WANTED:   Looking for an axle posted by: Ted on 8/15/2005 at 9:38:54 AM
Has anybody got an axle for an ATOM hub. The hhub is the brake drum from a '69 pea picker.



WANTED:    posted by: ed on 8/14/2005 at 4:57:05 PM
I've been married for 25 years to my wife Mary, but only recently learned of how when she was a young girl she had her heart set on a Schwinn bike that she described as a white bike with pink streamers.Her parents took her to Sears and bought her a less expensive model,which knowing my wife as I do she never complained.I"m hoping to make her dream come true,her birthday is in October.She was born in 1958, so I'm guessing the bike she wanted was avaiable in the mid sixty's. Does anyone have any information about this bike and how I might be able to find one for her?

   RE:WANTED: posted by Scott on 8/15/2005 at 3:19:01 AM
I used to have one like you describe and I'm guessing middle weight probably a Hollywood sadly I used most of the parts on a boys bike I had. I still have the white frame but it would need everything else. best bet if you want the pink and white is to find one which needs paint and paint it. you might get lucky and find one original but dont wait too long. try eBay if no one here has anything. remember for Schwinn almost all the parts are available in either new or new old stock. if you end up painting then try these web sites for decals and other stuff:
and of course here. I have a few old Starlet decals they are also possibles for what you are looking for. let me know if you need one.

   RE:WANTED:    posted by Gordon on 8/15/2005 at 12:31:20 PM
You could post your "want to buy" on the Schwinn forum also. www.schwinnbike.com/heritage

   RE:WANTED:    posted by johnny c on 8/16/2005 at 2:47:45 AM
hello ed,ive got a freind that finds old bikes somtimes while out working and he leaves them outside at work and from time to time i ride over and see if he has run across anything interesting,i didnt look it over as good as i should have the other day but he has a schwinn hollywood,pink white,im guessing 24 or 26??, i didnt look up the serial # but it was on the left rear drop out,from what i remember the painted rims (white with strip)were not bad and the paint was so so,decals worn,chrome condition i really dont remember,but overall it wasnt a bad find,especially considering that the guy usually sales me bikes for 15 to 25 bucks,get back in touch with me and ill give you his #,and if like i can go there take pics to send you,then you two can work the rest out

WANTED:   Girvin Elastomers posted by: John R. on 8/14/2005 at 4:19:22 PM
Does anyone know where I can find the elastomer shocks for the rear suspension of a mid-90s Girvin Offroad RF-1 mountain bike? Or is there any other sort of replacement for the elastomer? Thanks!

FOR SALE:   1962 Travis Bicycle Motor posted by: Robbie Sherman on 8/10/2005 at 10:27:27 PM
I am interested in finding out what a 1962 2 Stroke Travis Bicycle Motor is worth. It runs and is in good condition.

   RE:FOR SALE:   1962 Travis Bicycle Motor posted by Ton van de Rijt on 8/14/2005 at 7:04:28 PM
Hi Robbie, is it possible to send me a picture of the motor?
Thanks in advance
Best regards

WANTED:   MAFAC TOP 63 posted by: Mark on 8/10/2005 at 2:41:38 AM
I mam lookin for a brake pad and brake pad holder for a MAFAC Top 63 center pull front brake> Please help!!!