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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

MISC:   AMC vintage women's bicycle posted by: peter on 12/22/2004 at 7:09:51 PM
Curious if anybody knows anything about a brand of bicycles made under the name of AMC. I just came across a vintage 1-speed women's bike made by AMC. Any help is appreciate. I can not find anything about the brand on the internet. Thanks.

   RE:MISC:   AMC vintage women's bicycle posted by Kurt K. on 12/23/2004 at 5:17:34 PM
Are you sure it's not an "AMF?"

Take care,


WANTED:   Late 70's Model Sears Screamer posted by: John Latimer on 12/22/2004 at 2:17:59 AM
I'm looking for a late 70's model Sears Screamer. It was yellow and looked more like a BMX bike than the older screamers I've seen. It had some unusual forks that looked almost like chopper forks. The forks had holes in them with yellow decals. This was my first bike as a kid and I would love to have one to restore. I have looked everywhere and come up with nothing. If you have one for sale or if you have any info regarding this bike please let me know. Thanks, John

MISC:   Spyderette posted by: Andi on 12/21/2004 at 8:46:57 PM
Can anyone tell me more about a bicycle called, Spyderette?
Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

   RE:MISC:   Spyderette posted by Kim on 12/22/2004 at 4:45:52 PM
Probably made by Sears. They had a boy's bike called a Spyder.

FOR SALE:   Classic balloon tire bikes for sale posted by: Paul on 12/21/2004 at 4:10:25 PM
My garage currently houses no less than 22 bikes. I need to down size to make room for my workshop. I would like to sell the following as a package deal or separately:

195? Monarch Super Deluxe womans balloon tire. Has headlight on front fender, gas tank horn, parrallel linkspringer front fork, rear rack and front basket. ($150/obo)

1947 Columbia balloon cruiser ($80/obo)

196? Sears flightliner. Missing front fender. ($60/obo)

1965 Western Flyer lightweight cruiser. Disassembled for cleaning/rebuilding. ($50 obo)

193? CCM Tricycle ($90 obo)

Will sell all for $350.

WANTED:   Schwinn Heavy-duti BLACK 60-70s era posted by: Robert on 12/16/2004 at 9:59:15 PM
I want to relive my paper route days. Let me know if you have one or even a project. Must be black and semi complete


WANTED:   wanted: Kent Pink Lightning chain gaurd and sissy bar with holes posted by: j on 12/16/2004 at 6:31:29 AM
looking for a chain gaurd off a 16" or 20" Kent "Pink lightning" girls bike. I'm not sure if theres a boys version, but the chain gaurd is shaped like a schwinn almost but has two indentured lines.

also need a chrome sissy bar for a 16" ross polo bike, but any sissy bar that looks like this will do.
its sort of a schwinn style sissy bar but has four holes at the bottom for mounting. some rust and scratches are ok.
I could also use a yellow glitter banana seat, thanks, weststreetbikes@hotmail.com

WANTED:   '65 StingRay spring fork parts posted by: Scot on 12/13/2004 at 3:18:42 PM
Does anyone know the “SCHWINN MAN IN TEXAS”?

I have a '65 Stingray that came with 20" wheels, a blue band 2speed, and springer front forks. The springer is missing one straight truss rod and an "AS" bolt. Do you know where I can find these parts used, as new chrome will not match the rest of the bike? The straight rod/truss in the picture is the piece that I need. The overall length of the rod is 17 1/2". The distance from the center of the "AS" bolt at the top of the fork to the center of the axle is 16 1/2".

Copy and paste this in the address bar and it will show the picture:


MISC:   Norman Western Flyer question posted by: Ralph Yoder on 12/9/2004 at 10:21:52 PM
My first bike was a Norman Western Flyer given to me in the late 60’s by an elderly English couple. I retrieved it from our basement and want to sell it on Ebay. Can anyone tell me about its age or where a serial number might be on it? It has only one rim, shot to rust, but it’s a clincher tire type rim. I have digital pictures to post if I can figure out where to do it.

   RE:MISC:   Norman Western Flyer question posted by Kim on 12/10/2004 at 1:11:48 PM
If it is a 3-speed there may be a 2 digit date code on the rear hub.

It looks like pictures can be posted in all of the other discussion areas on this site except this for sale/wanted section. So.. Go over to the English Roadster section (if that is what you have) and enter a message there and you will see a place where you can put a picture, too.

