Luxe hubs, Weinmann quick-release center-pull brakes and alloy rims, Atom alloy pedals, friction stem shifters, safety levers, randonneur bars. Good condition.

paul@recycledcycles.net • (314) 862-4041

FOR SALE:   Westwood style rims 32/40 posted by: PARK on 6/2/2002 at 5:14:07 AM
Am interested in purchase of westwood wheels for 52 Hurculese rod type brakes cycle.I understand they are repopped,but overall cond. won't justify news.thank
Park e

FOR SALE:   selling my collection on ebay,all of it posted by: todd on 6/2/2002 at 12:14:02 AM
look up tls6767 it all goes

   RE:FOR SALE:   selling my collection on ebay,all of it posted by todjob on 6/3/2002 at 12:48:43 AM
I thought this would bring out the schwin forum hackers by the way theres a 34 schwinn included with rear rack and origonal seat condition is around a C-7 hack all you want ladys money talks bulls**t walks

FOR SALE:   1938-9 Elgin Twinbar posted by: Jim Golden on 6/1/2002 at 4:53:42 PM
I would like to sell my twinbar Elgin for parts, it has the frame, wheels,(Finned hub) Crusader tires, (blackwalls),Stem, handlebars, fork, and the very unique fenders that fit over the front fork, and almost comes to a point, and has a ridge on the top, I was going to restore this bike but I've decided not to, it also has the original seat, but it is rough.(needs recovered). This is the bike that has the bridge suspension frame. You can E Mail me at GOLDENBOY6758@AOL.COM Will send prices and pictures. I also have a stingray speedometer, A girls Hawthore tank with and ea horn, and a 1939 boys Roadmaster, with a tank, horn, carrier, light, springer fork, etc. I've retired and am selling some of my collection. Also have some old newsletters, from the selector, classic bike, etc. Thank you Jim Golden

FOR SALE:   1941 Hawthorne posted by: John Bayer on 6/1/2002 at 12:17:41 AM
Cantilever Hawthorne. Cleveland frame.
Truss rod forks, New Departure, skip-tooth, painted rims, chrome chainguard, period painted rack. From dry storage in Eastern Washington. Non-original whitewall tires, long stem (ATB) and bars. Otherwise original. Paint and chrome serviceable, though quite a few rock chips in paint. Original striping good. Seattle area. Will ship UPS.

$450.00 or trade for modern 7-spd. Schwinn cruiser.

FOR SALE:   Fuji Royal 12 speed racing bike posted by: Lori on 5/31/2002 at 11:55:13 PM
It's in great shape. Lightly ridden. Still shiny. Seat in excellent condition too. The only thing you'll probably need to do is put on new tires and align the spokes/rims. I love this bike but after 2 back surgeries I can't lean over the right way to ride it like it should be ridden. Would love to sell it to someone who would provide it with a new home and proper TLC. This bike was $425 new in 1982 so it's a high quality bike. Make best offer over $150 and it's yours. It lives in Montgomery county Maryland.

WANTED:   looking for little whatchamacallit posted by: Mitch on 5/31/2002 at 5:38:00 PM
Hi,I am looking for the whatchamacallit thing that covers the end of the axle of the Scwhinn Town and Country Tri-wheeler. it's a little black plastic cover which sticks on the very end of the axle on each back wheel. If anybody has one to sell, I'd appreciate it if you's let me know. Thanks a lot!

   RE:WANTED:   looking for little whatchamacallit posted by Stacey on 5/31/2002 at 5:53:37 PM
Gee Mitch, get in line... behind me. LOL Those things are tough to find, and dearly priced when you do find them. Expext to pay about $10 each when you find them. For that kind of money I can improvise!

   RE:WANTED:   looking for little whatchamacallit posted by MNSmith on 5/31/2002 at 6:10:29 PM
Would automotive vacuum caps do the trick??

   RE:WANTED:   looking for little whatchamacallit posted by edgarecks on 5/31/2002 at 7:12:34 PM
I went to Ace Hardware and got plastic furniture tips. They don't have the dome thing, on them, but they're better than nothing and cheap (about 50 cents each)!

   RE:RE:WANTED:   looking for little whatchamacallit posted by Stacey on 5/31/2002 at 9:14:09 PM
I was thinking of using a pair of those little plastic 'hat' things that go on the ends of bike axles to keep them from poking through the box.

Mitch, if you e-mail me your address, I send you the one I have. One is of no use to me, and if it will complete your project... hey, I'm a sport. It's a bit scuffed and dirty, but aren't they all?

   RE:WANTED:   looking for little whatchamacallit posted by Mitch on 6/3/2002 at 9:58:16 PM
Ok, I'm in line! Are the pins which connect the back wheels to the axle any easier to find?

MISC:   Bike Expo and Swap Meet!!! posted by: Greg on 5/31/2002 at 5:31:45 PM
June 8 and 9 is the Mackinaw City Michigan Bicycle Expo. This expo will feature mountain and road bikes as well as classic bikes. The classic bike show will feature 3 catagories, Best Early Classic(pre 1930), Best Mid Classic(1930-1960), and best late classic(post 1960). There will be one winner per catagory and they will recieve $100 and a plaque. There will be road courses for bike rides, safety courses for families, corporate reps from several bicycle companies. This is a complete expo featuring all aspects of bicycling and should be a great time. Email me with any questions or for hotel accomodations.

Thanks, Greg

WANTED:   wanted schwinn seat posted by: jeffrey mays on 5/31/2002 at 4:27:15 PM
i am looking for a seat for a resto that i am doing and it is a schwinn fastback 67 i wanted to paint the bike orange but there is no orange seat, any way i need a seat and it will determin the color of the bike, i also need wheels or handle bars, i have two stick shifts that i will trade for the part or parts one is a 5 speed needs new decals and the other is a three speed witch also need new decals and i will tear them down and clean them up nice for ya no major rust just slight peppering here and there these shifters have the solid sticks with the round knobs that had the numbers on top but or warn off now will need new decals i will not be using the shifters for my bike i want to put a freewheel single speed or coaster brake on the fastback i considered the shifters for my bike but i have no rear whell yet , drop my a line and let me know if any of you have any parts i can use or trade, thanks for reading.

FOR SALE:   Everton 3-speed posted by: mc on 5/31/2002 at 3:10:53 AM
This is one I never heard of. Can anyone tell me about it?
It is a 3-sp with cottered cranks.