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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   S-2 20 inch rim, cover for 70 up stick-shift posted by: Jack on 10/12/2003 at 12:01:07 AM
I need an S-2 20 in rim/wheel & cover for 70 up stick-shifter, buy or trade

FOR SALE:   Raleigh Technium Road bike 54cm posted by: Greg on 10/11/2003 at 11:13:31 PM
Early 90's Raleigh Technium.54 cm.Very good condition with the exception of a quarter size paint chip on the top tube and a few minor scraps in the paint.Black white and red in color.Suntour derailleurs(3000x)Downtube shifters,with index shifting for rear, friction up front.Criterium bars.Aero levers,Dia-Comp.Brakes as well.SR crankset.Nitto stem.6 speed freewheel.Rigida 700c x 25 Double wall rims.True with no hops.Tri lite cro mo fork.Newer tires.No seat or pedals.I ride this bike everyday to work and it flys!I have a pic but it does no justice to this bike.The stem and hubs as well as the head set have some corrosion on then but nothing I think that can't be cleaned up.A very solid bike.No rack braze ons.Will accept two water bottles.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Raleigh Technium Road bike 54cm posted by Greg on 10/11/2003 at 11:48:28 PM
By the way,I want $125.00 for it.I live in Roscoe Illinois,10 miles North of Rockford.I can be reached at 815-988-3181.Thanks!

MISC:   Ladies Hiawatha - Apache posted by: Karen on 10/11/2003 at 4:38:08 PM
My aunt has an interest in selling her Ladies Hiawatha - Apache. It was licensed in Placerville,CA March 1959, license #53. The plate is still on it. We know it was used when she purchased it, sometime in the early '50's. Serial number 5 W66 24 1234. I cannot locate this model on any of my searches. Nowhere do I see Haiwatha 'Apache'. Really good condition, paint is blue over white/cream, red trim. Any help is appreciated.

   RE:MISC:   Ladies Hiawatha - Apache posted by doug on 10/12/2003 at 10:27:20 PM
look in the pic database under the name Hawthorn some of them are identical to the Hiawatha,s prob made by hawthorne and sold to Gambles stores under the Hiawatha name good luck I had the same prob a few years back and solved it this way.

WANTED:   Western Flyer BUZZ BIKE F-5 posted by: Warren on 10/11/2003 at 5:36:24 AM
Looking for a restorable semi-complete WESTERN FLYER BUZZ BIKE F-5 (considered a "muscle bike"?). 20" wheels. 5-speed. Preferable in candy "Pink/Raspberry".

Please e-mail me at:


WANTED:   Raleigh BB cups posted by: James Sprague on 10/11/2003 at 3:55:23 AM
I looking for BB cups, 26tpi, for a 1969 Superbe.

Also is there any sources for the frame logos or stickers, the frame needs paint but I hate to lose the details and the heron on the seat tube.


FOR SALE:   RARE NED OVEREND M2 TEAM EDITION MTB posted by: DWAYNE on 10/10/2003 at 9:27:38 PM

MISC:   What is this badge from? is it worth anything? posted by: Tony on 10/10/2003 at 7:26:36 PM
Is this from a huffman or a huffy ?? I found it while metal detecting in central florida.


Any info would be greatly appreciated,


FOR SALE:   campy groce dàune derailler posted by: chris voss on 10/10/2003 at 3:18:36 PM
i want to sell one used and one brandnew cmpy croce d aune rear derailler.

FOR SALE:   Campy super record gruppo posted by: chris voss on 10/10/2003 at 3:13:30 PM
i want to sell my almost new campy super record gruppo from arount 1984. the gruppo was on an display bike in a shop. so everything is in a very very good condition (the headset has some marks from installation). the parts are in germany but sending to the us is no problem. i also have shimano dura ace ax aero brakes - mint condition. just mail.

