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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:Pope Manufacturing Company letter posted by: Glenn on 9/3/2002 at 8:55:36 PM
Framed letter from The Pope Manufacturing Company, Hartford, Connecticut, October 2, 1912, regarding guarantee of defective tire, signed E.W.Herzog. This letter is on very elaborate company stationary, and shows illustrations of three manufacturing plants, and is surrounded by a decorative border showcasing names of all Pope bicycles. Letter is in excellent, protected condition. A piece of the lower right corner is missing, but it does not detract from this wonderful piece of history. Offers accepted.

FOR SALE:1899 Olive bicycles brochure posted by: Glenn on 9/3/2002 at 8:40:38 PM
1899 Olive Bicycles sales brochure, from The Olive Wheel Company, Syracuse, NY. This 24 page brochure describes and illustrates all models. It is in *MINT* *MINT* *MINT* condition! Offers accepted.

WANTED:Info on Bike,Columbia posted by: Scott packard on 9/3/2002 at 4:36:01 PM
I recently got a girls bike at a thrift store.It is a Columbia,Bromleigh model with 3 spd Sturmy Archer hub made in England.It has 26 x 1 3/8 tires .tires are newer imports,Asian It has numbers on hub above front forks 4c810139 and (0)? 3647. Does anyone know how old and value of this bike.I've checked this site can't find Bromleigh model in Columbia listings and numbers don't match serials for columbia either,unless I made mistake viewing them.Thanks for any info.Scott

WANTED:60's Sprint front derailleur for 10-speed posted by: Mo on 9/3/2002 at 2:25:20 AM
Looking for a mid to late '60s Sprint front derailleur for a Varsity/Continental - thanks

   RE:WANTED:60's Sprint front derailleur for 10-speed posted by Tim on 9/4/2002 at 3:35:27 PM
I have one of a 74 cont. your welcome to,if that`s the one you want it doesn`t say sprint on it.

   RE:RE:WANTED:60's Sprint front derailleur for 10-speed posted by Mo on 9/5/2002 at 3:41:38 AM
Tim thanks for the offer but the bike I'm restoring is a '67 Continental - which would come with the Sprint model - I also have a '73 Continental that has the Schwinn Approved model - not sure when they switched from Sprint.

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:60's Sprint front derailleur for 10-speed posted by Tim on 9/5/2002 at 1:30:20 PM
I`ll keep looking thats part of the fun of collecting and restoring.Does it say Sprint on it? I`m not really into lightwieghts so I don`t know much about them but I love ballon tires and middles and I`m always looking for old Schwinn parts.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED:60's Sprint front derailleur for 10-speed posted by Mo on 9/8/2002 at 3:18:46 AM
Tim, yes it has black/red lettering on the derailleur that reads Sprint - thanks!

WANTED:1960's Murray Sonic Flite Parts posted by: Don on 9/3/2002 at 1:14:20 AM
I need the plastic front cover assembly for the tank ! This tank has twin lights ! I will buy tank and all if price is right ! Any help would be much appreciated ! THANKS !!!

MISC:Schwinn Varsity Girls 27", vintage 1972 posted by: Mike on 9/3/2002 at 12:17:52 AM
I found a 27" Schwinn Varsity 10 speed ladies bike which looks to be in original condition, except maybe for the seat. The tires say "Schwinn Breeze Touring Tires"; from the serial number I believe it to be from 1972. The paint is original, normal wear & tear but with all painted labels and detail in very good condition. I'm interested in finding more about it and what it may be worth. The color is a bronze metallic. The wheels have a bit of rust but nothing dramatic. Has been in storage in the garage for 20+ years; I oiled the chain and pumped up the tires and drove it down the street. If anyone has any information as to value and collectibility, I'd appreciate a word!

   RE:MISC:Schwinn Varsity Girls 27 posted by jwilson20@nyc.rr.com on 9/5/2002 at 2:54:00 AM
They're not worth much, even to Schwinn freaks. They're very common,
and considered too heavy by roadie snobs. Nice bikes, though, IMHO.
Why don't you just keep and ride it, or give it to a deserving
person who needs a bike?

