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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   Delta Electric lamp lens posted by: Elna on 8/12/2003 at 5:13:59 PM
I've had a local bike shop helping me look for a replacement lens for a Delta Electric Company lamp for 6 months -- can't find a model number on it, but it's 1965 vintage. Everything works, I just need a lens and want to maximize the lighting. It's 3" diameter, round. Why is this so hard? Best idea at the moment is to cut down a (clear) monster flashlight lens. Better ideas would be most welcome. Thanks.

   RE:WANTED:   Delta Electric lamp lens posted by Joel on 8/13/2003 at 2:28:26 PM
Some of the lenses are being reproduced. Try Memory Lane. You will probably need a picture of the light for ID purposes.

MISC:   Echo 10-speed posted by: Greg on 8/12/2003 at 2:54:01 PM
I was recently given an Echo brand 27 inch 10-speed bike. I am curious about its age, and where it was made. The only thing I can find on the internet are some new Echo racing frames being made in Hong Kong. Does anyone know where this bike came from? The frame resembles a Dutch bike that I own. It has center-pull brakes and a 3 piece crank. Thanks.

MISC:   Scwinn Sun tour posted by: Cindy on 8/12/2003 at 5:47:29 AM
Does anyone know about the Schwinn Sun tour series? Thank you !!!

   RE:MISC:   Scwinn Sun tour posted by doug on 8/17/2003 at 2:02:49 PM
try the vintage lightweight discusson area

FOR SALE:   bike collection needs to go. posted by: Gary Main on 8/12/2003 at 5:12:23 AM
19 drop bars schwinns some real nice, super sport, voyageur,
continental, travelers, sports tourer , etc. none of the midweights are near
show quality,
but they mostly all ride. the spitfire, and a some of the others look pretty
nice in all original trim. a quick walk through shows 62 bikes complete or
with the parts here.
the best parts are. 55 3sp Jaguar ballooner complete. 55 3sp jag frame,
rolling. 56 3sp heavy frame rolling. 56 American w/cable bendix 2 sp {needs
fender and rim fixed, no shifter} 57 Spitfire 60 CoEd Ladies. 1950 ladies
schwinn complete, painted. 49 ladies complete painted. prewar roadmaster
ladies complete. prewar male roadmaster 90% original. Shelby hiawatha 24 in
boys complete. 63 ladies huffy eldorado. several 60s belaire mens. 2 mens
60s roadmasters. Schwinn World Voyageur complete less stock saddle. 62
straight bar typhoon. 3-4 frankenbikes, male schwinn cantis. 2 speedsters.
at least 3 maybe 4 2sp kickbacks. 3-4 twin tube ladies hiawatha one has a
tank.60s models. old 24 in ladies evans, flat top fenders, looks prewar 50
murray meteor 24 ladies. midweight ladies 24 in schwinn. lots of parts,
loose wheels, i havent counted the 3sp 1 3/8 bikes in the list. have a 56
dated 3sp s7. my son wants the musle stuff, and we are ebaying the bulk of
the mt bikes, but every other vintage peice in here goes with you. we can
deal on the odd sized tires when you arrive as they belong to my partner. 24
1 3/8, couple miradas, about 5 different sized 20 in, some 700 stuff. also i
have some high quality road wheels, and some misc parts as well. now know
nothing here is mint, if the 55 jag alone was mint i would ebay it with a
1200 reserve. comes out to 20 per bike. not sure i would go 20 on a few of
the older continental stuff, but in total i think 1200 is fair for both of

   RE:FOR SALE:   bike collection needs to go. posted by ron on 1/26/2004 at 7:00:42 AM
hello i would be interested call me at 317-392-9617

WANTED:   skip link chain posted by: greg on 8/12/2003 at 4:36:26 AM
i am looking for a useable skip link chain for an old hawthorn bicycle , well it might be an old j.c. higgins. if any one out there can help me out please contact me at this address ---gt2go@msn.com --- mark the letter "SKIP LINK " thank you

MISC:    posted by: Len Hillegass on 8/11/2003 at 8:08:53 PM
The recently posted message about seeking the asking/selling prices for 3 vintage bikes should have also mentioned that the 3 bikes are all Schwinn. Sorry for my oops.


MISC:   Searching for the values of 3 vintage bikes posted by: Len Hillegass on 8/11/2003 at 7:55:59 PM
I have the following 3 vintage bikes that I would like find the approx. values for (asking/selling price) and then make them available for sale. Pictures of 2 are available and the 3rd (Sting-ray) will be soon.

They are:
Town And Country Tandem, serial no. T002387 (Sept. 2, 1955)
Condition: Fine or better overall.
Color: Blue
Speeds: One
Hand breaks: Front & rear.
One seat is not original but the original is available.