You can also put pictures up on the "Reader's Classifed Ads" part of this site.


MISC:   West Street STOLEN BIKE - UPDATE posted by: West Street Bikes on 12/7/2004 at 11:34:35 PM
Update on the stolen 20" BMX Cruiser Custom by West Street Bikes:

Photo attached, and specific features below:

*Satin black painted frame, custom made from Huffy frame (serial number on the right side of the headtube), other frame parts from Murray and Trek (note the dual diameter top tube - larger section has mounts for water bottle).
*Chrome 18" front fork, off a Kent flatlander and had the flatlander stickers at time of thevery. Front 20" wheel clears this fork just barely.
*36 spoke 20" rims painted red (NOT dished rims, as the 3D C.A.D. rendering indicates), with white tires. Rear tire is slightly stained in spots.
*Red seat with small gold braces, silver seatpost
*VERY tight frame geometry
*Conventional 16/20" Murray/Magna BMX handlebars in red with black BMX grips
*Black plastic pedals
*Singlespeed setup with chrome crank, chrome chainwheel with swirl pattern.

Last seen December 6th behind the West Street Bikes shop. Stolen approx. 1:00 P.M.

Area of thevery was central Long Island, New York. Bike may be 100+ miles from site of theft - this bike may be anywhere on LI.

Bike fans are urged to check thrift shops, junk stores, pawn shops and to keep an eye on the bikes around town. If you spot a bicycle that may match this description, try to get a closer look, and if possible/applicalble, a description of the rider.

Any reported sightings or other information should be sent ASAP to "J." at: weststreetbikes@hotmail.com

Thank you very much.

J. Dude - West Street Bikes
Kurt K. - Alden Cycles U.S.A of Florida



FOR SALE:   three banana seat bikes for sale posted by: k lyons on 12/7/2004 at 9:11:55 PM

WANTED:   !!!STOLEN BIKE!!!! HELP ME FIND IT!!!! posted by: j on 12/7/2004 at 6:05:09 AM
On sunday december 5th one of my Custom Built Bikes was stolen right off my backyard patio!!!
the bike has a Black frame thats a 20" BMX boys bike with a girls frame welded where the head tube would be.
the rims are red with all white tires, the seat and handlebars are red also. it also has a Chrome fork off a Kent flatlander, at the time of the theft it still had the flatlander stickers on it. the bike probably has been repainted by now but no other bike has this frame (locally anyway) Please help me find it!
its in the New york / Long Island area.
if you see it please post here or send me an email, thanks, I'd really like to recover it!!

WANTED:   Wanted: NOS/Mint Sturmey-Archer 3-Speed Coaster Brake Hub & Front Drum Brake Hub posted by: Scott Buchanan on 12/7/2004 at 1:33:13 AM
I'm looking for an NOS/mint Sturmey-Archer 36-hole 3-speed coaster brake hub and an NOS/mint Sturmey-Archer 36-hole front drum brake hub. I can pay with PayPal or a money order. PLEASE RESPOND TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS, NOT THIS FORUM!


   Still Looking For A Front Drum Brake Hub posted by Scott Buchanan on 12/7/2004 at 6:48:41 PM
I found a 3-speed coaster rear hub, but I am still looking for an NOS/Mint Sturmey-Archer 36-hole front drum brake hub.


   I Have Found Both Hubs! posted by Scott Buchanan on 12/9/2004 at 3:49:19 AM
I have found both the hubs I need, thanks to forums like this one.

WANTED:   bicycles for street ministery posted by: shayne on 12/6/2004 at 5:06:09 AM
looking for free bikes of all kinds:small trykes to large bikes to give to children and the less fortunate.

   RE:WANTED:   bicycles for street ministery posted by Sean on 12/25/2004 at 9:00:29 PM
I am from Wisconsin. I can help with the donation of bikes but you must come and pick them up. If interested give reply and I will let you know when. I have to get them out from storage. Most are ten speeds, boys and girls.

FOR SALE:   specalized bike posted by: mic on 12/5/2004 at 11:35:08 PM
basically brand new never been ridden before. trying to off a collegde christmas gift

FOR SALE:   specalized bike posted by: mic on 12/5/2004 at 11:35:08 PM
basically brand new never been ridden before. trying to off a collegde christmas gift