MISC:   Type of Bicycle posted by: Eddie on 8/17/2005 at 3:23:38 AM
I was wondering if anyone can help me exstablish the type of bicycle i can only describe as "vintage" I have.

It has a name, im not sure if this is brand or model but it is called "Point Me". I can provide pictures and a description. It has a strange mechanical rods and lever brake system not cables. Fully enclosed chain guard and an emblem of a lion on the front guard. Any help would be great, thanks Eddie

   RE:MISC:???Type of Bicycle posted by Robert on 8/18/2005 at 11:32:13 PM
You might try the English roadster page. The rod brakes were common enough on older English bikes.

FOR SALE:   Royal Scot Ladies 26 inch By Raleigh posted by: Marty on 8/17/2005 at 2:07:02 AM
Black and white ladies 3 speed Royal Scot By Raleigh SA 3 speed.VERY GOOD CONDITION.Email for pics.
$80.00 OBO

FOR SALE:   For Sale 1964 Original Schwinn Fleet posted by: Marty on 8/17/2005 at 2:00:30 AM
Black and White 1964 Schwinn Fleet 26 inch with horn tank,chrome rear carrier,schwinn tractor tires.All it need is a front fender light.Light housing is there and in good shape guts and lens are missing.
$185.00 plus shipping.
email mart6159@wowway.com

MISC:   1950's Schwinn Wasp posted by: Meg on 8/16/2005 at 7:41:04 PM
Hello, I have a 1950's Schwinn Wasp, it is in very good condition except for a few dents and rust stains. Everything on the bicycle is original and is not missing any equiptment. I was wondering if anyone new how much a bike like this, would run for on the market.

   RE:MISC:   1950's Schwinn Wasp posted by Marty on 8/17/2005 at 2:20:02 AM
Is it a mens or ladies?Does it have a horn tank?Rear rack?Springer Front fork?Front Drum brake?Painted or chrome rims?A few dents is no problem,but what is the over all condition of the paint,and will the chrome on it clean up?

WANTED:   Nice used set of WW 26x2.125 tires WANTED posted by: Jeff on 8/16/2005 at 7:29:54 PM
Im looking for some good used White wall tires 26x 2.125 for my riders,needing cleaning Ok,Firestones,allstates,goodriches,etc..Jeff