WANTED:   WEINMANN 27" 1 X 1/4" CONCAVE WHEEL posted by: Paul Crosby on 10/10/2003 at 2:35:48 AM
Hope you guys and gals can help me find this wheel for my 78 Motobecane Touring De France. I purchased this new and the wheel was bent during a move recently and I am having trouble finding an original wheel. Thanks for any leads that you can provide me with.


FOR SALE:   1970 Raleigh Grand Prix posted by: MC on 10/9/2003 at 12:38:01 PM
Very tall blue 1970 Carlton Grand Prix, complete and original, e-mail for pic.

WANTED:   Looking for info on a CCM posted by: Allen on 10/8/2003 at 8:00:58 PM
I have aquired an old CCM Airglide and I am looking for info on when it might have been produced and what it is worth. Here are the stats.

mens frame camelback style
coaster brake equipped, the number stamped on the hub is 273497. It is a ccm "37" hub.
It has 28x1 1/2 tires.

The bike is in rough, but but servicable condition. All of the parts are there. Any help would be appreciated.

   RE:WANTED:   Looking for info on a CCM posted by Mike Patterson on 10/9/2003 at 2:28:40 AM
After 1937 if that is the original hub, and 'probably' before 1964.
Where does it say "Airglide", on the chainguard or the top tube?
Made in Weston Ontario I'm assuming (will say on headbadge) and is the headbadge itself a diamond shape or a shield with cutout letters (usually with the middle 'c' of CCM missing) or a shield with red background or a decal?

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Looking for info on a CCM posted by Allen Lane on 10/10/2003 at 4:09:05 AM
The Airglide logo is actually on the headtube, it's written across the badge (ovalish, sort of. No color left to it either.) There is a small CCM logo there as well. Dosen't say where it was built. No decals left on the frame to help me out either. I'm going to post some pics in the next few days so you guys can have a look. Cleaned the frame up last nite and peeled of the rotten rubber. Everything is intact surpringly enough. Once I got the rust and crud off the bike actually started to shine.

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Looking for info on a CCM posted by Al on 10/10/2003 at 4:11:37 AM
goofed on the frame serial #. It is 2K1202.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Looking for info on a CCM posted by Steve G on 10/10/2003 at 6:03:46 AM
based on the information I have, the "k" means it is a 1943 model.

WANTED:   Need for for Miyata 912 posted by: Kris Kjellquist on 10/8/2003 at 5:48:53 PM
I have an early 80's Miyata 912 and I need to replace the original fork. I am having some trouble finding a replacement. I want to spend little $$.

He are the dimensions for the original;
Steerer tube is 1" and threaded
Steerer tube length is 6 3/8 "
Needs to run 27" wheels

any help/links to locate a replacement fork would be great!!

FOR SALE:   Looking for pricing posted by: DJ on 10/8/2003 at 5:03:18 PM
need pricing on a 1976 schwinn fast back candy apple red, and on a 1970 green schwinn jr

   RE:FOR SALE:   Looking for pricing posted by Ken on 10/8/2003 at 6:00:06 PM
get in touch with

MISC:   Looking forOld Bikes/Parts? posted by: GMS on 10/8/2003 at 4:11:29 PM
Looking for a project bike? Need a part? Well one of the things I do is saddle up on my mountain bike and take a ride in the woods where people dump stuff......sure there is a chance that you will find nothing and good, but, there are bikes out there, trust me, i picked up my old phillips in a gravel pit (free) Thats the only really vintage bike i have seen, but i have also found other old bikes, tho incomplete, could be a good base frame for a custom project, now most of what is been rotting in the woods you aren't going to ride home, but, with some work and some spare parts that you have lying around, building a bike is possable.......Or even you can add to your parts collection if you need to, one point i should make is that bikes that are in the woods and in really bad shape, usually require alot of talent to fix up, basically everything can be sized up or rusted out on these pieces of junk, which is why most people threw them out in the first place....Happy Hunting.