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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   1966 Sears Fleetwood posted by: Duane Engle on 1/21/2004 at 11:02:47 PM
I have an original 1966 Sears Fleetwood for sale. Has
almost everything such as baskets, headlight, chrome
plating on frame and fenders, rims. This is the 26" 3-speed women's bike used by my daughter at UNM in '66-69. Am interested in
selling. Pictures are available by going thru my e-mail address.

WANTED:   info on vintage frames posted by: Junior on 1/21/2004 at 3:57:49 AM
I found 2 schwinn frames 20" 1 is a 1957 according to the serial # the other is before 1948 possibly 46,47 according to info on http://www.oldschwinn.com they both use to have 20" balloon tires the older one has a skip tooth sprocket and forks anyone have an idea what kind these are or the value thanks Junior

WANTED:   Pre-War Rollfast Single Spring Fork posted by: Craig on 1/20/2004 at 1:59:28 AM
Looking for a single spring fork for a pre-war mens Rollfast (rebuildable condition preferred). Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

FOR SALE:   WTT 1937 Elgin Ballooner w/ tank/rack/light for Fastback posted by: Matt on 1/20/2004 at 12:51:03 AM
WTT 1937 Elgin Ballooner w/ tank/rack/light for Fastback. Looking to make a trade for a nice original fastback, would prefer a Blue 1971 3 Speed, however, other colors and speeds are open to debate...The Elgin is complete with rear rack, chainguard (hockey stick style with holes design), torrington handlebars and stem and pedals, tank (no horn button hole), decent messinger seat, dropstand and NOS grips, Elgin finned air-cooled hubs, front and rear, delta frontloader light, with GLASS lense intact!!. I'll throw in one NOS blackwall Carlisle Lightning dart and one nearly NOS one. This bike is ready for the big restore. I was going to do it this winter but probably won't have the time. I've got another one without light, tank or dropstand for parts if you're interested. I'd like to find a very nice original fastback, prety much open to all colors except green, yellow or blue in a five speed (already have one). Like I said, I'd really like a very nice blue 71 three speed to be a match to my blue 71 five speed. Let's make a deal. Chicago area a plus!!! Pics available upon request...

FOR SALE:   Raleigh 28" pattern mudguards for sale posted by: David Poston on 1/19/2004 at 4:01:23 PM
I just listed some 28" Raleigh pattern mudguards (made in India) on e-bay:



MISC:   Murray 3 speed bicycle posted by: Randy Evans on 1/19/2004 at 11:49:24 AM
I have a murray 3 speed bicycle. The funny thing is it's not like one I have ever seen. It has a 3 speed gearbox at the crank. The shifting is controlled by a grip shifter styled shifter. Any help would be appreciated. Also have an old schwinn. not sure if it is a panther or phantom any ideas as to how to tell the difference.

   RE:MISC:   Murray 3 speed bicycle posted by Gordon on 1/19/2004 at 2:35:08 PM
Sounds like someone installed a Dana transmission on your Murray. They were an aftermarket product. The ones I've seen had two cables from a twist-grip shifter down to the gear housing. You removed your original crank and installed the Dana. I think Dana is very well known in the auto parts business for specialty racing parts.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Murray 3 speed bicycle posted by Sean on 1/23/2004 at 1:07:34 AM
I also have one of these shifter set ups built into the crank (3 speed). I can't deceide what to use it on though.

WANTED:   pair Schwinn S2 NOS or VGC rims posted by: Dave on 1/17/2004 at 3:17:12 PM
24x1&3/4, 36-hole, straight(?)

thanx to all...

Dave Abraham
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FOR SALE:   Schwinn BMX's for sale - Old School! posted by: Peter on 1/16/2004 at 3:21:08 AM
Hey Guys!
I have two (2) Schwinn BMX's for sale - Old School Style on Ebay, please check `em out and if anyone has any further info on these models, I would appreciate it.

FOR SALE:   3 peugeots for sale [cheap] posted by: l.p. on 1/15/2004 at 11:55:45 PM
I have for sale a 1970,s white framed /up 41 /with fenders,rear rack and alot of neat stuff,shiffters are on lower tube[great shape].
a 1980,s peugeot /uo-8/ nice mettalic blue 10 speed and has a great fuji seat.
and finally a beatifull 1980,s mettalic silver peugeot /px 50 s/ complete with chrome fenders,rear rack and more.
All bikes are in great shape and very rideable.
Included in the price is a 300 page book on peugeots history and hundrends of adds and info on the great company.
THE BOOK COST $50.00 dollars from velo-retro.
Im in a town outside of arlington,texas.[dallas/fortworth]area.
Pick up only.This is a dream come true for the french bike lover.
e-mail me if interested,

   RE:FOR SALE:   3 peugeots for sale [cheap] posted by L.P. on 1/16/2004 at 10:40:12 PM
Hello again,included in the above sale is a fuji womens bike and a 1978 columbia girls pink/white flowery bike that is very cool.Mabye some more freebies too,how can you go wrong?

