WANTED:   Looking for my "B-B Gun" posted by: Stephen Miller on 12/22/2005 at 12:38:15 AM
Anyone who’s seen “A Christmas Story” knows what I mean. My “B-B Gun” is a 20” Schwinn boy’s Bicycle I received for Christmas in 1969. I remember the name on the chain guard was Road-something (Roadmaster, Roadrunner, etc), I think.
Up till then I had to ride my cousin’s bike, if she wasn’t using it (and that wasn’t often).
My father was unemployed at the time and we were living on hand-outs and hand-me-downs. All I wanted that year was my own bike. It didn’t have to be new, just mine.
Christmas Eve night, my family was at my grandmothers, eating and watching TV specials! My uncle was bragging about his new Ford Galaxie and my father was green with envy.
Suddenly there was a loud bang outside, followed by ringing bells and a hasty ho-ho-ho! The first thing we saw when we went outside was 2 ruts in the snow on the roof of my uncle’s new car! Then, at the end of the sidewalk, there was a crater in the snow like something big had landed there. In the middle of the crater was a new Schwinn Bicycle. It was forest green (my favorite color) and the green and white seat had a huge “S” on it (that HAD to stand for Stephen)!! I dearly loved that bike!
At the time, we lived in the mountains of Tennessee and I put that bike thru it’s paces! I had some dozy accidents on it! Going down almost vertical gravel roads and spilling out! I lost the chain guard in one of them and that’s why I don’t remember the model name.
My father gave it to Goodwill when I joined the Navy in ’83. I was heart broke.
Now I’m middle-aged and wanting to capture some of my youth. I’ve been surfing the internet looking for model names, anything to get me closer to finding another! Can any of you help me? I’d appreciate it!
Merry Christmas!


   RE:WANTED:   Looking for my posted by Joe on 12/22/2005 at 7:49:20 AM
Need more info, Schwinn did not make the Raodmaster or Roadrunner.
Iverson Roadrunner:
There were a lot of bikes from that era called Roadmaster, it was a brand of AMF Sporting goods. They just about all types of bikes.
What type of bike was it? Banana seat, middleweight etc.?


   RE:WANTED:   Looking for my posted by Stephen Miller on 12/22/2005 at 8:55:18 PM
After a little more research and talking to my father, my bike was a 1970, campus green,single speed, 26" Typhoon! I don't know where I got a model name "Road something". My father says from all my accidents and hitting my head on the road! ;-)
Now the fun starts! Trying to find it!! Anyone have one laying around? :-)

Thanks in advance for your help! Merry Christmas!

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Looking for my posted by Joe on 12/23/2005 at 12:08:48 PM
A green Typhoon shouldn't be too hard to find, especially in 26". Green is pretty common, I have a green '72 Typhoon myself that I've had for years now. I had an earlier one as a kid in red, and when I came across this one, it brought back memories. Give eBay a try, there's always a few up there for sale.

MISC:   Looking for information on Harley Davidson bicycles posted by: nate on 12/21/2005 at 3:03:33 PM
Does anyone know when Harley started making bicycles and when they stopped?
Did they make bicycles before motorcycles?

   RE:MISC:   Looking for information on Harley Davidson bicycles posted by Brian on 12/23/2005 at 2:20:15 AM
They were made from 1917 to 1921 by The Davis Sewing Machine Co. as an addition to their motorcycle line.

   RE:MISC:   Looking for information on Harley Davidson bicycles posted by john on 12/23/2005 at 7:49:45 PM
Hi;Do you have one for sale? Thanks

   RE:RE:MISC:   Looking for information on Harley Davidson bicycles posted by nate on 12/28/2005 at 10:05:11 PM
I'm looking at buying one locally.
Frankly, other than the HD chainring, it doesn't look to interesting!

   RE:MISC:   Looking for information on Harley Davidson bicycles posted by john on 12/31/2005 at 7:22:02 PM
Hi Nate;I would be interested in it if you aren't.Can you get some pics to email me.What style is it and how complete?How much are they asking? Maybe we can work a trade or deal.Thanks John

   RE:RE:MISC:   Looking for information on Harley Davidson bicycles posted by John on 1/1/2006 at 2:42:38 PM
nate please email me with speifics at twodeadone3@netzero.net

WANTED:   chopper bikes posted by: brendon on 12/19/2005 at 12:39:28 AM
wanted choppers from the 60's/70's.not raleigh choppers.i am looking for bikes like murray firecat,kingkat,ramrod,wards open road,columbia ss.etc.
must be in original condition.
i am also looking for spare parts and manuals aswell.

FOR SALE:   firestone gto posted by: nick katz on 12/18/2005 at 9:34:43 PM
i dont know the date but the serial # is 9h146148 i would like to sell it make offer..will send pics....

MISC:   1948 Shelby Flying Cloud posted by: Jimmy on 12/18/2005 at 3:30:47 PM
I have an almost mint condition 1948 Shelby Flying Cloud bicycle. It is red and blue with white handpainted pinstripes. Can anyone tell me how much this is worth because I am interested in selling it.

   RE:MISC:   1948 Shelby Flying Cloud posted by Marc on 12/19/2005 at 2:55:50 AM
Depends on a few things. Man's or womans bike? Does it have a tank, springer front fork etc... Pics are worth a thousand words. Being after the war, it will not fetch as much as Pre war ones. Mens shelbys in good condition with everything, post war bikes, anywhere around 300 to a grand, usually under 500. Womans bikes less as most collectors are men. But womans bikes can be used as parts bikes. Check ebay once and awhile, the completed listings for shelby. Marc