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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   "Kingkat "complete front fork assembly posted by: Sean on 12/29/2003 at 6:52:42 AM
I have a complete (minus handlebars) front end assembly for a Murray Kingkat. It has all hardware and comes with two sealed bearings to fit most bicycle headtubes along with a very long bolt,spacer, 7-heavy,thick washers,lockwasher,nut,castlenut,and original handlebar clamps and bolts/nuts. It also comes with a box-style 16" wheel with a excellent condition vintage blackwall 16"x2.2125 tire mounted on it (with tube). Tire says "UNIROYAL CHAIN UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY" on sidewall. Also says "fits straight side or hooked edge rim". The fork itself is in good condition and the chrome is presentable and not much at all for rust. Very surprising. The handlebar clamps and the top of the fork have some surface rust and the very bottom end of the one spring support where the nut is, near the wheel, has some surface rust, but thats about it.This could be cleaned up and on a bike in less than two hours. i ran it on numerous different frames with the long bolt and sealed bearings in the fork tube and it works great. it steers better and easier with that setup than a normal bike! This front end is really nice for its age. And very, very rare. You could build your own Kingkat (minus the seat) from the parts of a Firecat. They use the same frame, chainguard, etc. Only the paint, decals, and seat and fork are different. Sorry no trades. $500.00

   RE:FOR SALE:    posted by A CONCERNED BIKE ENTHUSIAST on 12/30/2003 at 11:51:27 PM
I'm glad to see people jacking up the prices on bike parts.Just lovely.A NOS KingKat wouldnt sell for that much Complete.Good luck selling this.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:    posted by Sean on 12/31/2003 at 7:31:23 PM
I love the way you assume to judge me. Grow up! Nobodys forcing you to buy it. Its people like you who give the hobby a bad name. I will no longer be selling, BUYING, responding to or recommending this site to anyone else. If you feel this way I will go elsewhere to find people who aren't so judgemental and share my interest and hobby there. You really make me sick!

   RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:    posted by John on 12/31/2003 at 9:18:15 PM
Where-ever you go I hope those people have a lot of money to pay for your overpriced parts.Good luck in your future greedy endeavors.Oh......Have a Happy New Year.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:    posted by Sean on 1/1/2004 at 5:29:56 AM
You know your right,I give! I just don't have the strength for this anymore. You've proven your hatred and that your a very judgemental, all-knowing person, so fine. But you are very shallow. I will bow to the general concensus and will no longer offer anything on this site. No responses, no parts for sale, no bikes for sale, and that will be that. I assume you are now happy your eminence. Lets agree to no longer allow this site to be turned into a bitch site and let the people who need it be allowed to use it. This is using too much space and we all know what your opinion is of someone who you know nothing about. I never thought that this hobby was indeed so shallow and petty. I will be selling off my stuff(don't worry it won't be on this site so you can insult me further) and getting out of the hobby for good now. I don't like where its going. Let us not use anymore time and space for this matter and consider the subject closed. Thank You. Please! No further responses! I get it! You think I'm evil. Fine, now leave me alone.

   RE:FOR SALE:    posted by bob on 1/5/2004 at 8:52:13 PM
Gee dude... don't be so touchy.. all you had to do was price your parts accordingly...its not worth gettin all upset about it.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:    posted by sean on 1/15/2004 at 11:06:26 PM
Im the devil.you will buy this bike,now.!!!!!!

   RE:FOR SALE:    posted by KEVIN BURNS on 2/1/2004 at 6:57:31 AM
A bike is worth what the owner wants. bikes that sold for $100.00 in the early 70's now sell for $1000 and up.
I have a webco BMX bike I paid $259 for it. Now with a broken rear barron mag (girl friend ran it over many many times in the mid 80's)and would barly sell the bike for $1,200 today, simply cause I will never find a 100% original webco from the early 70's.
I would sell my factory, 1984 "NORA CUP WINNER" HUTCH pro racer for $300 today. I paid $1,168 for it in 1984. Figure that one out.
No disrespect to any one.

WANTED:   fender & rear reflector posted by: dale on 12/28/2003 at 1:08:26 AM
looking for a rear fender(chrome) & reflector to fit a 1970 schwinn bantam i'm restoring.

