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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   1958 Schwinn posted by: Greg Olivera on 5/8/2003 at 12:15:45 AM
1958 Schwinn Spitfire girls sold by B.F.Goodrich nice shape all orig. except tires $75.00 + shipping THANKS oldroads for space and cool site Ride a bike today!!!!!!

   RE:FOR SALE:   1958 Schwinn posted by Greg on 5/8/2003 at 1:53:52 AM
Forgot to mention it,s 26" blue and white rear fender dented from kid seat I have that also go with

FOR SALE:   CCM Cycles posted by: Allan Miller on 5/7/2003 at 5:51:53 AM
Hello, I have come across two old CCM lady bikes. One is a Hiawatha and the other is an Encore. They are both in good condition. The Hiawatha has balloon tires and the Encore is a nice blue original color. Are these worth anything?

FOR SALE:   61 schwinn corvette posted by: jesse james on 5/7/2003 at 3:55:18 AM
whats the value of a 61 corvette with all chrome almost mint and the paint is a bit faded and scratched.but not bad.all origional parts west wind tires etc.please and thanks

   RE:FOR SALE:   61 schwinn corvette posted by Ken on 5/8/2003 at 6:03:41 PM
jj, these don't seem to get the respect they deserve. I've got a '63 with two-speed Bendix that I've tried to find a home for. Maybe if we hold them they'll appreciate :)

FOR SALE:   huffy chain gaurd posted by: Greg Olivera on 5/6/2003 at 2:58:11 AM
chain gaurd for huffy dial a ride or radio bike also same as used on western flyer by columbia has a couple small bends and light rust on bottom edge it is very solid and easy fix for resto project. (Greg aka partsineed)

WANTED:   Chain guard for Murray Eliminator II posted by: ciemerych.ss on 5/4/2003 at 11:56:55 AM
I need a chain guard for a `69/`70 Murray Eliminator II or AMC Thunderball V (preferably the later if any of the paint and graphics are still present).

WANTED:   Chain guard for Murray Eliminator II posted by: ciemerych.ss on 5/4/2003 at 11:56:55 AM
I need a chain guard for a `69/`70 Murray Eliminator II or AMC Thunderball V (preferably the later if any of the paint and graphics are still present).

FOR SALE:   roadmaster 1949 mail posted by: glenn couts on 5/4/2003 at 5:33:22 AM
roadmaster bike1949 mail and a roadmaster mope head condition almost perfect con. airg tires bad on 1949 price i have no idia what thay are wourth ??????

MISC:   Info on Western Flyer Tandem posted by: Brad on 5/4/2003 at 12:31:57 AM
Have a black Western Flyer tandem in good shape - how could I go about finding out the value, age of bike(it has a decal for registration from 1975), and where I can get parts if I want to resore because the seats have been replaced - thanks a lot.

MISC:   Matching '73 Schwinn Breeze & Speedster posted by: John M Hopkins on 5/3/2003 at 2:49:35 PM
I have a matching pair of his and hers Schwinn 3-speed 26" bicycles in fairly good condition. The men's version is the 'Speedster'; ser# BJ592446, Sturmey-Archer AW - stamped 73 1. The ladies is the 'Breeze'; ser# EJ618704, Sturmey-Archer AW - stamped 72 8. Both are green and all-original (except tyres and brake pads). Anyone have an idea of what they might be worth?

   RE:MISC:   Matching '73 Schwinn Breeze & Speedster posted by From the Hip on 5/3/2003 at 9:14:06 PM
I'd say $100 for the pair in good condition would be fair to you and the buyer.

FOR SALE:   1951 whizzer sportsman posted by: Scheppster on 5/3/2003 at 11:58:15 AM
Selling a 1951 20" framed whizzer sportsman, crash bars, 5" rear brake, red, redone about 15 years agothis whizzer is spotless. Will consider trade for polaris quad. $5,000.00 firm

FOR SALE:   pre 1933 humber posted by: Sylvia Prys Jones on 5/3/2003 at 10:21:51 AM
I still have my grandfather's bike which is a Humber, 1933 at the latest according to my father who was born in 1922 and remembers his father riding it. It was beautifully cared for by my grandfather who kept all his machinery in immaculate condition. It's been in a shed for many years now. It's still in fairly good condition, a bit rusty and the leather seat is a bit shrunk. My husband was still riding it a few years ago! A friend of ours borrowed it a few years ago to use in a television series and I don't know whether he just cleaned it up or actually replaced parts.I know nothing whatsoever about bikes.I don't want to make money out of it but obviously I don't want to sell it for a fiver and find that it's worth more than that. Basically I'd like it to go to a good home.

   RE:FOR SALE:   pre 1933 humber posted by bobby on 7/1/2003 at 5:44:47 AM
do you still have the Humber ?
i assure you i would give it a good loving home, let it sleep in my livingroom @ night & take it to thr local market for a double cappuchino in the mornings...
lets discuss the costs, etc...

thanks a million !
bobby (602) 505-0007

   RE:FOR SALE:   pre 1933 humber posted by T.R. Ford on 6/19/2003 at 10:43:46 PM
I had a '33 Humber in good condition -- all original parts, good paint (black) and good mechanical condition. It saw constant use on nine college and university campuses and a delightful trip from Providence,R.I. to Quebec and back. Five years ago I sold it to a nephew for $20 who used it until stolen 2 years ago. It was a solid, no-nonsense form of transportation. I would love to have one again. How much are you asking for it and where would it have to shipped from or picked up?

FOR SALE:   1969 AMF Conqueror posted by: Ken on 5/1/2003 at 7:50:43 PM
A 1969 AMF, Conqueror made in India. It has a three-speed grip shifter by Sturmey Archer. All original. Paint in fairly good condition, no chips, and no scratches. It has cotter pin style cranks and slightly rusted handlebars and neck. best offer

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Mag Scrambler BMX 79' posted by: James Rokowski on 5/1/2003 at 1:11:00 AM
I have an Schwinn Mag Scrambler BMX bike with Skyway Tuff wheel II. I am not sure of the exact year. I would say circa 1979. The serial number on the head tube is KR527808. The serial numbers on the Skyway wheels front 0059198 and rear 0057356. The bike is in original condition with what seams to be all original parts. Paint scheme is sliver and red. The decals are still present. The down tube decal is the worst for wear. The crank reads Schwinn. The Coaster brake is Suntour. The bike has a set of four reflectors, front, rear and two on the wheels. The saddle seems in very good condition and reads BMX and Schwinn. The medallion on the head tube is riveted on and reads Schwinn, 1211 and Chicago. The grips are in good condition. There are three pads on the handle bar, neck and top tube in good condition. The tires read Schwinn Scrambler BX on them. The front is in good condition and rear tire is fair condition. The bike has some scratches on it but overall is in good shape. I can provide pictures. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. jrokowski@hotmail.com

FOR SALE:   650 b tires posted by: edgarecks on 4/30/2003 at 5:24:07 PM
Anyone know where I could get 650 b (ISO 584, also called "26 x 1-1/2" way back when) tires that are quality (meaning not Asian, I can get those easily)?


FOR SALE:   54 cm Road frame and fork for sale $30.00 posted by: Greg on 4/30/2003 at 1:47:06 AM
Performance road frame and fork. 54cm. Tange Infinity double butted and tapered tubeset. Color is blue. Includes bb, crankset 52,32, front and rear der. brake levers, brakes, down tube shifters. All Shimano Sport LX group. Light action. Also ITM stem. All in great condition. I bought it to build it but lost intrest. $30.00 for complete package. Add $20.00 for shipping anywhere in lower 48. Will make a great bike. Thanks, Greg