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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   wanted: Trike parts, axle?? posted by: j on 8/1/2004 at 3:01:04 AM
I need a Trike rearend or axle that I can attach 20" wheels to. I'm fabracating everything for my trike project but all thats got me stumped is the trike axle.

thanks, weststreetbikes@hotmail.com

   RE:WANTED:   wanted: Trike parts, axle?? posted by Kurt on 8/3/2004 at 1:19:57 AM
Can get them for you - $50/ea new, direct-drive.


FOR SALE:   1964 Schwinn Typhoon Boys posted by: J. Groen on 7/31/2004 at 10:36:06 PM
A mint 1964 Schwinn Typhoon Boys, all original for sale.
for offer or pictures contact, jfgroen@yahoo.com.

   RE:FOR SALE:   1964 Schwinn Typhoon Boys posted by larry p. on 8/8/2004 at 2:04:52 PM
sen me a pic and ill make an offer

WANTED:    Need stingray/krate frames posted by: larry P. on 7/31/2004 at 5:57:11 PM
please email me with any frames. send pics and money info
larry p.

   RE:WANTED:    Need stingray/krate frames posted by meeeeee on 7/31/2004 at 11:05:08 PM
money info? i want money info.

FOR SALE:    Need stingray/krate frames posted by: larry P. on 7/31/2004 at 5:57:11 PM
please email me with any frames. send pics and money info
larry p.

WANTED:   reflector posted by: russ on 7/31/2004 at 1:33:38 AM
need rear reflector that mounts on rear fender of a 70s era schwinn world tourist It mounts with one screw through the fender and fits the curve of the fender. black plastic with red reflctor about 2 1/2 in long

   RE:WANTED:   reflector posted by j on 7/31/2004 at 3:11:03 PM
email me, I got one of those.
my email's weststreetbikes@hotmail.com

WANTED:   Adult Tricycle posted by: Barbara on 7/30/2004 at 9:38:27 PM
Hello! I am looking for an Adult 3 wheel bike/Trike/Adult Tricycle. 24" tires..prefer a 3 speed...basket. The kind that look like a Classic Bike but with 3 wheels(not the long nosed ones) Back injury and balance problems....two wheelers are out for me now. I live in Raleigh, NC.

Thanks! barbara

   RE:WANTED:   Adult Tricycle posted by peggy\ on 8/18/2004 at 2:15:54 AM
my 9 year old sons found an old Columbia adult tricycle and i am looking for more info on it

FOR SALE:   1965 Sting Ray posted by: Ray on 7/30/2004 at 4:17:51 PM

   RE:FOR SALE:   1965 Sting Ray posted by larry on 9/23/2004 at 9:54:20 AM
ray; how much do you want for `65 sting-ray? does it have speeds, and what color is it, and is it the original paint? a mint re-paint might be okay, if looks sharp enough. thanks.

WANTED:   pedals for a schwinn world tourist where to get that are close to original equipment posted by: russ on 7/30/2004 at 3:07:18 AM
where to get close to original equipment pedals for a 70s schwinn world tourist. I haven't taken them off to check size 1/2 or 9/16. Simple black rubber pedals with reflectors on them.

WANTED:   Looking for a Robinhood 3 spd bike posted by: Ed L. on 7/29/2004 at 2:18:34 PM
I'm looking for a mens robinhood 3 speed bike.

MISC:   BSA Folding Paratrooper Bicycle posted by: Golly on 7/29/2004 at 3:05:23 AM
I have currently acquired a BSA paratarooper bicycle and was wondering if anyone had any ideas if I should try restoring it or sell it as is. Anybody interested?

   RE:MISC:   BSA Folding Paratrooper Bicycle posted by John Bradshaw on 8/20/2004 at 12:49:16 PM
If you want to discuss selling, pl try me - 07793 658503. I have one, and would like another!

MISC:   Huffy posted by: BobKessler on 7/28/2004 at 5:48:12 PM
I just bought a 26" girls Huffy bike "sweet style".
It is purple with fancy decals with a pink seat and pink tires, the bike was not assembled correctly so could not have been riden very much, I think it is about ten years old
The derailer cables were not hooked up right and the pedals were not installed all the way, does anyone know anything about this bike that looks like it belonged to Barbie.?

WANTED:   70s Motobecane frame or bicycle posted by: David on 7/28/2004 at 12:05:25 PM
I am looking for a Motobecane frame from the 1970s. Would accept a complete bike.

WANTED:   Hawthorne Springer fork posted by: John on 7/28/2004 at 12:22:33 AM
I'm looking for pieces to my springer fork for an early 1940's Hawthorne. I have the fork and headset, just need the springs, rods and associated bushings. Anyone have any ideas as to where I could find stuff like this? Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

   RE:WANTED:   Hawthorne Springer fork posted by Joel on 7/28/2004 at 7:33:07 PM
I might have the parts you are looking for.

WANTED:   Huffy Eldorado 19?? posted by: Jim West on 7/27/2004 at 2:39:41 AM
Found complete Huffy Eldorado, all original. Looking for parts, and way to identify year. Unable to find serial number. Looking for help, first restoration project

   RE:WANTED:   Huffy Eldorado 19?? posted by Will on 8/23/2004 at 3:53:15 AM
I have an old huffy eldorado that has a nice original shwinn scorpion front tire. I am listing it on ebay soon so get back to me. Will

FOR SALE:   Boston bike swap posted by: Linda on 7/26/2004 at 1:37:10 PM
Sorry for short notice but it took a long time to find a place. There will be a swap on August 7th from 10-2 at the Hibernian Hall in Watertown MA. 151 Watertown Street. Contact me for more info. Be there or be square.