WANTED:   head tubes posted by: Alan on 3/7/2005 at 12:04:32 AM
i am looking for anyone that has head tubes that they want to sell. I need about 10 of them and am willing to purchase the entire bike if needed. Bike condition is of no importance to me, just need the headtubes for a class I am teaching to some local kids to get them into building bikes. you can contact me at 866-SUICYCLE or email me.



   RE:WANTED:   head tubes posted by Ken on 3/9/2005 at 7:09:33 PM
Where are you located, Alan? Surely if condition is of no importance you should be able to get these for nothing or next to it? Also are you in touch with your nearest chopper org?

FOR SALE:   1967 raleigh rode 3+2 shifter needed posted by: jon on 3/6/2005 at 7:56:10 PM
okay this is a long shot but i need a 1967 rodeo 3+2 arm red plastic lever arm not wooden one.
price not an issue will take whole shifter if need be any condition as long as it has the red plastic arm on it.


WANTED:   Iformation on Schwinn, Starlett lll posted by: D. Hoke on 3/6/2005 at 4:23:51 AM
Hi, I need info on a bike I just bought. It is a Schwinn. Says, Starlett 3 ( roman Numerals ). Has chrome rack in front with spring, and rack in back with 2 little red tail lights at the end of rack. Seat is light tan with white. On seat frame is the number 28. Color appears to be a purpleish pink. It is a ladies bike. Can you tell me where to look for serial numbers? Tires are black and say 26/ 1 3/4. Does anyone now the year or value of bike ? Any Info would be fantastick !! Thank You !

   RE:WANTED:   Iformation on Schwinn, Starlett lll posted by Gordon on 3/6/2005 at 2:11:29 PM
You should find the serial number just above the rear axle on the left hand side. You can determine the year from the charts on this site. Value is determined by a number of things - especially condition. Boys bikes generally have a higher value than girls. A fairly good indicator is to go to eBay.com and see what bikes similar to yours are bringing.

WANTED:   wanted: schwinn krate or stingray with shifter posted by: j on 3/4/2005 at 5:40:38 PM
hey, I'm looking for a krate or stingray, any year or condtion with a stick shift, condtion isn't too important....parts for one are also of interest....
thanks, weststreetbikes@hotmail.com

WANTED:   chaincase for early 50s raleigh or humber sports posted by: Eric Law on 3/3/2005 at 11:47:35 PM
Hi looking for a complete chaincase for my 52 humber sports 3 speed Thank You..