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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   schwinn world sport posted by: dino on 7/15/2003 at 3:55:34 PM
how can i tell how old this schwinn is. it is in great shape and i do not want it, it does not suit my cycling needs. can i tell by a serial number?? what do i do with the number once i find it??

WANTED:   8 speed Dura Ace posted by: Jim Robbins on 7/15/2003 at 2:18:33 AM
I'm looking for a Dura Ace STI 8 speed brake/shifter lever. I need the right hand side for the rear derailler.

WANTED:   atb mtb cranks posted by: robert on 7/15/2003 at 1:54:21 AM
hello! does anyone have a good set of used mountain bike cranks?
i need 175 or 180mm. the bolt pattern does not matter. i prefer the square tapered type with removable chainrings.
i have many parts for trade from vintage to now. i have alot of stuff that might be worth your time! please email me habitat74@cox.net

FOR SALE:   I Buy Bikes in Texas !! posted by: frank on 7/14/2003 at 10:43:48 PM
I buy bicycles, and bicycle parts in DFW Texas. All sizes and ages.
BMX, Mountain, Road, Racing, GT, Haro, Redline, Dyno, Hutch, Schwinn, Trek & MORE !!
Contact Frank

FOR SALE:   Update posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc. at OldRoads.com on 7/14/2003 at 6:40:43 PM
We've added more cycles to our "Bikes For Sale" page (the link is at the top of this page). Plus we've posted a Maserati road bike on Ebay (item number: 2183831270)

Keep Riding.
Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc.

WANTED:   Fastback Tires... posted by: Rachel on 7/14/2003 at 2:30:50 PM
I have a 1972 Stardust in need of tires.....The Fastback ones on it are shot.....I would like to stick to all Schwinn parts- so anyone who has these kind of tires, or knows where I can get them, please email me directly!!! Thanks... (Oh, they are 20 1 3/8)

WANTED:   Raleigh Tourist 28" black front fork posted by: John Stone on 7/14/2003 at 1:11:02 AM
I am looking for a black front fork for a 28" Raleigh Tourist. Would like for paint to be in good condition. Please email me if you have such an item for sale.



FOR SALE:   delta rocket ray super deluxe head light posted by: tom g on 7/13/2003 at 7:58:23 PM
in the original box, nos, mint, white and chrome, with
top arrow red lens and center amber reflector, $195

FOR SALE:   soubitez front one-piece generator light posted by: tom g on 7/13/2003 at 7:56:41 PM
nice nos condition, works great, mount on road bike front
fork, headlight only....$21

FOR SALE:   schwinn cycle truck crank posted by: tom g on 7/13/2003 at 7:54:52 PM
triple chrome, heavy duty crank, marked "CT" on one arm,
mint, $25

FOR SALE:   japan rear red electric tail light lens posted by: tom g on 7/13/2003 at 7:52:22 PM
read prism plastic with bulb mounting inside, 3 inches
in diameter to fit older japanese rear fender...$4

FOR SALE:   lizard skin velcro universal protectors posted by: tom g on 7/13/2003 at 7:48:44 PM
yellow and black, will cover many fragile areas of the
bike or most any equipment, about 16 square inches each,
....$3 ea

FOR SALE:   kickstand placed generator & wiring posted by: tom g on 7/13/2003 at 7:46:06 PM
sanyo dynapower friction head and tail light generator,
nice condition, no rust or corrosion, includes wires to
both lights, no lights, fits where the k-stand goes and
rolls on the rear tire tread...$15

FOR SALE:   old fashion flashlight holder posted by: tom g on 7/13/2003 at 7:43:36 PM
silver, spring loaded, made in texas, every old balloon
tire paper used to have one.....$19 nos, mint

FOR SALE:   Hypercycle Vintage Recumbent Frame posted by: Greg Satir on 7/13/2003 at 3:18:07 AM
I am selling a piece of cycling history, the frame of an original Hypercycle, on ebay as item #2183483204. Hypercycle, one of the original commercial recumbent bicycles, was created in the mid 1980s by Milton Turner and Julian Smith. Hypercycle is a short wheel base bicycle with under seat steering. It is a design that is the basis for many of todays SWB recumbents. I have never ridden this frame, so I am selling it as-is with no guarentee of its structural integrity. But it is in fine shape, with some cosmetic rust spots. You can keep this as a piece of cycling history or an enthusiast could build it back up. Go to www.ebay.com to bid.