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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

MISC:   boys sears bike posted by: rich on 3/1/2003 at 11:33:04 PM
I have a boys 20" bicycle, sting ray type, made by Sears. It is light blue in color. Other than a little rust, it is in good shape. Does anyone know if there is any value to this bicycle?

MISC:   New Online collectors Bicycle Showroom posted by: Tim Gunn on 3/1/2003 at 6:34:45 PM
New online Bicycle Showroom for collectors Bicycles,

Go To http://www.theoldbicycle.co.uk

WANTED:   Late 60's Huffy Tandem posted by: Rick on 3/1/2003 at 3:10:10 PM
Just picked up a late 60's Huffy Tandem from my neighbor in trade for three links of deer sausage. Nice Trade. Anyway, I want to restore the bike and am looking for any links to helpful hints or access to original parts. Bike is in working condition, though all the chrome is pretty rusted and new paint will be needed. Any direction would be appreciated.

Rick - Texas

   RE:WANTED:   Late 60's Huffy Tandem posted by Stacey on 3/1/2003 at 6:37:42 PM
Rick, THREE links of Venison sausage?!? Dude, you got ripped! I'd have gone two at best. LOL

Finding "Original" parts for your Huffy is going to be difficult at best, and the ROI for a restoration would be negligble. Your best bet would be to repaint it (if that's what it really needs), perhaps a good bath and polish would make it look nice. My favorite method for resurecting rusty chrome, provided it's not too rusty, is a good rub down with a COPPER pot scrubber (copper is sofetr than chrome and won't scratch it), follow up with a liberal application of a good chrome cleaner/polish then for a 'knock yer socks off' glow finish it up with Never-Dull. If you have parts that are missing or just F.U.B.A.R. then find an adequate replacement... something that will fit, looks good, and is sturdy. You don't want to skimp... especially the brakes. Remember, you're stopping for two!

Make friends with the 'old guy' at your local bike shop. Usually, they know what they're talking about and will be most willing to help you reduce the weight of your wallet. :-)

Gook luck.. show us some pictures when you're done, 'k?

MISC:   Mossberg 10 speed bicycle posted by: John Edwards on 3/1/2003 at 6:39:00 AM
I was given an old Mossberg bicycle. It is goldish in color, has very unusual shifters and it is a 26" tire only( I tried to put 27" on it lol). It also came with a front reflector which matches a poster I saw on ebay for Mossberg bicycles. Does any one know what year it could possibly be or where to go to find it out? Your help would greatly be appreciated. Also in my collection I have a Raleigh Grand Prix 10 speed 27" that is red and black, I believe it is the 1972 model judging by pics I saw on this website. It has two stickers on it thay say "Farmington" and "Smith's Bicycle Dealers", if any one knows where that is please tell me, I believe it to be in England but I want to make sure.

FOR SALE:   (1) Medici and (2) Bottechia posted by: Charles Lombardi on 2/28/2003 at 12:53:51 PM
(1) 53(c-c) Medici "pro-Strada" orig green paint, decent real world cond. w/ mostly Shimano, 7sp STI, newish Ultegra 53/39 crank, black rims, f/h,Kenda Koncept 23`s, ITM stem,"Oktavia" saddle, Chrome fork crown $750
(2) 53(c-c) Bottechia, no model name, orig white paint, a few nicks, w/ Campy brakes, levers, ders,crank, shifters hubs and Victory tubular rims w/ Hutchinsons, 7sp d/t friction, orig. chrome fork, good cond.$650

FOR SALE:   Performance Road frame and fork 54cm posted by: Greg on 2/28/2003 at 4:09:03 AM
Performance road frame and fork. 54cm. Tange Infinity double butted and tapered tubeset. Color is blue. Includes bb, crankset 52,32, front and rear der. brake levers, brakes, down tube shifters. All Shimano Sport LX group. Light action. Also ITM stem. All in great condition. I bought it to build it but lost intrest. $55.00 for complete package. Add $20.00 for shipping anywhere in lower 48. Will make a great bike. Thanks, Greg

   RE:FOR SALE:   Performance Road frame and fork 54cm posted by Ricky on 2/28/2003 at 7:08:16 AM
I sent you an email, but wanted to post here in case it missed you. I'm interested...could you provide some pics or more info"?
Thanks, Ricky

WANTED:   NSU Horizontal Bike motor/Aquabug Motor/partss posted by: Gerald Rosen on 2/28/2003 at 2:47:30 AM
looking for NSU horizontal underslung bike motor. This has a roller
drive and built in clutch. It was an add on Motor.
Also, need any parts or complete Bike Bug (Aquabug)or TAS Spitz especially new or used drive roller
I have motor without aluminum screw on roller. I can machine it but would prefer original. Thanks
telephone 6176331007 or email tigereye@attbi.com. Thanks.

WANTED:   Mongoose Californian posted by: Tim on 2/27/2003 at 3:58:49 PM
I want to buy my old bmx, it was an 80's Mongoose Californian. I'm not sure how many different models there were, but mine was Chrome with wire spoke wheels. If anyone has one to sell or has info for one, please let me know.


WANTED:   Tires posted by: Bob on 2/27/2003 at 12:12:00 AM
I am looking for a couple of things:
26x1.75 whitewalls, nos made in usa
two small reflectors with studs, red, about 3/4 inch.
Please email me if you can help.

WANTED:   schwinn 16 inch front wheel-drum brake posted by: NICK on 2/26/2003 at 11:33:57 PM

WANTED:   Varsity or Continental Fork posted by: Ricky on 2/26/2003 at 2:02:09 PM
Sorry for the "double post" but it seems that I keep screwing up(sigh) I'll get the hang o' this some day.
Want to buy: A Fork (flat style) for a 1985 Schwinn Varsity and I expect that the Continental fork would interchange, but I dont know. The frame i have is a 20" ladies in metallic red. I dont care about the color, painting is not a problem. Also looking for a source for Varsity decals as well is decals for a "Vista Esquire" bike.
Thanks, Ricky

   RE:WANTED:   Varsity or Continental Fork posted by Joel on 2/26/2003 at 3:45:21 PM
What wheel size? I have several.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Varsity or Continental Fork posted by Ricky on 2/26/2003 at 4:01:06 PM
Oops! 27" (I keep forgetting that they made so many versions/sizes with the same name)

FOR SALE:   Varsity Fork posted by: Ricky on 2/26/2003 at 4:42:58 AM
Would like to buy a fork for a Varsity ('76, 20" frame)or for a continental.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Varsity Fork posted by Ricky on 2/26/2003 at 4:46:41 AM
Correction, the bike is an '85 model (probably doesn't matter anyway)

FOR SALE:   5 SPEED STURMEY ARCHER HUB posted by: Rick Green on 2/26/2003 at 2:25:09 AM
I have a 28 hole 5 SPEED STURMEY ARCHER hub for a 20in bike. Please e-mail me if interested. the chrome is perfect.

WANTED:   BRIDGESTONE RB or X0 posted by: Rick on 2/25/2003 at 2:54:42 PM
I am looking for a Bridgestone RB or XO (57cm-60cm) in good condition with orginal spec. I am on limited budget but will consider all offerings. Please responsd to rooster@waynorth.com. Thanks in advance!!!

WANTED:   Chainguard posted by: John on 2/25/2003 at 4:02:35 AM
Intrested in buying a chainguard for a Schwinn Collegiate in Sunset Orange color. Must be in very good condition.