WANTED:   red'white seat 1957 schwinn mark II jaguar posted by: stuart green on 12/26/2003 at 4:36:06 PM
need red and white seat for my 1957 schwinn mark II jaguar
bicycle, any help appreciated

MISC:   Brazen Dropouts Annual Bike Swap posted by: Patrick on 12/25/2003 at 10:36:27 PM
Just dropping all of you bike fans a note about the Brazen Dropouts Annual Bike Swap in Madison, WI on January 24. I will be at a booth for Wheels for Winners: The Earn-a-Bike Program and I get time to wander the swap as well. It is a very large swap of mostly contemporary Mountain and road bikes, parts and accessories. Not much for vintage or classics, but there are some very good deals to be had on good used gear. For more info, just do a search for Brazen Dropouts and follow the links to their site. See you there.


WANTED:   When is winter Indianapolis bike show? posted by: Kevin on 12/25/2003 at 12:35:39 PM
Does anyone out there know when the winter bike show will be held in Indianpolis (or Danville, Ind.)? Any contact information would be appreciated,too. A friend wants to set up there.

   RE:WANTED:   When is winter Indianapolis bike show? posted by Sharon on 1/4/2004 at 5:12:11 PM
The Hoosier Bicycle show is Febraury 7th - opens 8 am, vendor set up 7 am. Go to www.hoosierantiquebicycles.org. Sharon

FOR SALE:   A few bikes for sale posted by: Peter on 12/23/2003 at 6:32:34 PM
Hey Guys,
I have too many bikes and well, some must go.
I hate to do this but I really need the space.
They are all up on Ebay, please take a look.....
Thanks Everyone and Happy Holiday!

FOR SALE:   Collection of Schwinn Corvettes posted by: Roger on 12/22/2003 at 6:50:18 PM
Must Sell my collection of 25 Corvettes from first year to last year 1955 - 1965. Some rare features on some of these such as a 1955 Ladies bike with the (NEW DEPARTURE TWIN 2-SPEED)which mates up with a men's 1955 Bendix 2-speed and these two bikes where made two days apart! Pairs of L&M's for 1957 & 1958. The only year I do not have is a Ladies 56 or a men's 64. Two Ladies Starlets 1965 & 1968. One LiL Chic 1975. 19 of the bikes were taken down to bare frame and put back together with all bearings repacked. 9 are still in boxes as I bought them. These bikes are not restored! I call them 'Survivors'. Original paint and silk screening with all possible rust removed. Some bikes have the usual dings in fenders and worn silk screening. But Like a real Chev Corvette these are what makes it a Survivor! Very sad to say all must go. Of course lots of $ invested. (like $11,500 - but will take $7800.) This is only like $279 per bike. THEN, all the spare parts go TOO!
To much to list of course. Call at 970-416-0365 - or email at randvette@prodigy.net. Many pictures available. Thanks

   RE:FOR SALE:   Collection of Schwinn Corvettes posted by chat noir on 12/31/2003 at 6:06:53 AM
IM looking for a vintage bike and like corvettes but could only buy one. woold prefer one with a tank

WANTED:   Huffy Firecat info posted by: Colin Lynch on 12/21/2003 at 1:23:21 PM
I am looking for any info on Huffy Firecat,it was a factory custom chopper with a chrome extended front end,I belive they were one made 1 year or so then considered too dangerous. Had one as a child.

   RE:WANTED:   Huffy Firecat info posted by Sean on 12/22/2003 at 6:51:01 PM
Huffy didn't build this bike, Murray did. I have owned several of these and they are fun. They also built an upper class version called the Kingkat. It had the same chainguard, frame, and fender. The fork was about the same length but was a springer with four springs and two bolts on top to adjust the tension. The seat was black with green and yellow graphics. These bikes are very rare today and way too expensive for me to afford. But I do have a complete working springer front end for one. Anyway the firecat bike complete is a desireable bike. The hardest part to find in good condition is the purple seat with flames. If you run across an extra frame or any other pieces such as chainguard, seat etc., let me know. I'll do the same for you. "Sean"

WANTED:   Sears Screamer Parts Needed posted by: Sean on 12/21/2003 at 3:21:11 AM
I urgently need a rear fender, rear sissy bar spring support washer cone (it goes on the rear seat support, then the spring, then another spring washer cone, then the lower part of the sissy bar/seat support. And a seat for a Sears Screamer. I know these parts are not easy but hopefully I'll get someone to help. Can trade or pay cash via money order.

