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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   JUPITER-BEAT posted by: PAUL on 9/29/2004 at 2:35:31 AM

MISC:   Bottecchia 1972 posted by: Andy and Jess on 9/28/2004 at 12:02:46 AM
We have a Bottecchia 1972 bike. We are trying to figure out the value. If anyone has any information or web sites to help us out that would be great!! Thank you!

   RE:MISC:   Bottecchia 1972 posted by Ken on 9/30/2004 at 5:28:20 PM
You can start here:
Be sure to read the fine print and check the definitions of terms used on the vintage pricing page. Bottechias come up on ebay frequently- I'd keep an eye on that too.

MISC:   Perfekt? Bicycle: made in Germany posted by: Todd Korup on 9/27/2004 at 5:32:27 PM
Anyone ever heard of a "Perfekt" bike. I am piecing together a "junk yard" bike out of parts I rummaged from a local scrap yard. I found a cool looking frame that had "Made in Germany" on it and another label that said "Perfekt" and something else written in German. The problem is the 3-pc crank was pretty messed up and not salvageable, the bottom bracket that the crank and bearings go into is pretty small maybe 1-1/2" or so the inside of the bearing cups is 1-3/8" dia. I need to find a simple one piece crank that will fit in this. Anyone help? Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

WANTED:   WTB SCHWINN DROP CENTER RIMS posted by: mart6159@wowway.com on 9/26/2004 at 9:35:06 PM
I want to buy a 26" Schwinn drop center wheel set.Wheels would be painted white with black pin strip,and have a Schwinn script front hub and either a New Departure or Morrow rear brake and hub.
I have the cash waiting,and if you pack them I can have Fedex come to your place and pick them up.
Thanks Marty Mullins
phone # 313-292-7712
email mart6159@wowway.com

MISC:   Bikes R Us catalog posted by: Aaron on 9/25/2004 at 9:24:50 PM
Has anybody purchased from Bikes R Us? Do you know the current catalog price? Is there only contact an address?


FOR SALE:   Schwinn American 1962-1963 Original-Great Restoration Project posted by: JB on 9/24/2004 at 5:00:37 PM
For Sale...1962-1963 Red and White Schwinn American. In all original condition except for tires are Schwinn Tractor, and is missing a front rim. Rims are flared red with white stripes. Single speed all original componentry. Bike will be sold as is, only minor washing and polishing done to keep originality intact. I would say it would be about a 5 in condition, it has surface rust and scrapes and dings. I will email pictures upon request. Considering all reasonable offers, buyer will pay shipping costs.

FOR SALE:   wanted posted by: Dean on 9/24/2004 at 3:50:29 AM
Wanted Canadian bike or parts , intrested in restoring my sunshine and ccm ballooner ....please help if you can , thanks...Dean

WANTED:   New Departure Model DD Shifter posted by: Mike Busch on 9/23/2004 at 4:25:21 PM
I need some help, I have a beautiful Model DD two speed hub and no way to shift it. If anyone out there has a shifter for this hub I would love to hear from you. Good money paid for the parts. Thanks.

   RE:WANTED: New Departure Model DD Shifter posted by Stacey on 9/24/2004 at 7:48:57 PM
Check your e-mail, Mike. I think I have what you need.

FOR SALE:   JC PENNY SWINGER 1 BOYS BIKE 20" YELLOW RED posted by: kev on 9/23/2004 at 1:02:33 PM
I have a old yellow and red JC Penny Swinger1 20" Boys bike (stingray style) All parts are there the handle bars and sissy bar are a bit rusty but the frame, fork and fenders are usable and in good shape. the chain ring is rusty but the crank is good and clean all bearings are free and smooth the seat is ripped,pan is good. The chain guard is chrome and the script is good not broken dented or bent neither is the frame. Wheels are rusty but function. Make offer or e-mail any questions. I'm in Ohio.

MISC:   This Old Bike? posted by: Mom on 9/23/2004 at 1:31:33 AM
I had an old bike given to me by a friend, I am trying to
find out how old and what it is, it says Murray, and on
the chain gaurd it says "jetfire 66'. I can not find that
name on any of these sites I've checked. Can anyone tell
me what else I might look for to identify this bicycle???

MISC:   The Raleigh Nottingham England posted by: tommy on 9/21/2004 at 2:30:04 PM
i have a Raleigh "Lion" tricycle, Nottingham, England and would like some information on it, age, value, parts availability, etc.


WANTED:   tandem posted by: fernando on 9/21/2004 at 2:19:32 PM
I am looking for a 50's fat tire style tandem if anyone has one for sale.

FOR SALE:   theCABES Classic bike forums posted by: Scott on 9/21/2004 at 2:42:25 AM
Checkout The Classic and Antique Bicycle Exchange's new forums.


We were having problems with unauthorized users posting non bicycle matter, and thanks to Dave Stromberger, WEBGURU, we now have killer new software that is easy to use.

As you can see, there are forums for every interest of bicycle collecting.

I hope you give it a try.


Scott McCaskey

FOR SALE:   New Repro. Grey Ghost posted by: John on 9/20/2004 at 3:39:35 AM
Would like to have someone pickup if possible. Bike is in Chicago area. It is put together and has never been ridden. Please make best offer.


MISC:   minerva posted by: Phil on 9/20/2004 at 2:11:37 AM
I came across an old Minerva kids bicycle and have found it hard to research. Person said they had brought it from Italy. Does anyone have or know of a place to get information on this bike?
Thanks Phil