FOR SALE:   26 inch Schwinn 1964 Fleet posted by: Marty on 7/31/2005 at 7:26:55 PM
Nice Black Fleet w/horntank 1964. Original Painted s-7 wheels some minor rust on front wheel.Schwinn Tractor Tires black walls.200.00 + fedex ground shipping.
Email for photos>

FOR SALE:   1972 Original Yellow Stingray posted by: Marty on 7/31/2005 at 7:21:27 PM
Nice Oct.72 Original Stingray in good to very good condition.Rear s-2 coaster wheel with USA Stingray 20X2.125" slik,front westwind.Needs fenders $200.00 + fedex ground shipping.Email for photos>

FOR SALE:   Campy Road Pedals & Toe Clips/Straps posted by: Niels A. Kiewiet de Jonge on 7/31/2005 at 1:49:58 AM
I curently own a vintage Pinarello with full Record Campy. However, the Superleggera pedals had been replaced (by the previous owner) with Look clipless, ugh!!! I am looking for used or NOS Superleggera pedals, Campy toe clips and if possible, Alfredo Binda straps. Also, where can I find replacement pads for my Campy brakes?

WANTED:   Wanted Ladies 26 inch Balloon tanker. posted by: Marty Mullins on 7/30/2005 at 11:29:31 AM
Wanted Original Ladies 26 inch Balloon Tire (26x2.125 inch) Spring Fork Horn Tank Bike in COMPLETE Very Good Condition.Springers most interested in but would consider nice non springer.CASH IN HAND.
Thank You!!Marty Mullins

FOR SALE:   Dayton Huffman Dial a Ride posted by: Marty Mullins on 7/30/2005 at 11:15:21 AM
FOR SALE Dayton Huffman Dial a Ride 26" Mens Very Good Original bike.See Photos at at Daves Vintage Bikes/ bike of the month November 2004.Nice rare original peice.NOT FOR THE CASUAL COLLECTOR.Email any serious offers only.Possible trades.Item located in Metro Detroit Michigan Area.