FOR SALE:   Help with Valuation Please posted by: Bob Fugel on 1/21/2005 at 5:53:36 PM
I have a 1977 Raleigh Tourist bike that has unique front and rear brakes. The pads on the brakes meet the inside of the rims with a pulling motion from the brake levers that involve only steel rods ( no cables of any kind). The bike is in what appears to be original condition with all of the original parts but suffers from rust on many of the surfaces. Can anyone tell me if this bike is worth restoring and if possible what the current value may be?
Thanks in advance for your help.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Help with Valuation Please posted by Kurt K on 1/23/2005 at 5:01:52 PM
The brakes you refer to are called "rod brakes" - featured on all the Ralegh Tourist models.

Unfortunately, while the DL-1 "Tourist" model style are generally desirable, the late '70s variants are very unpopular as their lesser workmanship and quality can't match their 50's counterparts.

A mint, fully equipped '70s DL-1 usually will hit max at $250 usually, Anywhere from $150-200 for one lacking the preferred options (saddle-mount bag, braze-on pump pegs, etc).

Anything in lesser condition usually can't max $50. Most late DL-1 models in less-then-perfect shape usually end up getting their rod brake parts parted out, so if the chrome is rusted as well, you might have a tough time trying to unload it (if your final intent is to sell it, of course).

Unless you would like to restore it for your own enjoyment, there's no chance that you could restore it and hope to sell it for a profit. Mint '70s DL-1s are still kicking around, and collectors usually aim for these. They use the 70's models as daily drivers, while their prize '50s Raleigh, Rudge or Humber DL-1 Tourist model sits in their shed, all polished up.

Of interesting note, about 25 miles from me is this particular 1979 Rudge Tourist DL-1 on eBay:

A 1979 Rudge is a particularly odd model (the Rudge line supposedly shut down in '72), and to see any Tourist with a full chaincase in the States is harder still. This auction had been incorrectly listed once before as a "pre 1950's" Rudge (there's still evedence of that text in his description - I assume he forgot to proofread it), and had been bid to $315.00 or so, reserve not met.

I had the chance to see the bike in person, and sure enough, I discovered it to be a '79 from the hub date and various other details on it.

As you can see, he revised his auction to show that it is, in fact, a 1979 model, and has only recieved a bid of $10.49 for the last 4 days - keep in mind that this is a rather unique edition. But as you can see, the collectors want a pre-60's model - they don't care what it is if it was built prior to the early '70s. I expect it not to exceed $60. The seller obviously has high expectations though (although he lowered those expectations from his prevous wild reserve).

Hope this info helps.

Take care,


FOR SALE:   2 - Montgomery Wards Early 70's bicycles posted by: Brandy on 1/18/2005 at 11:54:28 PM
Hello! I have 2 bicycles for sale. One ladies and one mens. 26" lightweight bicycles. They are still in the box , one has been put together once. The other has never been touched. I am interested in selling these as a pair or seperate. I have pictures of these bicycles if you are interested.


FOR SALE:   Zundow Humminbird- Info/Value posted by: Lee on 1/18/2005 at 7:29:27 AM

I recently purchased a Zundow Hummingbird and I was hoping to get a little information on it such as Year, value, history. I haven't found much so far. Judging by the color, Pink/Yellow/Green flourescent, I guess early 80's.

Tubing is Tange Prestige Dbl butted made in Japan.
Shimano 600 brakes, shifters, derails, stem, crank
Mavic CXP30 Aero rims w/ Dura Ace hubs
Ft tire- Michelin Axial Pro
Rear tire- Continental Grand Prix
Post- Shimano Aero
Saddle- Rolls San Marcos
Look pedals
Nitto B105 bars

It is in great condition and rides fantastic. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

MISC:   What is this worth? posted by: Dave Kinsman on 1/18/2005 at 2:14:16 AM
I have what I think is a 1937 Colson Tandem. It is in good condition and is original.

MISC:   Tandem 20 inch frame posted by: Tom on 1/17/2005 at 4:33:41 PM
I have an old tandem frame and the only markings I can find are the letters SE in a circle and the number 480352 stamped below that on the rear of the frame where the wheel slots are located. Anyone have any idea what make it is?