FOR SALE:   Safticycle value help needed posted by: Jon Mikkelsen on 1/14/2004 at 10:16:46 PM
Hi! I have a 1941 Safticycle and I could use some help determining a fair price for it. Here are some bits of information to help: The tin work (seat area and engine cover w/carrying compartment) is the original blue with white pinstripes and is in remarkably good condition. The frame is a step through design with the "Safticycle" logo on the brake pedal. The steering head is attached to the frame by a curved, almost ladder type support. The steering head is not a dual steering tube type I've seen before, but just has a normal looking bicycle type steering head and astabula type fork - looks original. The engine is a super heavy B&S, and is supposed to run according to my dad. The fenders share the same blue with white pinstripe paint as the main body. All of the drive train seems to be here, wheels, brake mechanism, drive sprockets, etc. The fuel tank does not look original, the handlebar controls and other misc. tidbits were removed to begin restoration and lost (ouch!) the headbadge was in the lot of missing bits. Other than the only slightly rusty body, the rest is covered in a mild rust that should be addressed somehow. Any idea how much this thing is worth if I should decide to sell it? I can send pictures too! Thank you! Jon

FOR SALE:   Update: more cycles and some price changes. posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc. at OldRoads.com on 1/14/2004 at 9:09:04 PM
We've posted some more vintage bicycles and reduced the prices on some which have been getting 'stale'.
Have a look by clicking on 'Bicycles for Sale' at the top of this page.

Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc.

WANTED:   40s Schwinn DX horn tank posted by: Marty Mullins on 1/14/2004 at 2:55:49 AM
40s Schwinn 26" horn tank any condition,does not have to have horn no rust holes.
Email mart6159@wowway.com

   RE:WANTED:   40s Schwinn DX horn tank posted by ron on 4/8/2004 at 1:58:10 AM
i think i have the tank i have that tank it is in great shape you can call 317-392-9617 or cell 317-919-3237 ron

MISC:   Interests posted by: Tammie on 1/13/2004 at 8:55:01 PM
Hello everyone. How much interest is there in the Schwinn "World Tourist" from the 1970's? I am wondering because I purchased one at a garage sale last year that is in excellent shape. If anyone can help me out, I appreciate it. Thanks.

   RE:MISC:   Interests posted by Ken on 1/18/2004 at 6:43:04 PM
I'm inclined to think it's a garage sale item, although good transportation for the buyer. A quick look at
leads me to believe that it's a post-79 model.
good luck-

FOR SALE:   Univega tri-star posted by: tom on 1/13/2004 at 8:24:28 PM
univega tri-star 3 speed (raleigh tourist clone)
excellent condition

MISC:   Wondering about bicycle value posted by: Carolyn Johnson on 1/13/2004 at 2:39:57 AM
I have a J C Higgins bicycle, purchased from Sears in 1959, 60, or 61. It is very similar to one in your picture database that is a 1962 men's J C Higgins. Mine is a girls, 26 inch. It is turquoise or dark aqua green, white, and chrome fenders. It orginally had a white seat with a chrome handrail around the back and white sidewall tires. It has a luggage carrier over the back fender with chrome handrails down each side. It has a built-in double headlight similar to the men's pictured. It is in pretty good shape. The fenders are a little rusty, but can probably be buffed out. The light doesn't work and the tires need to be replaced. It has never been wrecked and has always been stored indoors. I am thinking about restoring it and wondered how much it might be worth if I did. I have spent several hours searching on the web and have not been able to find any pictures of similar girl's bicycles. Thank you for any insight you might be able to provide.

   RE:MISC:   Wondering about bicycle value posted by Joel on 1/13/2004 at 3:23:42 PM
Your discription sounds like a JCH Flightliner. You can easily find this model on Ebay to confirm and check the market value. Sears stopped using the JCH name in about 1960 so yours would be an early one. Depending on the condition, it may be cheaper to replace than properly restore. Parts are avalable.