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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   Iverson Dragstripper! George Barris All original! posted by: reerun on 2/29/2004 at 2:36:22 AM
All original Iverson Dragstripper in orange. High sissy bar with pad and bucket spoon seat (orange and black), shifter, drum wheel, rear slick, dual hand brakes. Paint is nine out of ten. Im asking $1000. I can be reached at mungchop6669@aol.com

   RE:FOR SALE:   Iverson Dragstripper! George Barris All original! posted by reerun on 3/5/2004 at 5:03:25 PM
Sorry yall. Bike is sold. but I am looking for any Iverson parts anyone may have out there.

   Iverson Dragstripper! George Barris ! posted by D on 2/10/2005 at 4:45:15 AM
looking for this.Anyone got one for sale?

WANTED:   Campagnolo downtube shifter covers posted by: Mo on 2/29/2004 at 12:52:12 AM
Looking for a nice pair of Vintage Campy Record rubber downtube shift lever covers - any color considered - Thanks

MISC:   Starjet Sports Tourist 3 speed posted by: Lori on 2/28/2004 at 10:44:14 PM
We have an old bike StarJet of New York. Anyone have information about it?

WANTED:   Goodyear 20 x 2.125 Knobby posted by: Baldy Jeff on 2/27/2004 at 2:47:44 PM
Lookin for a Goodyear blackwall 20 x 2.125 knobby tire-Also could use a '63 Persons seat strut + Persons solo polo seat. PLEASE email me at mludwig@execpc.com as I don't check the forum very often - Thanks!

MISC:   need to find paint color posted by: terriclaire on 2/27/2004 at 2:31:40 PM
we are fixing up my little chick bike from when i was a child for mt daughters bithday. the bike is a very pretty blue matallic and the bike is from the early 70's. i would love to know the color or to find how to find the color thank you

FOR SALE:   George Barris/Iverson stuff posted by: reerun on 2/27/2004 at 4:09:34 AM
Looking for Iverson bucket spoon seats, high sissy bars, shifters, pretty much anything having to do with George Barris and or Iverson bikes. Let me know wht you got!!!!

FOR SALE:   F/S Late 70s Sears Philadelphia Eagles Bike - Early BMX posted by: Matt on 2/26/2004 at 3:13:06 AM
Late 70s, sold in the Sears Christmas Catalog. Nice chrome on everything except the front wheel which has slight pepper. No rips in seat, some scuffs, a nice rare bike. $100.00 plus shipping or best offer or will consider trades for Schwinn Fastback Parts. Pics can be seen at:


FOR SALE:   Rare James Ace (British) posted by: Walter on 2/25/2004 at 10:32:32 PM
James Ace racing cycle (C) 1960, only one ever made for racing cyclist hence no frame number all original parts for more detals and photo email me.

WANTED:   Sears Gremlin seat posted by: Russ on 2/25/2004 at 9:11:27 PM
Looking for a banana seat for my Sears Gremlin. This is a fairly flat black seat with a light metallic green inset in the middle of the saddle.

Raleigh Choppers are smokin' cool!

WANTED:   Humber Roadster posted by: David R. Spick on 2/25/2004 at 8:27:12 PM
With reference to the Humber Nameplate, please contact me at david_spick@yahoo.com

WANTED:   Humber Roadster posted by: David R. Spick on 2/25/2004 at 8:03:32 PM
I am looking for a Humber nameplate to complete a retoration project. The nameplate has a royal coat of arms at the top and reads: By Appointment to King George V. The word Humber appears at the bottom of the plate. I would also like to aquire the same as a transfer. There is also a transfer which reads Aristocrat of all bicycles.

FOR SALE:   1956 schwinn hornet middweight f/s posted by: adam c. on 2/25/2004 at 6:43:29 PM
hey guys selling my 1956 schwinn hornet. has great original green and white paint very shinny, original wheels and tires (tires no good), as bolts, bearings (regreased), seat post etc.... there are a few things that are not correct such as headbadge, seat, grips and current wheels (installed only so i could ride it). the fenders are a 8 as the front has the typical wear at the bottom. i found a nice delta head light for it as well as a 50's schwinn speedo that needs a cable so currently it is just for looks. i am looking to get at least $130.00 for it plus shipping. i do have pics just e-mail me at paxjguy@yahoo.com and ask!! thanks

   RE:FOR SALE:   1956 schwinn hornet middweight f/s posted by adam c. on 2/28/2004 at 12:04:51 AM
someone please make me an offer. e-mail me for pics and i prommise you will see that this is a really great deal.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   1956 schwinn hornet middweight f/s posted by Nick on 2/28/2004 at 11:23:50 AM
Begging is most effective when done from the knees.

   RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   1956 schwinn hornet middweight f/s posted by adam c. on 2/28/2004 at 5:13:27 PM
lol well i am not to that point yet i just wish someone would request pics so that they could see how nice this bike is. wanna buy it nick?

   RE:RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   1956 schwinn hornet middweight f/s posted by James Inman on 4/4/2004 at 1:12:13 AM
Hello, do you still have the Schwinn Hornet for sale?
How much are you asking and are photos available?
Thanks. Jim

WANTED:   Tall vintage sissy bar posted by: reerun on 2/25/2004 at 12:42:00 PM
Im looking for an vintage Iverson type sissy bar. Tall with padded back rest (hopefully in black). Also interested in a 5-star rim for the back wheel similar to those seen on George Barris bikes. I can be reached at: mungchop6669@aol.com

FOR SALE:   1937 Elgin Boys Ballooner posted by: Matt on 2/25/2004 at 4:23:05 AM
Nice prewar bike ready for YOU to restore. No time for me, looking to sell it outright or trade it for a nice Fastback. Nice straight frame, tank, truss rods, chainguard, etc...some bends in braces/fenders that can be fixed. Nice Mesinger seat, somewhat dry with some wear on one edge, but very serviceable. BW Carlisle Lightning Darts, rear NOS, front nice used. Repop Elgin grips. Frontloader light still has glass lense!!! and the switch still moves!!!, not sure if it works, but it is very firmly mounted on fender and appears to have no acid damage like some lights. Missing one spoke on front wheel. Dropcenter rims are pretty straight with a very slight wobble in the front. Rear hub is Elgin air cooled, front is New Departure, however, I'll send a front Elgin air cooled along in the box. Nice art deco Torrington stem and handlebars. Dogleg crank. Rear dropstand and clip, super straight rack. Like I said, no time for me. I'll take $450 plus shipping or we can talk trades for Fastbacks. I've got a 1937 girls Elgin with dropstand & truss rods, same style chainguard and same style rear rack that can go with this boy's for another $75 plus shipping.

Pics can be seen at:


MISC:   Cyclo spoke tap posted by: Adam Westbrook on 2/24/2004 at 9:32:56 AM
I recently found a device for cutting a thread onto bycycle spokes. It is made by 'Cyclo' but I have been unable to find out more. ie its age. It looks as though it would be clamped in a bench vice and turned by hand. Any info'd be great.

   RE:MISC:   Cyclo spoke tap posted by Brian on 2/25/2004 at 5:16:36 AM
What you have is probably a spoke "thread rolling machine" I have one made by Hozan Tool. Co. in Japan. The die has three tapered pieces that force the spoke into threads not cut into the spoke like a die would. If you used a regular thread cutting die, there would not be enough thread to screw into the spoke nipple. By rolling the spoke, there is more thickness to the thread and the threaded area is not reduced in diameter. You will need a different size head for different gauge spokes.