Corvette (middleweight), serial no. V32958 (Mar. 9, 1956)
Condition: Fine or better overall.
Color: Metallic green with chrome fenders.
Speeds: Three
Hand breaks: Front & rear.
Has an operating generator light and a spring loaded luggage rack on the front.
It has Schwinn handle grips but these are not the originals. The original grips have been saved and are available.
The seat is not original and it was not saved.

Sting-ray Fastback, serial no. GK511769 (July 1974)
Condition: Very Fine or better overall.
Color: Yellow with chrome fenders.
Speeds: Five
Hand breaks: Front & rear.
The seat is original but it has a 1-inch crack in it.
It has a speedometer that works.

I'm located in SE Pennsylvania.

I will appreciate anyone's input.


WANTED:   Schwinn "Typhoon" Chain guard posted by: Miguel on 8/11/2003 at 3:26:34 PM
Looking for a chain guard for what I believe is an early 60's Schwinn Typhoon (straight bar frame. Rear stays go up to the seat post, then instead of curving go flat all the way to the head tube) I have a pic I can e-mail to be sure of year, etc.. No chain guard in the pic, which is why I need it? Please send an email if you have one you can part with. Thanks,, Miguel


MISC:   Huffy & JC Higgins posted by: JR on 8/11/2003 at 2:07:03 PM
I acquired a couple of old late 50's crusiers from a friend with both having been painted over with a spray can. Is there any suggested method to get this paint off and still try to salvage the original color underneath?

   RE:MISC:   Huffy & JC Higgins posted by Bryan on 8/11/2003 at 10:40:02 PM
This is the bane of bicycle collectors everywhere. Good luck!

   RE:RE:MISC:   Huffy & JC Higgins posted by bob on 8/12/2003 at 2:06:47 PM
Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Try solvents like mineral spirits, laquor thinner, graffiti remover, acetone, oven cleaner, ... Be careful of decals. Start with the milder solvents and do small areas.

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Huffy & JC Higgins posted by JR on 8/12/2003 at 3:02:50 PM
Thanks Bob for the advice. I will try this and see what happens.

WANTED:   Late 80's / early 90's Haro Formula GP posted by: Eric on 8/10/2003 at 5:16:09 AM
I'm looking for a Haro bike only produced for a couple of years in the late 80's or early 90's. Kind of a cross between BMX and Road. I believe it was called a Formula. Small 20" frame possibly, and multi-speed. I wish I could remember the exact name of the bike. Several of the BMX magazines at that time were featuring these bikes.

If you have one forsale or know something about these bikes please help me out.


WANTED:   Raleigh competiton GS frame posted by: Randy on 8/9/2003 at 1:02:31 PM
Looking for a Raleigh Competiton GS frame and fork must be at least a 23.5 inch frame and in decent shape.

FOR SALE:   firestone vagabond 2-piece bike posted by: mike. on 8/9/2003 at 4:28:40 AM
i got this in on trade today. it says "firestone" on the headbadge, "tires by firestone" on both sides of frame near seatmast, "vagabond" on chainguard. this is like no other bike i have seen before. its desing is similar to a folding bike, but it actually comes apart in two pieces. wheels appear to be around 14"-15" inches. bars wrap around from ouside to inside, kind of opposite from stingray type bars. i am selling this for whatever offer i can get by sunday night. please email me directly for pics and i will get some to you tomorrow. thanks.


WANTED:   luggage rack for back of bike posted by: Russ on 8/8/2003 at 2:31:44 AM
I have a Schwinn World Tourist. Where can I get one of those racks with the spring loaded bar that is mounted over the rear tire. The bike I have has fenders

   RE:WANTED:   luggage rack for back of bike posted by Joe on 8/8/2003 at 7:47:18 AM
Try emailing njbicycle@netzero.com, I just bought a real nice new old stock Pletcher alloy rear carrier from them.

MISC:   whats a 1959 huffy worth posted by: mike brannan on 8/8/2003 at 12:15:12 AM
i had gotten a 1959 huffy,its in great shape,and rides great ....how much is it worth,please let me know asap...its blue and white and also its a girls bike,thanks

MISC:   Information needed posted by: JTL on 8/7/2003 at 6:16:23 PM
I have and old 1950's American Flyer bicycle that I am trying to find information on. If anyone knows where I can find this please let me know.

   RE:MISC:   Information needed posted by phil phillips on 8/10/2003 at 5:22:52 PM
Ihave a Western Flyer girls bicycle that I would like to sell or restore. First, need to find out "what" I have. It is a girls bike, maybe a 50's or 60's vintage. Missing the luggage carrier, headlight, and one pedal. It has the "tank", with logo Western * Flyer (a star between the words western & flyer). It has a "checkerboard" logo on the downtube under the seat. It is a turquoise/blue color with white pinstripes on the fenders and on the tank. It is a Model 2F-2051. Can anyone point me to a reference and/or a current value "as is" and fully restored? Thanks very much.