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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   Raleigh RRA Modern Mystery posted by: D. C. Wilson on 1/18/2003 at 6:05:33 AM
This mystery needs solving...

At issue is a gold and black Raleigh RRA Moderne with Sturmey FM four speed, Dunlop Super Light Weight steel rims (old Dunlop Road Racing tires still on rims), proper drops, Hiduminium side pulls brakes, and a dynohub in front. Quite the clubman's bike.

The Sturmey says 58 for 1958. The S/N under the seat implies 1957-58, according to Raleigh S/N chronologies. A web article discusses the RRA Moderne as a two year resuscitation during 1957-58 of the long running RRA after a two year absence from the Raleigh lineup (it was dropped permanently after 1958.

The mystery is: the man who donated it to the thrift store where I bought it claimed that he bought the bike in England in 1942 when he was stationed there during WWII. What's more, he said he believed the bike was actually vintage 1936.

Can anyone make any sense out of this? I've read that Raleigh's numbers sometimes are inconsistent with the Raleigh S/N chronologies.

Comments or advice anyone?

   RE:WANTED:   Raleigh RRA Modern Mystery posted by Jeff R on 1/18/2003 at 3:10:25 PM
Is the 58 date on both the dynohub and the FW hub? He may have updated the bike with the newer hubs. If the dynohub is pre 1952 it should have a dark brown bakelite face. After 52 it was satin nickel, then late 50's early 60's it was shiny chrome. What type of shifter does it have? Stainless spokes?

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Raleigh RRA Modern Mystery posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 1/18/2003 at 7:43:57 PM
Buy it! Buy it now! No, really!
These are spectacular! The very finest ever to come out of Raleigh!
I have two R.R.A.'s Raleigh Record Ace machines.
I fly on mine, it's an incredible experience!
I have had ruthless and rough collector types come around. I had to sternly say No! It is not for sale. I'll die and be buried with mine they'll lay me down and instead of a sword across my chest like a Viking warrior I'll be holding the bikes! They'll dig me up to get them!
Whatever year this is, it's primo Raleigh for sure. Take pictures, send them to Hilary Stone and ask The Vetrans Cycle Club for a Marque Enthusiast on these.

Mine are 1948 and 1952 models and this "Moderne" part of the name I do not recognize so I suspect yours is older. Donated to a thrift store? Good heavens! Can we say "bargain?" It's a shame they were not given to a trusted club pal or sold to somebody worthy. Instead of being thrust into the cold to take their chances. I have seen these brought to the Cirque and seen these fetch $1400.00 on e- bay.
They nickeled and possibly chromed some of the frames and then they layered wild laquer shades over the nickel and they were awesome. Rubino type reds and other colors.

Mine are in Polychromatic lilac and are stunning. I don't restore these because I don't feel that paint can be matched exactly for these. But if anything will get restorted it would be the Ace's.
Have you seen Bob Reid's Flying Scot page?
Type in: "Bob Reids Flying Scot"
E- mail Bob Reid and Hilary Stone and stay close and don't stray from their advice. People will want to pluck these from your grasp. I would!
Anybody know Hilary Stone's web address?

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED: Raleigh RRA Modern Mystery posted by P.C. Kohler on 1/19/2003 at 1:07:17 AM
Sounds pre-war to me if only because of the colour; the 1936 and 1938 Raleigh catalogues I have show this R.R.A. Raleigh Record Ace in black as a stock colour. Optional finishes were shown in '38. After the war, the R.R.A. was available in any colour Raleigh produced. The challenge with these machines in dating by components is that there was not really any "stock" issue; it was largely a custom order job.

But a lovely mount; it even figures in the 1940 catalogue.

Whoever has a complete run of Raleigh catalogues: do us a favour and do a year-to-year run-down on these machines in terms of fitments etc. It's too cold to be cycling anyway.

P.C. Kohler

   RE:WANTED:   Raleigh RRA Modern Mystery posted by Liam Ooi on 3/26/2003 at 4:41:41 PM
I have a late 1970s RRA in good conditions and I wonder how much it is worth? There a scratches on the pain job but all the componenets are original.

FOR SALE:   1897 Clipper tandem. $2,000 posted by: Kevin C on 1/17/2003 at 11:50:17 PM
Rare, all original Clipper tandem, made in Grand Rapids, Mich. and dated on head badge 1897. Steers from front or rear. Original paint and saddles. Rideable with new tires. Bike is in Lafayette, Indiana.

