WANTED:   Christmas posted by: Tim on 11/2/2005 at 2:26:18 PM
Hello everyone,Christmas is right around the corner and I,m looking for gifts.I`m looking for a unicycle and a tandem tricycle for young twins
Thank you

WANTED:   1977 Raleigh Sports Down tube Decal or any information where to find one posted by: cired on 10/31/2005 at 6:52:17 PM
I've been looking for a down tube decal for my 1977 Raleigh Sports bicycle. The decal is Gold with a thin black fill in, in the center and measures appx. 5.1" X 1" Here is a link to the picture of the decal I am looking for. Thanks for any help.


FOR SALE:   Montgomery Ward Hawthorne Bicycle from early 60's - EXCELLENT CONDITION posted by: Patricia M. Cook on 10/30/2005 at 6:13:12 PM
I have a Montgomery Ward Hawthorne bicycle, red/white, serial # G209556, in like-new condition with original tires. If requested, I can send a picture. This bike has had very little use and is very pretty to look at. If there is an interest, please let me know. I haven't tried to sell it in any venue yet.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Montgomery Ward Hawthorne Bicycle from early 60's - EXCELLENT CONDITION posted by walker jack on 11/1/2005 at 2:36:59 AM

I mail to know if you still have the above mention for sale as am very much intrested of buying ..kindly let me know what your final asking price is and also send to me its pictures .
I await your reply..

   RE:FOR SALE:   Montgomery Ward Hawthorne Bicycle from early 60's - EXCELLENT CONDITION posted by Patricia M. Cook on 11/2/2005 at 3:58:42 AM
I will sell the bike for $950. Buyer must pay shipping costs. I don't have time to get a picture on here tonight but will try to do that tomorrow. It really is a pretty bike and in wonderful condition as you will see. You can also email me. Thanks.

FOR SALE:   for sale/for trade 1971 huffy slingshot 3 speed posted by: mike on 10/30/2005 at 1:51:52 AM

for sale here is a 1971 huffy slingshot. was my project but i lost interest. just need minor work to be perfect. everything on the bike is correct except the pedals, seat, handlebars, grips, and sissy bar. most chrome is very nice with the exception of the crank arms which have some pitting. the front tire is nos. the paint has been repainted a nice "jade green". the rear tire is correct but has cracking on the sidewalls.ive ridden the bike and there is no problem, the tire should last. there are no holes going through the actual tire. the 3 speed rim works but it needs a shimano 3 speed fulcrum assemble. i fabbed up a ghetto mechanism but it only works for two gears. all of the cables are nos. its just needs a rear brake cable. im askin $150 plus shipping.

i will trade for or towards a '64-'68 schwinn stingray, or any krate, project, parts, or frame sets(only original paint), mainly looking for a '65-'67 violet

or a jc penny foremost swinger/murray eliminator mark II style bike or frame.

email me at sickcycles@optonline.net for pics

MISC:   Suzuki Rincle 3- speed Adult Trike posted by: Pat Hayes on 10/29/2005 at 9:22:50 PM
Last year I found a Suzuki Rincle 3-speed (Shimano) adult trike. Interesting little bugger, as the frame can pivot at the rear axle. I started restoring it after a test ride, and everything seems to work, including the generator for the headlight. Does anybody have any idea where I can get info on this peculiar bike? Thanks, Pat