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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   APOLLO 5 SADDLE posted by: Clay Allen on 9/20/2002 at 4:38:15 PM
HELP! Some jerk sat on my parked Apollo and ruined the saddle. I need a new one, preferably in GOOD to GREAT condition. Please e-mail me ASAP if you've got one you'd like to get rid of. Will pay TOP DOLLAR!

FOR SALE:   bikes posted by: freddie on 9/20/2002 at 6:37:10 AM
I have a lot of older bokes for sale a couple of skip tooth Good year. dayton Monark.Newsboy balloon tire A dragstripper A 1950 huffy with horn tank. a couple of older lightweights a folding bike.western flyer ,columbia.rollfast .Name an old bike co. and I just might have it. A lot of hubs pedals, and a shoe box full of head badges. about 20 old bikes. in southern In. call 812 934 0520 to see what I have. Pick up only but the prices are cheap

   RE:FOR SALE:   bikes posted by Tim on 9/26/2002 at 4:22:29 PM

I might just have to come take a look,how far south?

   RE:FOR SALE: bikes posted by Brian Hoffmaster on 11/3/2002 at 12:38:36 AM
Hello,I am interested in the dragstripper,do you still have it?If so let me know condition and price ,color shifter,etc.
I had one when I was a young boy Thankyou Brian

FOR SALE:   wheel posted by: Harry Sahu on 9/20/2002 at 1:42:16 AM
I have for sale one brand new old stock 28 by 0ne and half Dunlop wheel complete with S.A. dyno in very good new condition, stainless steel spokes. I am looking for 100 dollars pluss shipping. Price negotiable.

FOR SALE:   at Fall Hershey flea market: posted by: Glenn on 9/19/2002 at 7:07:48 PM
The following will be for sale only at Fall Hershey flea market from 10/8-10/12 in the White field, spaces WM 3 & 4. I attend only this show!

* 1899 Olive Bicycles sales brochure... Mint!

* 1912 Framed letter from The Pope Mfg. Company

* (2) EARLY Smith Flyer/Motor Wheel lantern slides

* 1970's Camille Daudon racing bicycle

* ORIGINAL 1898 Columbia Model 51 shaft drive bicycle

FOR SALE:    1974 redline bmx posted by: sr on 9/19/2002 at 6:57:43 AM
for sale accepting offers

   RE:FOR SALE:    1974 redline bmx posted by Corey Wilsey on 9/22/2002 at 8:20:01 PM
i would like to know if it is a banana seat bike

WANTED:   English 3-speed rear mudguard reflectors with BLACK housing, not white posted by: David Poston on 9/18/2002 at 5:35:35 AM
I've been told I need the rear mudguard reflectors (for English 3-speeds such as Raleigh, Rudge, etc.) with the black rubber housing, not white, for my pre-war restoration project. I am willing to pay for some in good used condition. I need two right now.

Send me an e-mail if you have any.


FOR SALE:   Schwinn Typhoon and Fiesta posted by: Diana Morris on 9/17/2002 at 4:09:55 PM
I have a 24inch 1966 womens Schwinn Fiesta (purple) and a 1962 26 inch Mens Typhoon(red). Both are in good condition. Am asking $350-$400 OBO.

WANTED:   Wheel for 504 Humber/ Raleigh 3 spd posted by: Bruce on 9/17/2002 at 12:54:44 PM
I am looking for a front wheel for a 1954 Humber/Raleigh 3 spd.

FOR SALE:   Rideable Replicas Highwheeler for Sale posted by: Kevin C. on 9/17/2002 at 12:26:42 AM
Beautiful black 48-inch highwheeler by Rideable Replicas of Oakland, Calif. Ready to go. Excellent condition. $500. Must pick up in Lafayette, Indiana (between Indianapolis and Chicago on I-65)

   RE:FOR SALE:   Rideable Replicas Highwheeler for Sale posted by Kevin C. on 9/29/2002 at 4:44:20 PM

FOR SALE:   f/s Checker Board Mirror, Original, Excellent Condition posted by: Steve on 9/16/2002 at 7:00:35 AM
Mirror is very nice. Has Sting-Ray mirror decal. $225.00 plus $10.00 to pack and ship.


WANTED:   west point info posted by: dan f on 9/16/2002 at 1:41:35 AM
any one with info on a west point bike it looks old and rare help please

MISC:   Camile Daudon? posted by: Glenn on 9/16/2002 at 12:46:32 AM
I just found a very exotic looking bike at the dump! It has a post plate marked Camille Daudon, and looks to be a very classy racing bike for it's time(I'm guessing 1970's?). Does anyone have any info on this bike? Is it as rare as it looks? Thanks.


FOR SALE:   1948 huffman Lafrance posted by: John on 9/14/2002 at 8:52:47 PM
I have a 1948 Huffman Lafrance for sale.
I have photo. all original except for tires & pedals

FOR SALE:   1939 Rudge Whitworth posted by: Bill Jolliff on 9/13/2002 at 6:24:42 PM
I have the following described English 3 speed sport (I think) bike that I no longer use so would like to sell.

