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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   Kickstand posted by: Wes on 7/3/2004 at 8:54:56 PM
Hey, I'm looking for a rear axle mount kickstand for a pre-1933 28" bicycle. I need the complete unit, with the clip and the stop for it as that little fin isn't built onto my frame.

Also (crossing fingers and praying for a bit of luck) I need the tank for this bicycle too. It's a Flying star, which I believe is Schwinn built, so it's the motorbike style unit.

Thirdly, I'm looking for a set of truss rods for a 28-inch bicycle. I'm transferring to a new school in the fall, and would like to have this bike roadworthy for my bicycling adventures in the south.

Lastly, any information/pictures/etc. as to the original paint scheme/accessories that this bike would've/may've had would be helpful. (Especially that cylindrical thing that hangs under the crossbars on the frame) Ther bike looks similar to the pictures of the old 20's/30's excelsiors but I don't know what this particular model would've been equipped with.

WANTED:   26x1-3/8 front wheel posted by: Old Spoke on 7/3/2004 at 8:23:28 PM

I'm looking for a 26x1-3/8" front wheel in working condition for my old Sears 3 speed. It is the non-Schwinn type.


   RE:WANTED:   26x1-3/8 front wheel posted by mike p on 7/9/2004 at 4:52:26 AM
got several from ralieghs and supercycles-where are you

WANTED:   schwinn 16" semi pneumatic tire posted by: john on 7/3/2004 at 5:04:39 PM
wanted to buy: 1 schwinn 16" semi pneumatic tire in black.



FOR SALE:   wanted 16" schwinn semi pneumatic tire posted by: john on 7/3/2004 at 5:02:21 PM
looking for 1 schwinn 16" semi pneumatic tire in black.



WANTED:   26" heavyweight Schwinn fork (no springer) posted by: Kurt K on 7/2/2004 at 10:29:35 PM
Looking for a reasonably priced 26" heavyweight Schwinn fixed fork, not a springer. Paint and paint condition is not important.

As long as the fork's head tube thread is useable and that the metal is clean - surface rust is of no concern to me, deep rust that Bondo can't fix is.

Drop me a line at cudak888@aol.com if you have such an item for sale. Let me know price, shipping (if possible), and a photo, if you have one.

Thank you very much.

Take care,


   RE:WANTED: 26 posted by tom g on 7/5/2004 at 2:13:10 PM
i have 26" schwinn fork in excellent shape, $19

FOR SALE:   Black Phantom posted by: Tim on 7/2/2004 at 12:15:32 PM
I`m looking for some phantom parts,tank,fenders,4 hole rack,chain wheel for now. I`ve had this bike for years and just now getting around toit.Any help E-mail me.Also s-2 wheels. Thanks

MISC:   viner bike posted by: bridget farrell on 7/2/2004 at 6:03:08 AM
i was hoping you people could give me some info on a bicycle i got at a garage sale. it is in good condition Viner special Professional road bike it looks like it was made in the 70's or 80's and it has shimano 600 components. Anyone have any info on value or reputation?Thank you.

   RE:MISC:   viner bike posted by Ken on 7/2/2004 at 1:35:17 PM
Reputation is good:
...but don't be fooled by the high-end model's value with top Campagnolo gear. While Shimano 600 are very good components, and the old ones have that nice engraving, they are by no means rare. Some of the people on the vintage lightweight board may have info on the frame materials and the lineup of models.
Anyway it's a fabulous garage sale find. Congratulations.

WANTED:   Information on Mystery Trike (Adult) posted by: Jess on 7/1/2004 at 7:34:35 PM
Hello. I happend across a schwinn trike in a yard and luckily the guy sold it to me. I love my trike and I want to know a little more about it (year, etc). It's an adult trike, has the old schwinn tires (size 24 x ?), when I look closely I can see where "Town and Country" once was, and it's a 3 speed. Any ideas?

   RE:WANTED: Information on Mystery Trike (Adult) posted by Stacey on 7/1/2004 at 8:54:30 PM
Find the serial number of the bike. Location and decoding info can be found elswhere on this site.

