MISC:   Vintage BMX??? posted by: Darren on 10/17/2005 at 5:16:12 AM
Looking for a bike that I used to have as a kid about 30 years ago - don't know the name of it but it had a black frame with forks that I've never seen on another bike since: from the side they were flat with round holes cut out, they started out wide near the bars and got narrower as they got closer to the hub. It had a brown leather seat. If anyone knows what kind of bike I'm describing I'd love to hear from you. Thanks.

FOR SALE:   FOR SALE posted by: George on 10/16/2005 at 8:02:34 PM
Looking for someone in New Jersey (Morris County) who has an interest in and would be willing to pick up the following bicycles. I can send pictures if interested....

1973 Columbia Sports III. Color is Blue. Mens 3-Speed. Very good condition. Sturmey Archer shifter.

Schwinn Stingray. Color is Blue. Womens 1-Speed with coaster brake. Very good condition. Banana seat. Chain guard is missing. Serial#- DM519661.

1987 Schwinn Collegiate. Color is White. Womens 3-Speed. Very good condition . Sturmey Archer Shifter. Back Pedal brake. Front caliper brake. Needs gear cable and minor adjustments. Serial#- GM705663

1965 Schwinn Breeze DeLuxe. Color is Blue. Womens 3-Speed. Very good condition. Front and back caliper brakes.


FOR SALE:   ORIGINAL DAYTON HUFFMAN DIAL A RIDE posted by: Marty on 10/15/2005 at 6:48:42 PM
VERY NICE ORIGINAL (except Tires) 47 Dayton Dial a Ride.26 inch.Museum peice.
Email me for Details.

WANTED:   Old Black & White Vinyl (or plastic) Sturmey Archer Cable Covers posted by: Ted Lavoie on 10/13/2005 at 6:14:43 AM
I restored a Raleigh Sport ladies (67) for my 15 year old...the bike had these great old plastic or vinyl cable coverings - black and white striped - like a long tighly woven spiral - looked very sharp, and I'd like to find some for Mom's matching Raleigh.

Might anyone know where I could find some, and what the **** they are called (other than decoritive cable covers/wraps).

Please Advise, thanks.


   RE:WANTED:   Old Black & White Vinyl (or plastic) Sturmey Archer Cable Covers posted by Dave on 10/13/2005 at 2:55:21 PM
This may be your lucky day i believe i have these creatures you are looking for i will check the pile of parts on Monday and let you know for certain. More than likely they would be used but we only keep cables/housings in excellent condition!!! Thanks Dave

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Old Black & White Vinyl (or plastic) Sturmey Archer Cable Covers posted by Ted Lavoie on 10/14/2005 at 6:26:28 AM

That would be great - I'd need enough to cover the two brake and one shift cables on a ladies 26" Sport, (3 lengths - two of at least 20 inches for the front brake and shifter cable to the top tube brace, and one of approx 52 inches for the rear brake...roughly 100 inches, and one peice of approx 24 inches for the shift cable on my Tourist...so roughly 125 inches of this wonderful stuff !

Email me at my earthlink email, or call 415 309-8025 to discuss what you have and pricing.




WANTED:   folding bicycles whole or part posted by: Ed on 10/13/2005 at 3:25:07 AM
I am looking for 20 Inch wheeled bicycles That fold. Or parts of them. Any brand. Basket cases Rusty old forgoten.Please EMAIL FORD906@CS.COM

   RE:WANTED:   folding bicycles whole or part posted by Dave on 10/13/2005 at 5:07:40 AM
I have a german made Faulter folding bike it's a 26inch if your interested email me