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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   1940s WHIZZER H-series For Sale or Trade posted by: George on 8/8/2004 at 9:10:51 PM
Hello to All, I have a barn fresh late 1940s Whizzer H-Series engine mounted on a Wanderer badged bike which has a J.C Higggins Bee Hive front end. Motor is free and turns, Gas tank looks like new inside. Nice unrestored overall Patina. I have made no attempts to work on or start, $1,600 or B.O. OR will trade on nice New England made bicycles or Big wheel from 188O-1910 such as Orient, Hendee, Pope Columbia. Would like a local New England deal as I do not want to ship.
Please email George at: oscarhedstrom@hotmail.com

FOR SALE:   1939 Schwinn posted by: Dave on 8/8/2004 at 7:21:03 PM
I have a Schwinn Spitfire in very good condition. It is a 1939 26-inch ladies bicycle and the logo on the nameplate is a spitfire propeller and engine cylinders as seen from the front along with the Spitfire name. The handlebar stem is not original.

It has a serial number of G19433 under the bottom bracket and it appears to have the original Mesinger seat, Allstate tires and painted rims, all in good shape. The chrome is good, as is the paint and everything else, except for a bent edge at the back of the front fender. It really is a nice bike in very good condition, and is a great collectible or it would be a cool cruiser. I will happily email some photos and would consider any reasonable offer plus shipping.

MISC:   would like more information posted by: chris Alexander on 8/7/2004 at 9:19:05 PM
I just came across an old orange mens bike in a shed in Mackinaw City Michigan. The owner said The bike was used to deliver groceries in the early 1900's. There is some lettering on the frame,ING MERKEL The frame also has two bars where I usually see one. The seat is leather with a design cut thru it and a big spring under it. The chain and sprokets don't look like normal either,The sprokets look like they are missing every other tooth?The rims are spoked and chrome and the tires are tubed and flat. They say in big letters UNITED STATES. Does anyone know anything about this bicycle? Thanks Chris.

   RE:MISC: would like more information posted by Stacey on 8/8/2004 at 11:34:43 AM
"Flying Merkel" fits the letter puzzle, time period and upper frame design nicely. Though they were vee-twin motorbikes with both pedal drive (to start the motor) and a belt drive from the motor to the rear wheel. Is a picture available? Does the down tube form a narrow loop at the bottom, then turn upward to attach to the bottom braket?

WANTED:   reflector posted by: russ on 8/7/2004 at 9:28:08 PM
Rear reflector for a 70's Schwinn World Tourist. about 2 1/2" long and about 1" wide. Fits the curve of the rear fender attaches with one screw through the inside of fender.

   RE:WANTED:   reflector posted by Ed Moates on 8/16/2004 at 5:40:29 PM
You can probably get it at Memory Lane Classics, 24516 Third street, Grand rapids , Ohio 43522 Phone # 419-832-3040 ask for Harvey Trombley or Larry Busch. Good Luck

WANTED:   Evans Olympic posted by: Jim on 8/7/2004 at 8:44:17 PM
Want to buy a late 50's boys 26" Evans Olympic with the EvanAction front fork. Must be complete and in reasonably good condition. Email me with photos and price. Thanks!

MISC:   Ride cross country posted by: Ray on 8/6/2004 at 9:05:32 PM
I have a friend who is taking a ride cross country at this moment. He is more than half way there and the kicker is that he is around 70 years old and is doing this on a High Wheel bicycle. YOu can check it out on this site which has daily log postings and photos. You can even email him during his journey to cheer him on. His name is Gary Sanderson and he is one great guy in the hobby. Here is the site.



