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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   Late 60's Raleigh Sports posted by: Al on 8/10/2002 at 1:50:21 AM
Best offer or First $75 takes it. All original Raleigh Sports - black, 3 spd. I purchased this bike new back in the late 60's. It's been in storage for the past 30 years. Bike would have to be picked up from my home in Monroe, NY. If interested, send me an e-mail - westphal@frontiernet.net

   RE:FOR SALE:   Late 60's Raleigh Sports posted by Al on 8/10/2002 at 1:51:30 PM
I just checked the hub - it's a 69. Also noticed that one pedal is not original, everything else is also original. This is a men's 26" size, 3 speed.

FOR SALE:   For sale or trade posted by: Greg on 8/9/2002 at 11:20:31 PM
For sale. 2000 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR XC. Large. Ridden a dozen times. Maybe 100 miles on it.$750.00 firm or would trade for a decent Cannondale road bike. Thought full suspension was for me but will stick with the hardtail I already have. Thank you.

FOR SALE:   Tandem`s posted by: Tim on 8/9/2002 at 2:04:51 PM
I`m looking for a clean 5speed tandem (prefer Schwinn)
I have a clean single speed Schwinn tandem now any ideas what it`s worth or what I can expect to pay for a 5speed?

   RE:FOR SALE:   Tandem`s posted by Stacey on 8/9/2002 at 9:51:20 PM
Tim, why not work with what you already have? Find a 5/10 speed bike with the same sized wheel as you have on your current tandem or use the hub and lace it to your rim. Then take the rest of the parts you need from the donor bike to finish out the conversion. You'll probably need some cable housing both brake & shifter, some longer (tandem length)inner wires, etc, etc. A very easy conversion. I went to seven speeds with mine.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   Tandem`s posted by Joel on 8/9/2002 at 10:13:01 PM
I have a 66 Deluxe Twinn 5 speed in blue, complete with working lights and speedo for sale.

WANTED:   1964 Sprint leather saddle posted by: Maurice on 8/9/2002 at 3:35:15 AM
Trying to find a 1964 Sprint leather saddle that would have been original equipment on the Schwinn 1964 Varsity Sport. Thanks, Mo

FOR SALE:   lowrider bike posted by: oscar on 8/8/2002 at 9:27:39 PM
lowrider bike for sale 375.00 o.b.o

WANTED:   Looking for full chaincase for late 70's Raleigh DL-1 Tourist posted by: David Poston on 8/8/2002 at 9:08:43 PM
Full chaincase wanted for men's or women's DL-1 roadster in black. The more the better. E-mail me if you know where I can get one (or two).

David Poston.

MISC:   John Deere Bike posted by: Sally on 8/7/2002 at 5:31:35 PM
I have hung on to a white John Deere 12 speed, purchased in 1974. 23" frame, some rust. Does anyone know if this is worth anything?

   RE:MISC:   John Deere Bike posted by goob on 8/7/2002 at 8:36:30 PM
i have a full set of jd. The white one is the most common and least sought after. most don't go for more than $60.00 to $80.00 but someone who don't know the jd bike might give more.

WANTED:   Ross Apollo parts posted by: Frank on 8/7/2002 at 2:31:30 AM
Looking for a seat for a Ross Apollo.
Good pan and foam a must I can recover it If needed.
Still in need of a small stick shifter "Ross" Chrome with Wood grain for the Apollo 5 speed.


   RE:WANTED:   Ross Apollo parts posted by Jeff on 8/7/2002 at 9:32:36 PM
I've got a beater Ross Apollo seat,came off a Apollo Racer(coaster brake).Has a huge 6-8" split down the center.Still has a good pan and the original foam interior.Offers accepted but could really use a extra long sissy bar(4'or greater).Thanx....Jeff

   RE:WANTED:   Ross Apollo parts posted by Frank on 8/11/2002 at 11:53:10 PM
I e-mailed you.

I need a small 5 speed shifter housing. chrome with wood grain top.


FOR SALE:   Old JCHiggins Junior Crusier posted by: Julia on 8/6/2002 at 8:27:51 PM
I have an original JCHiggins vintage (womens) crusier in prime condition. all original parts.....

Make Offer

MISC:   1955 Female Humber posted by: Lisa on 8/6/2002 at 6:08:02 PM
Iam looking for info on my 1955 26"wheel, light blue,3speed ladies Humber. thanks

MISC:   Bike identification and value posted by: Debra on 8/6/2002 at 3:19:12 PM
I have an Old women's Columbia 3 speed Tourist bike. It is yellow with original paint. According to a collector who saw the bike yesterday, it is in "Tip-Top shape."

It belonged to my lateland who died a few yewbyears ago when she was 94. The shop where she bought the bike in Buskirk NY, Bill Cycle Shop is no longer in service. The bike has Stumey Archer parts. The lenses, brake pads, chrome etc.are all good. The only number we could find on it is on the yellow metal near the Rear Drop on the piece of yellow metal covering the wheel spokes.

The number is P562036. I could not find that number amongst the Columbia Serial numbers. I know that the bike is defintely at least 33 years old and more likely over 40 years old. I am trying to find out its aproximate value as I am physically unable to ride the bike.

Any information or suggestions where I can find a price guide or other helpful info. would be greatly appreciated.

On the seat it says Weinman type 610.

Many Blessings, and thank you for your help.

Debra ,

P.S. I live near Albany, NY if anyone wants to see the bike
and or has an interest in purchasing the bike

MISC:   Need more info to sell? posted by: kristin on 8/5/2002 at 4:06:04 AM
I have a 1890 victory tandem bicycle. Girls bike in the front & boys in the rear,it also steers from the rear. It has all original parts except the tires. chain, paint all original. I am hoping someone knows this bike>

WANTED:   Tank Horn posted by: SA Darnell on 8/5/2002 at 3:33:31 AM
Wanted tank horn for ladies Lincoln(Schwinn) Vintage Bicycle
Approx 1948

MISC:   some help on pricing posted by: Renee on 8/4/2002 at 5:12:49 AM
We have a Monark Super DeLuxe that is in fairly nice condition. It's black and cream in color. Could you please help me on the pricing? Thanks much.

MISC:   Schwinn Tri-wheeler model JP522013 posted by: Shellie on 8/4/2002 at 2:34:33 AM
Does anyone know what year and what this tri-wheeler is worth? I picked it up at an estate sale and after a little clean up we noticed it had probably never been ridden. It still has the nobs on the tires. No dents or scratches. I would appreciate any info.