WANTED:   Black Fron t Fender - Raleigh Sport 26" VG to Excellent cond. posted by: Ted Lavoie on 12/2/2005 at 8:33:28 AM
Wish to buy a black front fender in very good to excellent condition, for a Raleigh Sport restoration. Original fender is crushed by UPS.......

Please call or eamil tel4work@earthlink.net 415 309-8025

   RE:WANTED:   Black Fron t Fender - Raleigh Sport 26 posted by Dave on 12/12/2005 at 10:26:07 PM
I may have a fender for you! if possible email me some pics of your bike and of the ruined fender. I may not be able to guarantee a color match but I know I have alot of columbia fenders without any dings in them.

FOR SALE:   NOS Raleigh and Roadster parts on ebay Pedal Caps NOS posted by: Lane on 12/2/2005 at 2:50:29 AM
I have more items on ebay, some start tonight others end in 2 days. NOS Raleigh threaded Pedal Caps? Ebay # 6584509183, you won't find these very often. I am clearing out some items. Check my auctions

FOR SALE:   1970 Fastback Princess FOR SALE posted by: Alex on 12/1/2005 at 8:51:35 PM

On ebay search Fastback Princess and you will find it.

FOR SALE:   wanted - sturmey 1 speed coaster posted by: keyzkev on 12/1/2005 at 2:38:53 PM
Hi all - I'm in need of quite a specific sturmey hub - hoping somebody out there has one - in ANY condition!
It's a 1 speed sturmey archer coaster, 28 hole drilling, and if possible, dated between '67 to about '72.
cheers!! - kev
keyzkev (@hotmail.com)

   RE:FOR SALE:   wanted - sturmey 1 speed coaster posted by Lane on 12/2/2005 at 2:50:04 AM
I have a 40 hole NOS on Ebay # 6583415914 ending soon. price is right so far .99, use new intenals on a old shell?

   RE:FOR SALE:   wanted - sturmey 1 speed coaster posted by Dave on 12/12/2005 at 10:28:28 PM
I may have this creature. Will check my inventory on Thursday and get back to you. I have roughly 400 bikes and 10 times that in parts to build more. Lots of older stuff and sturmey archer hubs!!!!!! Maybe we will luck out and have 1 for you! Get back soon

FOR SALE:   sticker set posted by: dan owen on 11/30/2005 at 6:58:08 PM
i am looking for the complete sticker set for my roger decoster mongoose.