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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   Mint Condition Robin Hood 3-speed posted by: John Deegan on 10/1/2003 at 5:14:07 PM
I'm looking to buy a great to mint condition Late 60s to early 70s Robin Hood (ideally)or a Phillips (Second choice) 3 or 5 speed Sturmey Archer. I had one of these when I was a kid, and I've hated myself EVERY day for selling it for a 10-speed! If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate an email at johndeegn@aol.com THANKS VERY MUCH!

   RE:WANTED:   Mint Condition Robin Hood 3-speed posted by David on 10/7/2003 at 7:28:41 PM
Talk to Dave up above with the his & hers Raleigh Sports.

WANTED:   I still need a Monark pedestal headlight posted by: Anthony S. on 10/1/2003 at 4:59:16 PM
If you would like anything in trade, give me a try, I also need a Schwinn drumbrake hubshell in good condition please.I do check ebay from time to time, I have lost a total of $167.00 to two sellers. I'm almost done with ebay.

WANTED:   Huffy Sticker posted by: Nicholas on 10/1/2003 at 12:23:26 AM
If anyone has a Huffy sticker that says Huffy in a vertical direction and has a star undreneath it please e-mail me.

FOR SALE:   Another Bike Shop's Leavings posted by: Mike Patterson on 9/30/2003 at 11:31:15 PM
Wandered into a pile of stuff from an old bike shop. The father had run it in Yarmouth NS until he died in '82 and the son had the leftover stock in his basement in Saint John and decided today to clean house. Luckily he called me and my little friend (1/4 ton S10)to clean up.
Partial List;
Rims NOS all Steel
20",20x1 3/8 S7, 24x 1 3/8 F3, 24"x1 3/8" Rigida(different size from F3), 26x1 3/8" EA3, 27x1 1/4 Rigida (numerals 78 in diamond engraved on rim), 28x1 1/2 S7
Headsets Steel;
WHW in original box

3 speed rear axles in two lengths and another type marked F&S M.

Sturmey Archer rear axle nut in original boxes marked 10 to a box but there are 12 in the boxes I have.

Indicator repair end to attach cable to threaded barrel

Barrel ended cable in ribbed white casing

Did I mention this is all NOS unless marked otherwise?

Dia Compe brake mounting bolts both long and short

Glitter grips purple in package

Glitter grips green USED (but not badly)

Sturmey Archer hubs USED;60, 69, 71, 73 with smooth body, 73 with ribbed body

Atom small flange rear hubs Used with battered wingnuts

Dia Compe road brake handles with the suicide levers

Dia Compe brake levers for flat bars

Shimano stem mount shifter for one side, with cable and navy blue housing

New Departure Model "D" Blackout Hub bodies

Cottered bottom axles TDC #2,4,5.

Rear Derailer Triplex Sport Used but very little

Sturmey Archer freewheel rear hub USED 36 spoke

Sheffield front axle USED 32 spoke

And last but not least;
Hercules Cycle and Motor Co. Ltd SW Hub Used in very good shape marked 58 12 BUT sprocket is missing.

I have much more still in boxes, NOS white or Chrome fenders with braces for 26" and 24", hub pieces both used and new for 3 speed and Coaster, and the oddest little bike frame marked CCM but with no seat stays and seems to take 20 solid tires Hmmmmm. Mike

FOR SALE:   1960s BlackHawks & early 70s Deluxe Gliders posted by: marc on 9/30/2003 at 10:53:06 PM
Hi, I own two Bananna Bike BlackHawks and one Duluxe Glider. All are in fair condition. Is there a demand for such bikes...restoration, parts, or as is?

FOR SALE:   S.W. Compact Notingham Raleigh posted by: marc barre on 9/30/2003 at 10:47:43 PM
Hello, my dad owns a three speed, S.W. Compact, Notingham Raleigh. It is early 1950s, perhaps late 1940s. It is in excellent condition. It folds at handle bars and main frame, and is white with a matching lino carrier. I have been unable to locate the serial numbers? He is interested in selling the bike for a fair price.

WANTED:   Decals wanted for wagon posted by: Steve on 9/30/2003 at 10:42:04 PM
Looking for decals for a Wards Hawthorne red wagon, circa late 1960's. Any links or help would be appreciated.

   RE:WANTED:   Decals wanted for wagon posted by rd on 10/2/2003 at 10:51:04 PM
try texas pedal car.

WANTED:   62 jc higgins flightliner posted by: Frank Long on 9/30/2003 at 9:04:16 PM
I am looking for a tank and taillight for a jc higgins flightliner, any shape.

FOR SALE:   HERCULES posted by: rickey on 9/30/2003 at 8:23:12 PM
for sale all original its condition has dyno hub no lights is a 4 care to make an offer

MISC:   Schwinn Corvette bicycle posted by: Jackie on 9/30/2003 at 7:09:21 PM
Husband has an original Schwinn Corvette bicycle. Im thinking its a 1959 model. How can i find out what it is worth? It has not been restored, but in excellent condition. I ride it occasionally..How can i find the worth of this bike? Thanks
P.S. Please email me, not sure if i can find this site again

   RE:MISC:   Schwinn Corvette bicycle posted by Marty on 10/2/2003 at 12:25:40 PM
All depends on condition and features. I just sold a 63 Corvette 3 speed in pretty good condition for $150.00 I have seen real nice one w/ chrome 4 reflector rear racks intact tear drop reflector rat trap front rack chrome w/ decent original schwinn tires no rust on chrome 3spd. and 2 speed kick backs auction on ebay for between 200 and 300.
Now is the time to sell it is cooling off in the south so people feal like riding.
Good luck Marty

FOR SALE:   RALEIGH RECORD 10 SPEED posted by: JACK JENKINS on 9/29/2003 at 9:32:09 PM

MISC:   Wanted to know how much my Firestone Jet Hawk is worth posted by: Coree on 9/29/2003 at 5:43:57 PM
If you coul let me know how much my Firestone Jet Hawk bicycle is worth. It has hard rubber tires and looks like it's from the 40's or 50's.

FOR SALE:   FOR SALE 1941 SHELBY SAFTEY BIKE posted by: Marty Mullins on 9/29/2003 at 1:00:31 PM
41 Shelby Saftey Bike Found at Garage Sale from Original Owner. SUPER NICE UNTOUCHED! Original paint,seat,Delta Light still has instructions on how to install batterys. Reproduction egg crate basket. Kenda WW Tires 26"x2.125
condition 7.9999.
NICE CLASSIC You don't see to many of these at your average swap meet. See Schwinn Classfieds for Pics Or email me and I will be happy to send pictures.
$1300.00 OBO
Thanks Marty Mullins 6159mart@msn.com

WANTED:   haro sr-71 and a revcore frame posted by: Barbara and Wayne on 9/29/2003 at 9:48:09 AM
wanted haro sr-71 in crome and a revcore frame and forks
my boyfriend has had me looking for the haro he wants one vary bad and it helps that his b-day is oct.10 so if anyone can help please do. and as for the revcore i used to race one so i must have it again

WANTED:   AMF Royalmaster Plastic Spaceship posted by: Rob Ansbach on 9/29/2003 at 2:01:50 AM
Looking for an airplane/spaceship for front fender of AMF Royalmaster [not Roadmaster] boys bike. White and red plastic. Cheers, Rob.