WANTED:   HUFFY RAIL RESTO DECALS posted by: KENT on 1/17/2003 at 11:44:56 PM
does any one know where i can find huffy rail restoration decals? i need the decal for the down tube and also the chainguard.i also need a shifter console for a 5 speed
thank you.

   RE:WANTED:   HUFFY RAIL RESTO DECALS posted by sheridan on 1/18/2003 at 9:10:15 PM
hi kent.. i just restored a coast king hugger hard to find decals for so i went to a vinyl sign shop took my chainguard and drawed a picture of my seat tube decal and it turned out great..... sheidan

FOR SALE:   stingray pixie posted by: paul on 1/17/2003 at 4:44:50 PM
i have a complete stingray pixie all original

   RE:FOR SALE:   stingray pixie posted by george on 1/29/2003 at 12:57:51 AM
How much are you asking for bike,could you send pics, are you interested in trading. Thanks George

   RE:FOR SALE:   stingray pixie posted by erik on 1/31/2003 at 9:52:19 AM
my name is and i was wondering if this bike is still for sale if so how much and could i please see a picture if possible i'm very interested i pay$$$..erik

MISC:   Sulky and Horse Pedal-Car posted by: Richard on 1/17/2003 at 1:18:36 AM
I have a Sulky Cycle. It is mostly metal, probably made around the 1940's, and consists of a cart for a child to sit in, pedals like a bicycle, and has a horse in the front which gives the illusion that the child is driving a horse cart. We are trying to determine it's history and value.
The horse is made of real fur with leather and brass trimmings, and the tires are solid rubber, made in Argentina. There are several Spanish words on different parts, as well as the Flexible Flyer logo on the back of it.
Any information you could give us would be greatly appreciated.

FOR SALE:   Browning bicycle in original condition posted by: Bill on 1/16/2003 at 11:46:40 PM
I have a Browning bicycle I purchased new in 1973. Don't know much else about it except it is Browning brown and made in Belgium. It is a 10-speed, all original and never wrecked or even scratched. It's hanging in my basement and I would like to know the value. Any help would be appreciated. Bill

FOR SALE:   schwinn speedster posted by: mike on 1/16/2003 at 10:12:15 PM
I cleaned out my uncles garage and found this bike. It says schwinn speedster. I'm not into bikes so can someone help me go about and see if I can sale it etc.

FOR SALE:   schwinn speedster posted by: mike on 1/16/2003 at 10:12:15 PM
I cleaned out my uncles garage and found this bike. It says schwinn speedster. I'm not into bikes so can someone help me go about and see if I can sale it etc.

WANTED:   RALEIGH ROADSTER 50's this bike pictured posted by: ron on 1/16/2003 at 12:43:30 PM
any leads or help in finding this bike.

WANTED:   tank for schwinn fleet 20" posted by: sheridan on 1/16/2003 at 10:20:59 AM
i have a 1967 schwinn fleet and it's missing the tank if anyone has one for sale let me know ... thank you

FOR SALE:    posted by: stuart on 1/16/2003 at 5:43:53 AM
Hi, i am selling a yellow stingray that is 100% original down to the intertubes. go to my site for more details.

FOR SALE:   1960'S LITTLE MISS BUZZ BIKE posted by: LUKE PATE on 1/15/2003 at 11:54:49 PM

FOR SALE:   new (NOS) parts site posted by: Ginny Rini on 1/15/2003 at 8:57:09 PM
I am beginning to post parts on my new parts site, it will take some time to get them all posted (be patient). I already have a up and running Old School BMX site. Keep an eye on my new site for allot of good parts. all my sites can be accesed from http://rinienterprises.home.attbi.com

FOR SALE:   1969 Raleigh Sports Mens 3-Speed posted by: Peter on 1/15/2003 at 6:31:38 PM
FOR SALE: Good condition 1969 Raleigh 3-speed (Sturmey-Archer) Men's Raleigh Sports Bike, Model 2030. Rarely
ridden. Likely needs new inner tubes. Well-worn Brooks
saddle. Has rear-pouch. Original bike-repair wrench.
A bit dusty from being in storage, but in fine shape overall. Asking $125./BO. In Brookline, MA. contact: sultan@ll.mit.edu

FOR SALE:   1971 Releigh all steel 3-speed posted by: Mark Allen on 1/15/2003 at 4:05:33 PM
I also have a women's 3-speed 32 year old Releigh. Make me an offer!
Thank You