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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   Wanted Dyno Roadster posted by: Iain on 9/8/2002 at 8:58:10 PM
I`m looking for a Dyno Roadster, preferably in the UK.
Or swap for custom Raleigh Chopper lowrider, as seen at:http://www.rcoc.co.uk/111IAINChopper.htm
Cheers Iain,qwerty5oo

MISC:   Haro bike posted by: Sandy on 9/8/2002 at 8:04:00 PM
I need some help ona bike that was given to my son,. Its a Haro,. the frame says haro gr group 2 Im notsure what that means and what kind of haro it is and what the value is
can someone please write to me with any answers thanks sandy

WANTED:   24" Girls ballon tire bike posted by: Don on 9/8/2002 at 5:59:52 AM
Hello, I'll soon be in the market for a 24" girls ballon tire bicycle as my daughter is about to out grow her 20". Where would be a good place to look for such a bike? I see that Memory Lane in Grand Rapids Ohio has a show comming up in Oct. I'm not looking for a huge investment. Any other ideas?

   RE:WANTED:   24 posted by Guzman on 9/27/2002 at 12:49:36 AM
I do have a 24" ballon tire bike that I will be selling. send me your mailling address and I
will send you some pictures as soon I dig it out Thangs.

   RE:WANTED:   24 posted by Guzman on 9/27/2002 at 12:50:30 AM
I do have a 24" ballon tire bike that I will be selling. send me your mailling address and I
will send you some pictures as soon I dig it out Thangs.

   RE:WANTED:   24 posted by Tim on 9/10/2002 at 1:45:52 PM
I have several 24 girls bikes middle wieghts though all Schwinn

WANTED:   Girls Roadmaster Jet Pilot posted by: Don Elgan on 9/8/2002 at 1:26:02 AM
Bought an Girls Roadmaster Jet Pilot 26" bike at flea market today. I have the serial number--J491712. Is there an serial number chart for the Roadmasters? Any information on this bike would be appericated. Thanks in advance.

FOR SALE:   1984 85 schwinn predator posted by: bob on 9/6/2002 at 11:53:33 PM
i have a 1984 or 85 "i can't remember the exact year" schwinn predator that i want to sell... it's turquose blue, back breaks as opposed to hand breaks, with a neon pink sticker that says phantom on it. every thing is original & is in near mint condition

WANTED:   TOOL Kit for old JC HIGGINS 3 spd Touring Bike posted by: Paul on 9/6/2002 at 4:31:40 PM
Does anyone know of a parts source for a nice small tool kit that would have the primary tools needed for most on-the-road repairs? The bike is the Austrian made 3 spd English style touring bike. I'd like something that could be carried in the touring bag behind the seat. Thanks!

FOR SALE:   Schwinn 1997 Youth BMX 20" posted by: kramca on 9/5/2002 at 10:23:31 PM
Want to sell this like new bike, Shimano components, 6 speed, child outgrew it and rode very little. Paid $ 460. Trying to price it for local classified ad. What is an educated guess ?

FOR SALE:   classic bike collection posted by: paul on 9/5/2002 at 3:45:43 PM
I have a small collection of classic bikes in good condition that I will sell individually or in its entirety. Includes:

1947 Columbia balloon tire. blue/white. womans. skip tooth chain/cranks. front basket. original and complete. tires hold air. $100.00 obo

195? Monarch Super Deluxe. womans. lime green. front headlight on fender, raer rack, parallel link springer ront fork, front basket. Complete. $200.00 obo

1971 Schwinn Speedster 3-sp. red. nice paint and chrome. partially restored (i.e. cleaned, bearings repacked, wheels trued). complete. $100.00

196? Sears Flightliner. missing front fender. $70.00

Will sell all for $350.00.

WANTED:   'Schwinn Sports Tourer' Frame Decals posted by: Steve on 9/5/2002 at 2:36:12 AM
I recently purchaced a Schwinn Sports Tourer bike in need of restoration and I'm looking for a set of OEM or NOS black frame decals.

MISC:   Varsity posted by: Tim on 9/5/2002 at 1:23:12 AM
Ijust picked up a varsity I`m not into lightwieghts but this thing is lime green and looks neat it`s a 74.Is it worth hanging on to?

   RE:MISC:   Varsity posted by Bryant on 9/5/2002 at 11:30:48 AM
Once fixed up, you could sell it for about $40. If it fits, I would keep it and make it my beater bike. I have a 1972 Kool Lemon Varsity that just looks neat

   RE:RE:MISC:   Varsity posted by Jym on 9/5/2002 at 10:43:57 PM
Put upright handlebars and a big seat on it and you'll get $90 for it as a solid commuter

   RE:MISC:   Varsity posted by michael on 9/9/2002 at 8:59:10 PM
I have a Varsity from 1974 or '75...it's a huge frame...sure, it's heavier than today's bikes, but it still rides well, it's my everyday bike...almost every week, someone recognizes it as a Varsity, which is a feat, I spray painted it over Black...that was because it was originally lime green! (which I thought was truly ugly...) The Black is much better! Seriously though, the thing is a tank, and will outlive me for sure...all original equip except for the handle bars, those are not the racer ramshead style...

   RE:MISC:   Varsity posted by Richard on 9/15/2002 at 4:25:37 PM
I bought a "campus green" 71 varsity in extremely good condition for $12.50. It has Schwinn chrome fenders and rear rack. All stock Schwinn or Schwinn approved except for tires, tubes, and rear reflector. This bike has been ridden less than 100 miles and never seen a drop of water (a rare feat in the Seattle area). One would hope it was worth more than $50, but its probably not. In 74 Schwinn started importing varsitys from Japan.

WANTED:   AUBURN posted by: DEREK on 9/4/2002 at 9:11:08 PM

WANTED:   Crankarms needed posted by: Eric on 9/4/2002 at 4:47:33 PM
I am looking for a pair of Campy NR/SR 180mm arms. Good condition please. Also looking for a pair of late 70s to early 80s Dura Ace arms in 165mm length. Thanks.

WANTED:   1968 Mini-twinn posted by: John Donnellan on 9/4/2002 at 1:06:44 PM
I am in the market for a nice 1968 min-twinn. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you -Tim D

MISC:   bike posted by: Jerry on 9/3/2002 at 10:05:33 PM
I got this old bike and I don't know if its worth anything.
if you know anything about a Polo Bike Jr. say something. I think the brand is Ross but I am not sure,and its a convertible thanks.

FOR SALE:   Smith Motor Wheel / Smith Flyer posted by: Glenn on 9/3/2002 at 9:43:35 PM
Two glass "lantern slides", (advertising slides used in the silent film days), one for Smith Flyer, shows photo of a man and woman in 4 wheel S.F. buggy with logo and description. The other is for Smith Motor Wheel, shows photo of man's bicycle with Motor Wheel attached, plus logo and description. Both say Hayward's bicycle Repair Shop. Both have a crack in one glass that does not detract from the excellent images. They were framed in wood many years ago to protect them. Offers accepted.