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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   12 x1 3/8 tires posted by: mark pace on 7/7/2004 at 6:27:22 PM
i am looking for tires, tubes or complete wheels for an italian made ciclo dany cross little boys bike the tires are olmo 12 x 1 3/8 with presa valve stems

WANTED:   Hair pin Seat posted by: Steve on 7/7/2004 at 6:21:35 PM
I've seen these on the net for sale about $15 or so new. Damned if I can remember the site. Any help would be appreciated.....getting old sucks!

   RE:WANTED:   Hair pin Seat posted by Brian on 7/9/2004 at 3:19:07 AM
Greg Barron at RBR has them but dont think you will get one for $15 though. see his post at the highwheeler section.

FOR SALE:   BMX, Hiawatha, Schwinn posted by: Rick on 7/6/2004 at 4:10:15 PM
I have 20 old bikes for sale. BMX, Hiawatha & Schwinns (springer front ends, Typhoons, & a Lasalle).
If interested make offer on all. Shipping not available, you pick up.

   RE:FOR SALE:   BMX, Hiawatha, Schwinn posted by MC on 7/7/2004 at 6:20:31 PM
Well, where are you located?

   RE:FOR SALE:   BMX, Hiawatha, Schwinn posted by tony M. on 7/19/2004 at 2:53:06 AM
i am interest in your bikes mostly the schwinns if you whould like to sell just the schwinns i would be willing to pay a very good price,where are you located?
Thanks Tony M.

FOR SALE:   bicycle built for two posted by: Leadee wilson on 7/6/2004 at 3:40:11 PM
I have my mothers bicycle built for two and I am trying to restore it. It has Columbia MFG.CO.INC. It looks like Colums and then westfield----USA on a sticker in the front. I am in need of back bearing and matching seats. Maybe put on good chains...Its been sitting awhile. Can you steer me in the right direction where I can find these items.... Thank you...../

   RE:FOR SALE: bicycle built for two posted by Stacey on 7/7/2004 at 10:06:32 AM
A bike shop might be a good place to start. If they don't have a 'matching' seat just buy a pair of new ones and they'll match :-)

WANTED:   Schwinn Town & Country Trike Fenders posted by: Whitney on 7/6/2004 at 3:35:24 AM
Does anyone have to sell, or can you direct me to, someone with the three fenders for a 1968 Schwinn Town and Country?

MISC:   1963 MURRAY METEOR FLITE LOOK-A-LIKE posted by: JEREMY on 7/6/2004 at 2:24:17 AM

FOR SALE:   odd schwinn BMX "competion sting". posted by: jay on 7/5/2004 at 9:12:37 PM
Hi, I have what I belive to be an old Schwinn "competion sting", its a 20" BMX bike, its all chrome, has a ring crank, aluminum 4bolt hanlde bar mount, blue and white checkered stickers on the fork and rear of frame reading "flite", a blue and white Oval schwinn tag on the headtube and white plastic rims. is this bike worth anything and if so, how much? email for pictures at weststreetbikes@hotmail.com
would consider trades other interesting schwinn stuff. (namely a stingray)

WANTED:   Wanted: 20" schwinn frame, any condtion posted by: Jay on 7/5/2004 at 9:08:18 PM
Looking for a Vintage Schwinn Stingray or krate frame, 20", ANY CONDTION!!! wether it has rust, layers of paint, dents, or anything I'm interested. please help as I've been looking for one of these for a long time! I may consider a fastback frame as well.
Thanks my email is

   RE:WANTED:   Wanted: 20 posted by schwinns on 7/19/2004 at 3:00:36 AM
i have a trike schwinn that i have restored and am looking to get read of it, i painted it red,white,and blue fenders all the way around it needs minor work if you would like i could do it myself i am asking 200 hundred or best offer, if this is alittle out of you price range i know people with others Thanks Tony M.

MISC:   stc posted by: jerry on 7/5/2004 at 7:18:55 PM
just looked at a stc bike. they swing in the back simular to a swing bike. anyone know anything about them and what they are worth. thanks jerry

FOR SALE:   G-T PERFORMER DESCRIPTION ERROR posted by: tom g on 7/5/2004 at 2:38:14 PM
please forgive my typo, it should say PERFORMER frame set, not predator, although i DO have one of those for sale as well.

FOR SALE:   old school g-t performer for sale posted by: tom g on 7/5/2004 at 2:28:57 PM
loaded!!; diacompe bronze brakes, tuffneck chainwheel and
spider, ukai rims, izumi chrome chain, doxon "rubbers", skyway
bars, s-r gooseneck and more, gloss black predator frame set,
viscount seat, $119

   RE:FOR SALE: old school g-t performer for sale posted by tom g on 7/5/2004 at 2:37:56 PM

WANTED:   Columbia Parts....... posted by: Fred A on 7/5/2004 at 12:35:11 AM
Hi all. Any chance that someone out there has a set of truss rods and a green & cream tank for a 1953 woman's Columbia 5 Star Superb? I picked the bike up yesterday at a garage sale and would like to complete it.

Email me at: fappel@optonline.net


WANTED:   Want to trade two 2004 chrome OCC Schwinn Stingrays for Electra Rat Fink posted by: Nick Crocco on 7/4/2004 at 10:31:11 PM
Hello. I have two 2004 Schwinn Stingrays from Orange County Choppers that are chrome that I would like to trade for a Electra Rat Fink bicycle. Both Schwinns are brand new. One of them is still in the box, and the other has been put together for a week, and has never been ridden. Like I said, I would really like to trade these 2 bikes for 1 Electra Rat Fink bicycle. Please e-mail nick@crocco.net if you're interested. Thanks!

WANTED:   White Fat Tires??? posted by: Steve on 7/4/2004 at 7:30:56 PM
Can anyone direct me to a source for white tires?? 26" wider size. I'd appreciate it. Thanks

WANTED:   Oops posted by: Wes on 7/3/2004 at 9:03:38 PM
Sorry, that last post was supposed to be in the WANTED category. I apologize.