MISC:   Monti Road Bike posted by: Robbie Collins on 8/6/2004 at 7:03:14 PM
I recently acquired a 1980's vintage road bike, with a Monti frame (italian) and mostly Campagnolo parts. I was told by the previous owner that such a bike was used in the Olympics around that time, and I'm interested to learn more about the bike. If anybody knows anything about the maker and the bike, I would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

FOR SALE:   KRATE,STINGRAYS AND MORE..... posted by: KENT on 8/5/2004 at 7:52:17 PM

   RE:FOR SALE:   KRATE,STINGRAYS AND MORE..... posted by jesse on 8/21/2004 at 5:34:12 AM
hi my name is jesse i was wondering if i could get pics and some more info

   RE:FOR SALE:   KRATE,STINGRAYS AND MORE..... posted by joe on 9/22/2004 at 4:06:39 AM
pics and description of the murray wildcat please thanks

FOR SALE:   1974 Schwinn Stingray posted by: Stuart on 8/5/2004 at 4:07:23 AM
I have a 1974 Stingray for sale. It is yellow and the paint is original along with the decals. The paint is in excellent condition and has only minimal light scratches. There is no rust on any of the chrome. Everything is original on the bike except for the rear rim, tires, and the seat. Overall, it is a great bike and rides very smooth and stable. E-mail me for more information and pictures at IrocZ28Camaro2@aol.com I do not have a price so make an offer...

   RE:FOR SALE:   1974 Schwinn Stingray posted by l.p on 8/7/2004 at 4:35:19 PM
hello stuart its me agin send me a pic of the yellow bike

FOR SALE:   swhinn studded ballons (tires) posted by: steve on 8/3/2004 at 2:18:05 AM
I have two very nice looking swhinn studded ballon tires off a mid 70's crusier. tires are in good condition and are very readable with no visable wear to lettering. Looking for fair offer.I have yet to see or find some one with a matching set.

FOR SALE:   swhinn studded ballons (tires) posted by: steve on 8/3/2004 at 2:18:05 AM
I have two very nice looking swhinn studded ballon tires off a mid 70's crusier. tires are in good condition and are very readable with no visable wear to lettering. Looking for fair offer.I have yet to see or find some one with a matching set.

WANTED:   firecat seat posted by: brendon on 8/3/2004 at 2:17:50 AM
looking for an original murray firecat flamed seat.will pay your price.thanks.

FOR SALE:   orange krate posted by: bobby on 8/2/2004 at 12:28:56 PM
early 70s orange krate for sale hate to see it go loosing storage

   RE:FOR SALE:   orange krate posted by larry p. on 8/8/2004 at 2:03:05 PM
hello can i have a pic and ill make you an offer! I really need a orange krate for my brother. he is 9

   RE:FOR SALE:   orange krate posted by Tom on 8/11/2004 at 7:31:07 PM
do you still have the bike ?

   RE:FOR SALE:   orange krate posted by Tom on 8/11/2004 at 7:31:55 PM
do you still have the bike ?Id make you a fair offer ?

   RE:FOR SALE:   orange krate posted by larry p on 8/13/2004 at 12:07:47 AM
dont sell it to tom sell it to me ill make you a fair offer.

   RE:FOR SALE:   orange krate posted by legend on 9/23/2004 at 9:43:31 AM
i say none of you guys should get it, esp. some 9 year old who would just ruin it, are you crazy!

WANTED:   raleigh twenty posted by: louis on 8/2/2004 at 5:32:10 AM
looking for a raleigh twenty/raleigh folder in good or better condition. unliked a lot of twenty enthusiasts, i'm not looking to make a modern bike out of it; just want a nice ride i can offer to guests in a wide range of heights. so, if you've got a twenty you've already 'upgraded' i'm prolly not interested. but, if there's one in the back of your r.v. from 1970 that hasn't been touched in 34 years (or similarly original), please contact me by email at the address listed (removing 'SendNoSpam' and 'JustSayNoToSpam'). digital photos would be very helpful.

i'm hoping to find one in white (or black, though i don't know for sure they were ever made in black) but i will consider the green or bronze. otherwise, since i'm looking for a bike for guests to use, cosmetic condition is important, but i'm handy with a wrench, and it doesn't need to be ready to ride as long as all of the parts are there and not too badly worn.



MISC:   identify this bike posted by: j w on 8/2/2004 at 3:16:41 AM
a 20" girls bike.......... photos at http://profiles.yahoo.com/gretsch5piece

go into "view my photos" and click on the "bike folder"