I am not entirely familiar with all the proper nomenclature of the various parts but will describe it sufficiently to hopefully get the idea across.

Additionally, I have taken a couple color photos that I can send to anyone that has an interest. (I am not clever enough with a computer to be able to make the pictures available directly.)

The piece/tube that goes from the sprocket housing to the seat is marked “Rudge Whitworth”. The bike has been painted blue (yuck) over what appears to be black with gold pin stripes. An emblem on top of the rear fender is still visible through the paint and is marked “Rudge Whitworth Coventry” around the outer part of a circle that has, a wheel perhaps, in the middle. The sprocket has a “hand” as part of the geometry.

The rear hub is marked “STURMEY ARCHER ENGLAND AW – 9” which I believe would make it 1939.

The rear rim is marked “DUNLOP 26 x 1 3/8 EA3 MADE IN ENGLAND UK PAT 2 (spoke hole) 6”.
Other side of tire is marked “MADE IN USA WAR TIRE U – 8 – E.” WAR TIRE marking is inside a circle.

The front wheel axle is marked “RUDGE”.
The rim is marked “DUNLOP 26 x 1 3/8 EA3 MADE IN ENGLAND UK PAT 2 (spoke hole) 486.”
The front tire looks to be marked “DUNLOP SPORTS 26 x 1 3/8 TO FIT RIM B. S. E. A. 3 & F4. MADE IN ENGLAND.”

“A597151” is marked on the bottom of the sprocket housing. The bike’s serial number?

The 3 position shift lever is mounted on what we used to call the cross bar, that horizontal tube that runs from the seat to the handle bar housing. Just about where your right knee might be when the right pedal is up. The shift housing is marked “SA GEARS LOW – N – HIGH” with the S imposed over the A.

The rear of the seat/saddle is marked “BROOKS”. And there is “S.30/1 MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN” inside an oval on each side of the seat. In the photos, the original Brooks seat sits on top of a more comfortable modern seat that I added for my wife.

It has what I would say are cable brakes with the levers on each side of the handle bars. The calipers look to be marked “PAT. NO. 3 (?)88207” inside a rectangle.

I’ve owned the bike almost 25 years. Bought it from an older gent who used to fix up and sell bicycles of all sorts. He is the one who painted it. I used to ride it back and forth to work but am now retired and basically don’t ride it much anymore so thought someone else can appreciate it.

It works fine. Occasionally have to put air in the tires. I did replace the device which I believe is called the indicator or something like that. It’s the thing that is attached to the gear shifting cable and chain that goes into the rear hub. I still have the original which is functional, just worn some.

I believe it’s missing the front emblem. Also, there is no chain guard. I don’t think the handle bar grips are original.

It’s too bad it’s been repainted.

There is just a little very light pitting on the chrome plated wheels.

Overall, the bike is very sound and has, I’m sure, many years left in it.

I’d like to get $100.00 for the bike. I can deliver it to a reasonable distance (100 miles or so) from Rochester, NY for the price of the fuel or I can arrange to have it shipped which I believe would cost around $50.00 to $60.00, perhaps less.

Would like to see it have a good home.

Thanks, Bill Jolliff.

   RE:FOR SALE:   1939 Rudge Whitworth posted by Bruce on 9/18/2002 at 1:27:51 PM
Can you send me pictures of the bike?

WANTED:   Desperately Need U-Brake posted by: JimW. on 9/11/2002 at 3:11:44 PM
My brother Dave and I have just finished construction on a
wild kustom recumbent trike. We have a problem though.
It has a single, lightly-loaded rear wheel, with the only
braking a caliper brake mounted under the rear chainstays.
This, combined with a heavy vehicle weight, means that
braking is dangerously inadequate.

Does anybody have an extra, cosmetically clean, U-brake you
could sell us for a halfway reasonable price? It would be
most appreciated.If you have one, please e-mail Dave at

   RE:WANTED:   Desperately Need U-Brake posted by brake on 9/12/2002 at 9:22:20 AM
I have a very clean rear drum with a 5 speed cassett that came off a schwinn tandom. you could lace this to any hub and have all the stopping power you need. $30 + shipping.

   RE:WANTED:   Desperately Need U-Brake posted by Wings on 9/13/2002 at 6:19:18 AM
Do you have bosses for a U Brake?
If you don't why not go to a V Brake or a BMX 990 if you have to install bosses.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Desperately Need U-Brake posted by JimW. on 9/13/2002 at 1:29:29 PM
I'm planning to make a plate which would mount under there which
would have the bosses as part of it. The problem with a drum brake
is that Dave fell in love with those 72-spoke lowrider wheels.
Any braking solution has to be capable of working with that
wheel, which is already in place. The entire project would
have been much simpler without that limiting factor. But,
we play the cards we're dealt, eh?

   RE:WANTED:   Desperately Need U-Brake posted by Jeff on 9/20/2002 at 1:37:57 AM
Check with a dealer that carries Hoffman bicycles. Some of the new freestyle bikes have a bolt on plate with the 990 mounts on it. you may be able to purchase one there.