WANTED:   wtt peapicker for cycle truck posted by: Eric Law on 12/21/2003 at 1:09:54 AM
Hi i have a 70 peapicker 5 speed i want to trade for a cycle truck , Thank You ,,

FOR SALE:   Early 70's Viscount Aerospace GP posted by: Peter on 12/20/2003 at 6:05:21 PM
Hey Guys,
Anyone instersted in an Early 70's Viscount Aerospace GP ?
It has the Shimano Titlist Derailiuers, Shimano Brakes and is a ( surprise! ) 21" frame.
This one needs a little work, its needs to be cleaned, tuned-up and tire replacement, of course.
Its gotta go!
Make an offer, please e-mail me....Jubbley76@yahoo.com

WANTED:   Sears Screamer Rear Spring Metal Retainer posted by: Sean on 12/19/2003 at 11:52:14 PM
I need the metal washer/spring grommet that goes on the top and bottom between the spring on the rear seat support or "sissy bar" on the Murray Eliminator or Sears Screamer (there the same). Its a metal piece that slides onto the sissy bar, then the spring goes in, then another one of these metal washer/grommets. I will also need the pins that keep it in place, but I can make them too so if you have them for sale please don't try to sell me them for big money. If you also have the metal nameplate and rivets for the forktube on either or both the Sears Screamer or Murray Eliminator (Mark II), let me know as well. And lastly I need several of the chrome metal pieces that go onto the front springer forks on the Murray's. It goes on first, then the cone, then the fork tube cone and bearing. I don't know their specific name. Trades are possible. "Sean"

FOR SALE:   Schwinns for sale posted by: Timothy L Priest on 12/18/2003 at 8:48:34 AM
All of these are for sale,Best offer.Email me for pictures and more info.
Fullsize Bikes
Hollywood 26 “ Green,needs back wheel DE95022
Hollywood26” blue,needs wheels cp501011
Spitfire Men’s 24 “ red and white D15969
Hollywood 26” Blue complete bike N144314
Sportabout tens speed 27”
Varsity,Yellow Ten speed 27”
Bicentenial Stingray 90% complete 20”
Typhoon,Red,26” needs wheels D426342
Men’s Stingray style @6: complete Blue MB 63941
World Tourist,Ten Speed, ladys complete
Fair Lady.Blue.full fenders complete,Year???

Twenty Inch
Lil Chic.Black over Pink paint-Year?,almost complete
Lil Chic,Blue year?
Spitfire Gilrs frame,mostly complete,pink and white
Lil Chic-LE33249
Lil Chic,Green,BC19848
Fair Lady,Mostly complete,Pink,KR?????
Bmx Frame,Double gusset,older dropouts,BU501714
Bmx Frame,Red Over black Paint,Double gusste Frame,newer dropouts,year????
Bmx Silver over Blue,top tube is level wit seat stays,GO683

24” and 26”
Speedster,Red,3 Speed frame,mostly complete,lightweight,Year????
Stingray 24” bondo frame,MC38528
Stingray copper,Mostly complete 24”,CD19566
Stingray Brown 24”,MC30459
Stingray mens frame with short headtube-DO18150
Lady’s frame 24” newer frame messed up.
Lady’s Frame 24” or 26” G8????
Varsity,Yellow,Mostly complete,JHO26731
Men’s DX frame- DO9708

WANTED:   Murray Eliminator Drag Brake Shifter posted by: Sean on 12/18/2003 at 1:37:13 AM
I need a 3 or 5 speed stickshift for the twinbar Murray Eliminator musclebike. The shifter has the three or five speed shift on the left and a brake lever on the right. The shift lever has a black knob with the word SHIFT in silver and the brake knob is red with the word BRAKE in silver. I need a complete shifter in working, nice condition for a restoration I will be starting soon. Can't start restoration until I have all parts first. Please Help!!! "SEAN"

FOR SALE:   Rod Brake Hercules For $29. NOOO posted by: Marty Mullins on 12/16/2003 at 1:56:12 AM
I know there are a lot of critics of this kind of post,but I tryed selling on this site w/ no luck and I think you guys that love old English Road bikes would agree it would be a shame for this bike to sell for $29.00. I have it on ebay if your looking for a GREAT DEAL see item #2210143731 on ebay or go to going going gone.
I appologise for doing this but I couldn't see it going for that cheap.
I guess you will call me a hypocrite because I was in agreement w/ the previous posts against this type of post,but now I see what its like w/ the shoe on the other foot.
But look at it this way one of you collectors that appreciate these kind of Cycles can get a good deal it is closing in about 4 hours.
Thanks marty

   RE:FOR SALE:   Rod Brake Hercules For $29. NOOO posted by Kim on 12/18/2003 at 12:18:25 AM
Yikes, I missed that one. It sold for only $47.
We'll see it on eBay this spring for $400