WANTED:   Brooks B-72 Black w/ chrome rails posted by: Jeffrey on 1/30/2005 at 1:08:56 PM
Seeking * Wanted * Looking for * Got one?

Got what? ..a black Brooks B-72 w/chrome rails in VG condition, that's what!


MISC:   Reading Standard posted by: tnfrost6@hotmail.com on 1/30/2005 at 7:03:22 AM
I have a 1910-15 Reading Standard Bicycle that my great grandfather gave me. It's not in the best condition (missing paint, tires), but I was wondering the value of it? A few years ago I had a $6000 offer and I was wondering if that was just one man's opinion. I can't find any info beyond the Reading Standard Motorcycles. Can anyone give me an idea of the value?

MISC:   Early Varsities posted by: Matt on 1/29/2005 at 4:34:34 PM
Are there any other early Varsity collectors out there? I've got some excellent 1964 and 1965 Varsities. I have the following in excellent condition:

1964 Coppertone Varsity Sport (100% Sprint)
1964 Lime Varsity Sport (90% Sprint)
1964 Blue Varsity Sport (90% Sprint)
1965 Blue Varsity Sport (90% Sprint)
1967 Blue Varsity Sport

I'm negotiating to buy a 1965 Violet Varsity Sport that all Sprint as well. The toughest things to find for these bikes are the leather Sprint Seats, correct rattrap pedals, Sprint Stems and Sprint Toe Clips. Recently I've managed to get three NOS, in the wrapper sets of Schwinn 27X1 1/4 Whitewall tires....can't wait to put them on these bikes. Check out Bob Huffords outstanding Schwinn Vintage Lightweight Data Book:


Pics of my coppertone 64 are on this site. I'm always looking for a 64 Terra Cotta and the above listed parts. I also have lots of musclebike parts and fastback stuff/bikes to trade.

WANTED:   Rollfast Tank 26" mens 1940 or 41 posted by: Craig on 1/29/2005 at 2:07:47 AM
In need of a tank for this bike. Any info. on finding this. Thanks

MISC:   Help Identifying Type of Bike posted by: Michelle on 1/26/2005 at 5:25:55 PM
I have a Schwinn Bicycle but don't know the year or the model. I did get a serial number off the frame that is K834188. Could someone please help me identify what type of bike this is?

   RE:MISC:   Help Identifying Type of Bike posted by kim on 1/27/2005 at 12:43:14 PM
You can look up the serial number on the date charts on this site. But that will only tell you the year. Schwinn did not put model information into the serial number.

Look at the Schwinns in the picture database here and see if you see your model.


   RE:MISC:   Help Identifying Type of Bike posted by Gordon on 1/27/2005 at 1:36:51 PM
Model was usually on the chainguard but if the bike spent a lot of time outside, the name fades away. If the chainguard is still on the bike, clean it and look closely at it from different angles and sometimes you can still make out what it says.