FOR SALE:   NEED PARTS FOR 80S SCOOTER posted by: Alexander White on 3/9/2005 at 5:40:09 AM
I have an awesome 80's freestyle scooter that needs new tires. Does anyone know where I can get tires this size? Thanks

   RE:FOR SALE:   NEED PARTS FOR 80S SCOOTER posted by jon on 3/9/2005 at 10:46:08 PM
and what size would that be then.

WANTED:   PPV posted by: stephanie on 3/8/2005 at 11:41:04 PM
I am looking for a PPV(People Powered Vehicle). It has one wheel in front, two wheels in back, has two side by side seats, and a compartment behind the seats to put stuff or kids to ride. Both people in the seats can peddle or just one can peddle. It has a fiberglass shell. I think these were made in the 70's. People had them in my hometown when I was,but I haven't seen them since and no one knows what I'm talking about when I ask people if they know what they are, except for my siblings. Anyway, I want one of these, so if anyone knows of any, please contact me. Thanks!!

   RE:WANTED:   PPV posted by Kurt K. on 3/9/2005 at 1:36:05 AM
See this page:

From what it says, only 8 were made.

Take care,


   RE:WANTED:   PPV posted by Ken on 3/9/2005 at 7:03:24 PM
see also:
Also please note the difference, source of many a lame joke, between peddle and pedal.

   RE:WANTED:   PPV posted by Rus on 5/13/2005 at 1:10:49 PM
Hello Stephanie:
I have 3 of the PPV's in my collection. The original article in the 1970'2 Popular Mechanics/Popular Science magazine article pictured the White over Blue combination.
I have 2 of these, and a very rare White Over Yellow as well. One of the White/BLue models I have is a project, a bit rough but definitely usable(tubes, tires and TLC). I haven't really thought about selling it, but would entertain the possibility. Let's talk. It would be a bear to ship from Minnesota.

FOR SALE:    posted by: mike on 3/8/2005 at 11:36:00 PM
i have a custom bmx dyno i just did,satin black, lowered springer forks, spiked fenders front and bakc, skull grips, custom painted sprocket, nice chrome. paint has minimal scratches. nice cruiser. i built it and got bored of it.
looking for 150$ maybe trade
ill take any old muscle bikes condition doesnt matter as long as its not pitted badly, reply if intterested

FOR SALE:   Monark Firestone Pilot posted by: P. O. on 3/8/2005 at 4:08:54 AM
I recently found a Woman's Monark Firestone Pilot bicycle with a serial number of A0779486. Can anyone tell me anything about this bike?



WANTED:   Torpedo Automatic 2-Speed hub wanted posted by: Rob K. on 3/7/2005 at 6:45:16 PM

Sachs Torpedo Automatic 2-speed hub (Not the Duo-matic kickback model). These were used on some folding Moulton Bicycles from the 70's. Email for photos or any info on these hubs.

Here's one that was on eBay Germany not long ago:

Thank you for any help!