MISC:Columbia Model 51 posted by: Glenn on 9/3/2002 at 12:08:31 AM
I am an old car guy and know little about bicycles. Recently, I found a Columbia Model 51, ladies bike. It appears to be complete and original, right down to the paint and tires. Another site said it was the first chainless model made in 1898. I am very curious as to it's worth and collectability. I would be very grateful if someone would please help me with these questions. Thanks.

WANTED:74 Schwinn leather underseat bag posted by: Gene Bowhay on 9/2/2002 at 9:11:29 PM
I am looking for a 1974 Schwinn leather underseat bag that has a metal Schwinn logo on the flap and a serial code number on the inside. If you know where I can find such a bag, please e-mail me as soon as possible. Your help is greatly appreciated.

LARGE collection of whizzer parts/projects 5 h motors, j motor, f motor, Bob Baker rebuilt roller 700 motor, 3 restored motorbike seats pacemaker sportsman frames forks -wz schwinn brakes 5" whizzer brakes nd wd brakes,bendix bi lite, 120 NOS spokes roller crank-dimpled rims- saddle bags -tons of stuff that I have collected over the years for various projects including the bikes to put them on- looking to sell the entire lot for $14,000 may break into smaller lots may consider pre war balloon bikes or PARTS or USA motorcycle trades- located in NE PA -if you are serious about a large lot of whizzer items please email BIKE@ANTIQUEBIKEPARTS.COM directly thank you

   RE:FOR SALE:LARGE COLLECTION OF WHIZZER PARTS posted by phillnirie on 9/8/2002 at 5:25:39 PM
can you tell me which rear hub has the words werke prazion.i don't believe it's bendix i know it's not new departure.i believe the bike awhizzer,the neck says 400 hp or is it 4cc hp,40c hp? the original paint was red with black and white pinstripes.any info would make my day.

FOR SALE:Schwinn Town and Country Tri-wheeler posted by: Mitch on 9/2/2002 at 1:30:58 PM
I have a Schwinn Town and Country Trike which I want to get rid of. The trike is in rideable condition,everything works,it's a three-speed. The paint is chipped and scratched, the fenders are in pretty nice shape, it's missing the basket, has original seat in pretty nice condition, it's fun to ride, but I need to get rid ofit.If your're interested, I can send you pictures. Make an offer! Thanks!

   RE:FOR SALE:Schwinn Town and Country Tri-wheeler posted by Donna on 9/5/2002 at 1:31:53 AM
Am interested in seeing pics and any idea how much you want?

WANTED:rear lights posted by: paul .v on 9/2/2002 at 7:04:46 AM
i recently bought 2 PEUGEOT cadre ellegre nouveau style 22" folding bikes,but unfortunately they are both missing the rear tailights.they are branded SOUBITEZ CATALUX 10.N.O.S or used would be fine .email me if you can help paul

MISC:   Information on a Coast to Coast Super 5 posted by: Cliff Coon on 9/1/2002 at 8:21:05 PM
I picked up a older model five speed with movable sprokets on the rear hub. Never seen another like it. Would like information on the design/manufacturer & year. Serial #HC6623677. Bike is in pretty good shape (7-8/10). Any information will be helpful. Thanks Cliff

WANTED:Siebert Tricycle posted by: Charlie rickard on 9/1/2002 at 4:51:18 PM
I have two Siebert tricycles and I need 2 head badges
and a fender(16 inch) for them. One is a 12inch and the other
is a 16 inch. New to tricycles,need some info on these
items and/or tricycles. Thanks...Charlie

MISC:Serial# posted by: Mike D. on 9/1/2002 at 1:31:51 AM
Has anybody ever heard of a bike called Grand Sport? Its made by Columbia.. If you know anything about these please reply. Also where would the Serial # be located?

MISC:Any Info? posted by: Rebecca on 8/31/2002 at 8:46:13 PM
I found a bike that looks just like the one I had as a child. My husband bought it for me and I need to restore it. It has a sticker ont eh front that says "Western Flyer" It also has one that says "Murray". I have two sets of numbers. Both engraved on the frame. The first one on the neck, U1241209. The second on the other side of the neck it has, MO 2753 97. Can anyone tell me anything?