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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   Paris Sport posted by: mc on 7/13/2002 at 5:39:01 PM
Selling a Paris Sport, mid 70s, 55cm c-c, 56cm top tube, Huret/Alvit components $150

WANTED:   Mid 70's muscle bike posted by: Dave on 7/13/2002 at 4:37:15 PM
I'm looking for a mid 70's muscle bike I used to own as a child. I don't know the brand name but the bike was black with a black banana seat with small white dimonds. It had a plastic gas tank with red and yellow flames on it. It also had a wide slick tire with I beleive white lettering on it. It had hand brakes and foot brakes. If anyone knows what bike I am talking about or has one please e-mail me. Thanks

MISC:   Another Bike bulitin board site posted by: Ken H on 7/11/2002 at 11:42:06 PM
Take a peek at www.angelfire.com/dbz/forum

I would love to see all of you folks posting there!

FOR SALE:   Crescent road bike posted by: MC on 7/11/2002 at 10:56:00 PM
For Sale: Early 70s Crescent ladies road bike, Swedish made 10 speed, complete and original including unmarked cottered cranks, Huret & Alvit derailleurs, Nisi rims with unmarked hubs, unmarked canti brakes, upright bar, beautifully embossed quill stem, orange paint with checkerboard decals, good to very good condition, pics sent on request. Asking $275 obo.

MISC:   1964 Schwinn Racer posted by: Kimberly on 7/11/2002 at 12:44:55 AM
I have a 1964 Schwinn Racer, it is black with the letter S on the seat, the bike is in good condition and original. I am wondering what the value of this bike might be and would this bike be something a collector would want if I were to put it up for sale. Thanks for any info!

FOR SALE:   1967 SCHWINN COLLEGIATE posted by: Dave Duncan on 7/10/2002 at 7:43:13 PM
1967 Schwinn Collegiate, woman's, blue, all original, excell cond. Best offer.

WANTED:   Western Flyer X53 headlight posted by: Chris on 7/10/2002 at 6:16:01 PM
Does anybody got one to spare?? I promise it a good home with quality indoor imenities. Almost any condition will do.

Thanks, Chris

WANTED:   1953 JC Higgins Parts posted by: Dan Folwell on 7/10/2002 at 3:46:48 PM
I am looking for parts for a 1953 JC Higgins 26" Boys Beehive Spring Fork bike:
Front Fender
Spring Saddle
bolts for attaching spring arms to front hub.

FOR SALE:   1969 Schwinn 3-Speed Touring Racr posted by: Gypsy on 7/10/2002 at 2:05:34 AM
All oringinal parts, Great! condition, Campus green, Bottle Generator, Front and rear lights, Sturmey Archer Chicago Schwinn approved. NEEDS A GOOD HOME! I would love to oil it up and shine it up to ride if I could ride anymore. Best offer!

MISC:   Need info posted by: Joyce on 7/10/2002 at 2:00:45 AM
Have an English 3 speed BSA bike - husband thinks it's worth something - I don't know anything about it. Is it worth saving?

   RE:MISC:   Need info posted by Jeff on 7/11/2002 at 12:52:53 PM
BSA bicycles are collected both by English bicycle collectors and motorcycle collectors.

Don't let a dealer grab it from you for cheap!

WANTED:   ORIGINAL Raleigh tire pump wanted posted by: Charles on 7/10/2002 at 12:42:02 AM
I would like to buy an original tire pump from the late 40's to the late 50's.The main body is 7/8" diameter and the entire pump is made of aluminum.
These pumps have a cotton hose that screws into the handle when not in use and onto the other end when in use.They were produced from at least 1948 until atleast 1957.The handle is smooth and has a lip at the end facing the main tube.The main body is also smooth.Both ends are rounded off.I will pay your price,but please only an ORIGINAL pump and not a new reproduction or Chinese knock-off.I believe these were made in USA or made in England and imported to the USA.I have a picture from a parts manual if that helps.I KNOW that there are still some of these left floating around,so please look in your stash of bicycle parts and sell it to me so I can finish this restoration.
My email address is a1959HDscooter@aol.com Thanks ...Charles

FOR SALE:   One Schwinn handle bar grip posted by: Olen Dillingham on 7/9/2002 at 1:43:58 AM
I have one schwinn handle bar grip from a girls 1955 Flying Star. I can email a picture if you are interested. Olen

FOR SALE:   '55 Rollfast - SpeedRacer '26 Girls/Women's bike posted by: BonnieK on 7/8/2002 at 11:25:10 PM
Hey from GA! After I cleaned out my dad's basement - I found my '55 Kelly Green Rollfast SpeedRacer tucked away in a corner. Although the bike holds wonderful memories for me - I need to sell it due to an upcoming move. The bike is structually sound, does have minor pitting & rust & dents in some places, and is missing a front wheel headlight. It DOES have the original balloon tires - labeled CARLDENG 26x1,75-Made in Belgium (they were flat when I found the bike). The bike does have the original logos with the SpeedRacer logo near to the pedals (which are also originals). It also has the original seat with the label
"TROXEL-Elyria, Ohio" underneath. I can supply pictures for the interested buyer. I'm asking $125.00 (plus the buyer to pay for the shipping) for the bike.

MISC:   Whats a fair price... posted by: Mitch on 7/8/2002 at 5:46:17 PM
Hey, I need to get rid of a Schwinn Town and Country tri-wheeler. It is in rideable condition, the shifters and brakes, ect, all work. The paint is in fairly bad condition. I haven't the slightest idea what a fair price is for something like this. your opinion, anybody! Thanks!

FOR SALE:   FREE 1974 SCHWINN SPRINT FRAME ONLY posted by: Kevin K on 7/8/2002 at 12:37:20 AM
Hi. I've got a 1974 Schwinn Sprint frame that needs a new home. This is the bent seat tube frame. It is frame only. Needs paint as it had already been repainted when I recieved it. Must pick up Toledo, Ohio area. Thanks, Kevin K

   RE:FOR SALE:   FREE 1974 SCHWINN SPRINT FRAME ONLY posted by Kevin K on 7/9/2002 at 12:31:06 AM
Hi. Frame is claimed. Thanks, Kevin