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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   Western Flyer X53 Parts posted by: Marty Mullins on 4/3/2003 at 3:42:26 AM
Looking for X53 tank Front fender light and rear reflecter
Please email if you can help.

WANTED:   lowrider bikes posted by: Chris on 4/3/2003 at 12:34:31 AM
I was wondering if there was any place in dallas, texas that sold lowrider bikes and/or parts. Any info would be greatly appreciated

WANTED:   schwinn 50s or repro posted by: jerry swiatek on 4/1/2003 at 11:58:19 PM
want to buy a 50s cruiser, panther, or 90s reproduction.
thanks. jerry

   RE:WANTED:   schwinn 50s or repro posted by JimW. on 4/2/2003 at 6:38:38 PM
There's a guy named Zach who has a recent post on the reiproduction/motorized list here. He has a mint 2000 Panther repro to sell.

   RE:WANTED:   schwinn 50s or repro posted by Al D. on 4/15/2003 at 3:32:58 PM
I have a complete but rough Schwinn Panther, late 1940's complete except seat and light and orig. tires. Make me an offer. I live in Michigan. Thanks, Al

WANTED:   STINGRAY SEATS posted by: PETE on 4/1/2003 at 7:50:57 PM

WANTED:   spoke reflectors for raleigh twenty posted by: kok kian on 4/1/2003 at 4:50:13 PM
looking for wheel spoke reflectors to fit raleigh twenty folding bike. these are the round amber and red ones. thanks!

WANTED:   Owner's manual posted by: Mike McGraw on 4/1/2003 at 4:25:57 PM
Looking for an owner's manual, maintance manual, etc. for late 1960's Raliegh Sprite bicycle.

WANTED:   Schwinn Fastback posted by: Elisabeth on 4/1/2003 at 4:06:48 PM
My fiance is dying to have a Schwinn Fastback that is 60s or early 70s. He is planning to restore it so it doesn't have to be in great condition. He wants it to be his project bike.
If anyone has a Schwinn fastback that they are willing to part with, please contact me.

MISC:   Vintage Racing Bike posted by: Daniel Sukel on 3/31/2003 at 4:15:54 PM
I inherited my grandfathers old racing bicycle. He use to race at the Newark and Nutley Velodromes I'm guessing in the 20's and 30's. The frame has a badge that says "Schaerbeek Cycles" can anyone tell me the history of this cycle. The front sprocket is BSA, the brakes are PHILCO, the seat is BROOKS, and the wheels are, I'm guessing a laminate hard wood. Bike is in great shape. Looking for some history on the rider if any, Robert Oliner and worth of the bike. Any information is gratly appreciated.

WANTED:   gym-dandy surrey posted by: mike on 3/31/2003 at 12:45:07 AM
looking for front wheels for 1962 art linkletter gym-dandy surrey pedar car..

   RE:WANTED:   gym-dandy surrey posted by JimW. on 4/2/2003 at 6:46:50 PM
The odds of finding exact factory duplicates are pretty slim. But you should be able to find wheels of the same size and axle diameter if you look/ask around. What's the rim size, axle diameter, tire size?

FOR SALE:   Sturmey Archer Dynohub with matching head light & bracket posted by: JAG on 3/30/2003 at 11:09:58 PM
Any english riders out there?? Sturmey Archer Dynohub in nice shape and the matching head light & bracket.
Hey use it for display!!! or do custom project with it??
Or find the rear light and lace it into the correct sturmey wheel to add the finishing touch to your english ride!!
Email me for pic, info etc!!

   RE:FOR SALE:   Sturmey Archer Dynohub with matching head light & bracket posted by jack on 4/4/2003 at 12:24:38 AM
I have a 36 hole, SA Dynahub generator, $30 plus shipping. I do not have the light.

FOR SALE:   French Road bikes posted by: Steve Rodrigues on 3/30/2003 at 9:55:42 PM
I have two French road bicycles. The first is a Jeunet "Frenche Comte' that I have owned new since 1971. I haven't ridden it in 18 years but had maintained it until then. The other is a Motobecane 'Super Mirage'. Frame sizes must be around 58-60cm. because I now ride a 62cm Trek 5200 and they fit. My question is are they valueable to a collector?

   RE:FOR SALE:   French Road bikes posted by Bryant on 3/31/2003 at 8:28:29 PM
Don't know about the Jeunet, but I did pick up a Moto Super Mirage last year at a Yard sale for $20. I figure that is about what it is worth. The Super Mirage is the second step from the bottom, just above the Nomade. Nice bike but not collectable.

FOR SALE:   Schwin Fastback posted by: Rob on 3/30/2003 at 5:19:07 PM
I am looking to sell a Schwin Fastback(stingray-ramhorn), 5 speed, a mid to late 60s model. Good condition, please email me for photo and more information.

   RE:FOR SALE: Schwin Fastback posted by Elisabeth on 4/1/2003 at 4:11:16 PM
Hi Rob,
I am interested in your Schwinn fastback. Could you email me the extra info and condition?

   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwin Fastback posted by linda on 4/14/2003 at 5:34:39 AM
would like more info on fastback.
please send photo and price info.

WANTED:   Eatons fastback 100 posted by: Tony on 3/30/2003 at 3:18:00 PM
Looking for a Eatons fastback 100 (1968-69)

WANTED:   owners manuel posted by: Wade on 3/30/2003 at 2:33:05 PM
I have a 1979 Schwinn Le TourIV. I would like to obtain a owners manuel for it.

WANTED:   Campagnolo gum brake hoods, late 1970's posted by: Jackie Cooper on 3/30/2003 at 1:47:40 AM
Campagnolo brakes need Campy gum brake hoods for late-1970's Campy Record group. Have DiaCompe gum now, don't think they are original to the group.