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Jaguar and JC Higgins Flightliner posted by: Kevin on 6/30/2004 at 8:39:29 PM
I have a 1960 black Schwinn Jaguar missing back wheel, brake and taillight in pretty nice shape, horn works and light works (but dim) and a JC Higgins Flightliner, rusty but all there for sale. I'll take $400 for both + shipping. Thanks, Kevin

FOR SALE:   66 Schwinn Cycle Truck FOR SALE posted by: Taylor-Town-Cycles on 6/30/2004 at 9:07:07 AM
I have a complete Original Schwinn Cycle Truck FOR SALE.Has the original basket everything is there Nice chrome HARVEY DUTY wheels BW tires.Great rider as is or restore.$1125.00 shipped anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.
I should have some pics by 7-1-04.After the 4th I will be posting it on the auction site.
Thanks Marty Mullins mart6159@wowway.com

WANTED:   vintage women's schwinn posted by: louis on 6/29/2004 at 8:34:17 PM
trying to help a friend of mine find a vintage women's schwinn - she really likes the breeze with the coaster brake and sa hub/trigger shifter. only trouble is, she's 5' 11", and we're coming up with plenty of 17" frames, not not much larger. can anyone point me towards a definitive resource for the different schwinn frame sizes manufactured by model so that we don't waste time looking for something which doesn't exist?

if you have information (or better still a large, women's schwinn breeze 3 speed in green), please feel free to contact me by email (removing the 'don't like spam' and 'no he don't) from my email address as well as posting to the group.

thanks in advance,


   RE:WANTED:   vintage women's schwinn posted by Eric Amlie on 6/30/2004 at 9:01:15 PM
I think the largest women's frame that Schwinn made was 22"(except for maybe a custom made Paramount frame), and that probably wasn't available on the Breeze either. I know some of the women's Super Sports had 22" frames but these probably wouldn't be big enough for your friend either. You can look through the model specs listed on Bob Hufford's Schwinn Lightweight Data Book website to see if you can come up with anything.


   RE:RE:WANTED:   vintage women's schwinn posted by louis on 7/2/2004 at 7:52:47 PM

thanks! that's exactly the information i was after.


   RE:WANTED:   vintage women's schwinn posted by debbie on 7/11/2004 at 11:06:23 PM
My daughter is wanting to sell her green schwinn breeze..she is 5'9 and it fits her. Let me know if you are still interested and I will measure it.

   RE:WANTED:   vintage women's schwinn posted by debbie on 7/11/2004 at 11:06:27 PM
My daughter is wanting to sell her green schwinn breeze..she is 5'9 and it fits her. Let me know if you are still interested and I will measure it.

FOR SALE:   IDEOR posted by: Paula on 6/28/2004 at 9:49:32 PM
Old Italian handmade "prison bike" with original parts. I have had it twenty-five years and bought it used. COntact me if interested in a purchase OR if you have information about the value of this gem.

WANTED:   1950 Firestone Super Cruiser (boys) posted by: Bob on 6/28/2004 at 4:46:53 PM
Hi.......I'm looking for a complete (all original parts) 1950 Firestone Super Cruiser bicycle (26" boys model), preferably maroon w/ cream striping and in good condition.

FOR SALE:   YAMAHA MTOBIKE MODEL C posted by: sarah on 6/27/2004 at 11:57:56 PM
near perfect Yamaha Motobike Model "C"
email for pix

FOR SALE:   HURET ITEMS FOR SALE posted by: Kevin K on 6/27/2004 at 5:33:39 PM
Hi all. I've a box of Huret items for sale. An unusual rear Allvit that says LUXE on bolt to secure the derailleur to the dropout. Everything is chrome. Very nice and NOS. Also a second rear Allvit that looks to be a newer style. A box of front derailleurs that say Huret in old style writing and Sprint. At least 6-8 of these. THese are parts that would need assembled. Older rod style on several units. Lots of misc. items included. 2 dozen cages. All NOS. Shifters, cables...............Moving and selling these. I saw a rear on ebay a few years back like the first rear describled. Bidding went very high. I'm asking $100 for everything. USA only sale. Buyer pays shipping costs. If interested please email kbcurvin@aol.com. Thanks, Kevin